Posted by: The Saffa Mom | April 7, 2011

A double promise.

There are two times that I remember seeing a “double rainbow”. Don’t even think that sounds like a good name for it. What I mean is two rainbows next to each other at the same time.

The first time was approximately a year ago…. and it was perfect. Full rainbows from one side of the horizon to another. We were in a Game Park on the Westrand. It was quite special. At the time My princess was fast asleep in the car, and didn’t get to share that special moment. I took a photo with my phone, which does not do landscape wide vision photography……. but here it is.

Not a great photo...but a special moment

The second time was last night….. it had been our first really cold day, the start to a winter (I always seem to forget how unproductive I become, until it comes).  Cold and wet. My princess noticed that there were actually two rainbows.

This was taken while trying to drive....haha....not great.

 I then explained to her how special a rainbow is. We spoke about Noah and The Ark, and the promise God made. “He would never destroy the entire world by flood again.”

Seeing that rainbow is quite comforting among all the disaster in our world today. We know that after darkness comes light. We know that after thunderstorms comes a rainbow. After winter, summer will come. They are in balance, and they need each other.

Do you think the two rainbows could be a sign that many of us doubt his covenant, and he is just re-iterating? A double promise? Maybe……



  1. Nice thought, bokkie.

  2. I think a lot of people just think rainbows are pretty and forget the true significance of them. Doubles are cool! I saw a partial triple once, that was impressive! Nice photos, I like them!

    • a triple? I bet you wish you had a camera then. That would have been awesome.

  3. I love double rainbows. Definitely a moment to make a wish. Did you not tell her about the pot of gold buried at the foot of the rainbow? 🙂

    • No never did. Actually completely forgot about that. Might do the next time…..although i would like to teach her that success comes with hard work and not running after rainbows. haha. Before you know it, she might have me on a wild goose chase.

  4. This reminds me of the new bestselling book Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. His son, who shares his story of visiting Heaven, describes while there all the beautiful, rainbow-like colors. Back on earth, he doesn’t miss out on a rainbow sighting.

    • Youwont believe this, but i downloaded the “sample” from the Kindle bookstore last week. Still busy with a Karen Kingsbury book, so havent got to it yet. But it is on my list. Now looking forard to it more.

  5. Those rainbows upon the grassy fields remind me of home 🙂 Only God could have thought of something so beautiful to share with us. xxx

    • Only reminds you of home because you cant see any sun. (*wink,wink*)

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