Posted by: The Saffa Mom | April 14, 2011

Hello Autumn!! Or is Winter here already?



  1. Hey u…..for some reason the picture isn’t showing??

    • Think I fixed it. Mobile version not as user friendly!! Xx

  2. Lovely pic, it’s damned cold here 😦

    • I was freezing today. And the rain doesn’t help.
      I can just imagine all our canadian friends making fun of us.

      • Ha Ha! Don’t worry, I’ve redefined “cold” to be anything under +15C after living in Tx for 8 years 😛

        • Yah!!!! (And you are canadian.)
          Today i am freezing my little nogin off!!! Clearly dressed optimistically.

  3. When it starts getting cold after a lovely summer, it feels bone-chilling. Once mid-winter hits and you get used to the really cold temps suddenly you find yourself going outside without a jacket just to grab somethng from the car.

    • I never get used to this cold! Cuts right into our bones…… when i build my own house one day- it will have underfloor heating in every room. It will have heated towel racks, and fireplaces in every room. And thicker windows!!!! We dont cater for the cold… and i dont knwo why because for a few montsh every year- it is here!!

      • It’s the same here. Until a few years ago no-one had double glazing. Now it’s compulsory in new buildings. I would *love* to build a new house!

        • Double glazing….. i dont think they have suppliers here. Haha.

  4. It is just starting to warm up here in Chicago after a too long winter and a dreary spring.

    • I know that our cold could never compare to yours…….BUT at the same token, are homes could never either. We just dont do cold well! I sit here with my boots on and my toes shivering.

  5. Heavens no! Let it be autumn for a little longer…please.

    • I think you guys probably do winter better then us!!

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