Posted by: The Saffa Mom | April 5, 2011

Do you like pineapple?

That doesn’t really look very appetizing….. does it? BUT when your 4 year old Princess walks through your office door with as much excitement as England has for Kate and Will- because she has made it, it really would not matter how it looked.

My princess managed to keep her pizza “whole” until she arrived at my office, and then she started devouring it! Early dinner! So excited to share. (But not too much.)

“Mama, are you proud of me?”

“My babe, should I be?”

“Yes, are you?”

“Of course my babe.”

Then from behind my laptop, I ask her whether she likes pineapple.

(The fact is that that pizza definitely is covered in pineapple, and ham. South Africans have named it a Hawaiian. My princess is not a fruit lover. She doesn’t like bits. I always have to get smooth yogurt and smooth fruit juice. So when she says that she does not like pineapple- I believe her. BUT she doesn’t like it because she doesn’t realise that she is actually eating it!!)

“No mama.”

“My babe- but you eating pineapple.”

“No I am not!”

“Do you see that yellow stuff on your pizza? It is pineapple.”

I can see her tongue move to the yellow piece to actually taste it.

“Mama, I like pineapple. It is sweet.”

Now how are we going to deal with all the greens?      



  1. Make soup 🙂

    • The only soup I have managed to convince her to try is tomato. (She hates tomato sauce so that was a victory in itself).
      Maybe this year will be different.

  2. Make more pizzas!
    Or start a garden – our kids eat peas, beans, carrots and broccoli straight from the soil.
    I love it when kids cook stuff for us.

    • That sounds like more work for me…..haha. Going into winter now- so would scare me!!! Haha.
      Good idea though. But not excited yet.

  3. What a cute story!

    • Yes, when someone else’s baba…..haha. Kids are so challenging when it comes to food. If she doesn’t like the colour of something, it’s out! I remember the days when my mom used to force me to eat everything on my plate…… Would that be the right way?
      Room for debate.
      Thanks for the visit!!!

  4. Tomato soup is one of my favorites! I like Hawaiian pizza too.
    We got our kids to eat most everything while young. I had to grow into some foods myself. My siblings are amazed at what my kids like and me too now. I still draw the line at olives though! Yet some of “my kids” like them. I am still trying to get them to stop! 🙂
    It seemed if mom and dad liked it they would too or at least try it. A little here or a little there until they did. Just don’t make a battle over it. Get her to try it once in a while.

    • I draw the line at olives too….. although i have “tried” a few times.
      My princess could not care less about whether i like it or not- haha. Clearly i like too many vegetables.
      I dont ant food to be a battle in my house, so will never force anything. Just a few rules about when you are allowed the really nice things….

  5. Aaah, Hawaiian pizza…YUM! I used to joke that people shouldn’t put fruit of any kind on pizza, but I have become a big fan of this kind. Clearly its a popular choice from one end of the globe to another. Greens on the other hand, not sure how to get a kid to eat veggies. We have one that loves ’em and one that will only touch a few select vegetables. As a guy who never really liked veggies as a kid, but who now will eat most, I guess that is just something that we as parents need to be patient with, they’ll enjoy them eventually.

    • You shoudl really try a Hawaiian with extra feta cheese, crumbled over the top and a bit of chilli.
      Yes, maybe she will enjoy them eventually…… although i am positive my man’s mom thought the same.

  6. pineapple on pizza is WRONG…just saying
    I have been know to eat broccoli for my children’s sake…also wrong lol
    ahhh the things we do for our princesses

    • You are so right—– the things we do!!! (That we actually may never do for anyone else.)
      Ed- you really should try and add some pinepple. It is almost like that sweet and sour taste you get with chinese food.
      I think it is the only time i really eat pineapple. Dont thik i woudl be excited to put any other fruit on a pizza though.

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