Posted by: The Saffa Mom | April 6, 2011


I have been lying to you all!!! And now am starting to feel a little guilty. Guilt seems to always lead to embarrassment, and before you know it I will be counting the hours away from some nutter house.

You see the thing is that every time I write a post….. one of my tags is always “postaday”.

Not a problem for the person who perhaps does post every single day…..yes, every single day!

BUT  I don’t. I don’t have time. I don’t have enough creative thoughts. I don’t have enough interesting people around me!!! Dammit! And I seem to have a life, as boring as it can often be. All of this results in me lying to the world of WordPress, which has further resulted in my guilt.

 The optimistic side of me is saying “I can post every day. I can post every day. I am starting today!”It is a goal. A vision. But then tomorrow life catches me, and I don’t manage to write a post.

BUT  at the same token, I am not really quite-so-uninspired to write only once a week. So I can’t tag it with “postaweek” either… that would then too be a lie. Leading to feelings of guilt and embarrassment, and the potential again to be placed in a nutter house.

The solution for me, and I think many of you, would be to create a:


What do you think?

WordPress can you start working on that? We can get the ball rolling, and have a semi large following soon. (Probably people who have ever changing goals, time lines and lives!)

Who’s keen? I am sure WordPress will come up with the necessary badges?




  1. LOL, I am being pressed too, especially as I’ve had this deadline. Luckily I always have a few posts saved in my drafts folder and can just publish them if I don’t have anything to blog on the day.

    • Mmmmm. Haven’t built that up either. As I draft it, I finish it, I post it.
      Thinking of re-posting old stuff, here and there,stuff that perhaps no one ever read. BUT risk of boring my people.
      *sad face*

      • There’s nothing wrong with reposting things you believe are worthy of being read. I started blogging here almost a year ago after being on my previous blogging platform for more than two years. When I posted my very first post here, not a single person commented. I liked the post and subsequently reposted it when I had made friends here.

        • Think I may just do that. Xx

          • Yes, please repost stuff pre-Freshly Pressed! I haven’t had time to go all the way back to read more.

          • Funny thing is chef…… i have never been freshly pressed! Gave up on that a long time ago….. now dont even think about it.

  2. Yes,Yes,Yes! I quite agree! A post when ever you can tag fits.
    I thought I would post a lot when I started and I guess I did. But slowly and surely my inadequate life still caught up to me and I slowed down the blogging. I can’t imagine what it will be like if I get a job soon and a real life.
    Maybe start a plumbing blog and talk about the jobs I do? Call it…wait for it…
    plumbnakedplumbing! Where the plumber opens up about his daily jobs for one and all to read and comment on. I got that middle word idea from somewhere. 🙂

    • No no- I have a better one…. The shithouse!!!! Hahahaha. Although it does sound quite crappy. Hahaha.
      I do hope that you find a job soon, but perhaps remember at all points- it’s His time! Xx

      • Or maybe The Plumbers Crack!
        That could go a bunch of different ways!
        The more I think about it, I like it.

  3. absolutely – post when you have something to say

    • Some people are lucky—- they can just talk and talk and talk. Perhaps my princess should start writing. We woudl have posts coming out of our ears.

  4. Ha – I could make a badge, it’s just an image file…. Hmmm…. you do bring up something I completely missed. I don’t tag my posts with “postaweek2011” as I should be doing, I guess? Do people actually search for that? I’m also a little guilty of fudging timelines, I spread out my posts so that there’s at least one new post in a 7 day period. If something cool comes up and it is relative to the actual calendar (think Cinco de Mayo for example), then I would write about what I did on that day and post it. Of course a post comes after feeding and cleaning the kids, cleaning up in general, laundry, dinner, fav TV program, hubby, dog walks and sleep (of which I’m in dire need for). There’s never a certain time for blogging, it gets squished in somewhere.

    I’d use your tag too 🙂

    • OKay- so chef…… your job to create the badge?? We can then do a mass campaign to all our loyal readers, and have it put onto our blogs. It could be fun!! What do you say?

  5. I can’t imagine having something interesting and fun to write about every day. I’m not that interesting, plus sometimes you just need to put it away for more than a day.

    • yes i agree! (Not about the part that says you not interesting…. you have managed to convince us you are).

  6. I’m IN! You, as always,are brilliant and I want a piece of that tag too 😀

    • Yah!!!! Chef might be able to create teh badge and then we can go on a mass campaign to get it onto as many blogs as possible. Could be loads of fun hey?

  7. it goes in waves for me. I was on a roll for a while–then I posted maybe a post a week, and they were crap (and only posted because I didn’t want to NOT post something). I’ve found that sometimes it has to do with having or not having something to say, and sometimes, like BRC said, you just need to put it away for a bit. Sometimes that feels just as good as posting something.

    • I think our blogs also revolve, depending where we are. Although initially we may go in with one topic in mind- over time it may re-direct.

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