Posted by: The Saffa Mom | April 12, 2011

Freedom lost….memories gained.

Does anyone realise how difficult it is to get three kids to stick their heads through a hole and stand still while smiling for a photo?  

Friday I took the day off from work and joined my friends at the Johannesburg Zoo….with all the kids. It was a huge and happy reminder why I think that My Princess might be REMAIN an only child. The kids were happy. I was a little frustrated here and there. We have so much beautiful space in South Africa, that having to imagine we need a zoo….. is a little heart breaking. Don’t get me wrong. The zoo looks good. Animals all look healthy. BUT the cages are a reminder of freedom lost.

The most sadness I felt was with the elephants. They are one of the two animals God placed into this world that have the ability to bring tears to my eyes. If I could paint my picture, with no cares in this world, I would be in the middle of the bush with a matriarch and her herd of elephants. I would be part of the educational movement teaching people that there are other ways of working with animals that seem to destroy their livelihood. I would find those ways. I would be part of a movement willing to practice everything in the name of conservation.  

Where would you be?



  1. I’d be the one in the kitchen catering for you lot.

  2. I’d like to be right out there with you. Or be Cindy’s taste tester! Could I do both? 🙂

    • In your dreams- you can be anything- anywhere!!

  3. Asleep or having a massage to begin with and then…still working on the whole picture.
    LOL at the pics with the kids…have three, totally agree – it’s like catching quick silver!

    • Get back here with your picture!

  4. captive elehants make me sad too, they need big spaces for roaming

    • So so sad. People are taking over and not finding ways of balancing it all.
      Another side to the coin- at least they not in cages.

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