Posted by: The Saffa Mom | April 1, 2011

How “scaley” is she?

For the last two years- if not longer I have battled with two or three kilo’s that I just have not been able to budge. To be honest- I have not tried too “desperately” hard.

I did go through a stage in which the treadmill was my friend…..but then it became one of those friends that falls under the “reason, season and lifetime” scenario. The treadmill was a SEASON. Because I realised that, I have not been terribly sad…. although she does still sit in her own room. I would be lying that I have been excited about her once or twice, since my Knight found a spot– but once a spent a few minutes in a long boring drawn out stage (being 30 minutes) I lost all interest. We just no longer had things in common. You know those types of friends? We all have them.

With regards to the food thing- because if you are not going to get into exercise… then you need to get into food- I eat relatively healthy. You know the kind- 5 small meals a day. Watch my calories like a hawk, one of those people that actually went through a stage of counting calories, the type that would irritate you if you felt like McDonalds…. BUT at the same token- completely relaxed on weekends…..which probably looses the whole plot in a few sittings. So yes, healthy but not ALL the time!

More recently- in fact, today will be Class 4, I have a Pilates session. I have left each class with a shaking tummy, and legs that have felt like collapsing. Thumbs up to me! Best feeling in the world. BUT my pants feel slightly tighter this week?? A friend of mine mentioned that I would probably not lose any weight with Pilates, but I would definitely “tone” up. Let’s see how it goes.

BUT telling you all about this is merely a foundation to my post today.

When I truly believed that it was only 2 or 3 kilos that I was constantly battling with,  (my body holding on for dear life) it was actually 4 or 5 kilos. That can be quite disheartening! I almost feel like a woman who lies about her age…. as if the more she believes it- the more it IS!!!

How did I come to realise this?

Initially I thought perhaps it was the time of day…. It was my second Pilates session I weighed myself. Unlike the super-cool-black digital scale I have at home (which measures muscle, fat and water….. and clearly may be wrong in all aspects), this scale was one of those in which you move the weights about. Perhaps accurate? I would guess so. Well, it was 5:30 in the evening…. the day had been long. Obviously a lot of food had entered my body, which had not left….  in fact 4 small meals, those all justified the fact that I was 2 kilos heavier than I had been that morning at home!!

BUT Then yesterday, at my routine Gynae appointment, (which was a littel odd), I was taken through to a room to be weighed. Take note- I had had breakfast and a mandarin. Shoes off. (Cant weigh yourself with shoes, I am sure they add their own little kilo or two). I stand onto the scale… and the lady starts moving the weights around. (Maybe those scales are not accurate…. I mean with technology today…… old versus new…. everything now is much better working than then??)

The freaking same as with the Pilates scale!!!! 2 kilos heavier!!! Dammit Janet- our scale is false!!! It would be like telling people they are “looking so well, and have you lost weight since the last time I saw you?” I despise compliments like that when I know that they are clearly not true.

At the same token, I think people should comment when there has been somewhat of a drastic change that everyone-can’t-not-miss. Wednesday (yes, of course I have a story) I spent the afternoon with my Hair Lady (you know how special she is), and we made a drastic change in colour to my head of luscious (short thin frail) hair. From auburn-red, to flippen plum-violet. PLUM VIOLET! I love it!!!

Not one lady out of the 9 ladies in the office I work from, (everyday from 8:30 to 5:30…ie. spend more time with them then I do with my own child), noticed!!!! Depressing. If they don’t like it- say so. Or even “oh, you did your hair.” At least that would be noticing. BUT NOTHING!!!

Anyway, back to story….. so my scale had been lying to me forever, and I don’t quite know how to deal with 4 or 5 kilos, if I am battling to deal with 2 or 3?? Of course, I do mean- “while trying to live a very normal life, and not compromising too much on luxuries”.  

The one thing I did do- since I thought I cannot be the only one silently suffering– was mention to my man in bed last night- that that few kilos he had been so excited he had lost, was really not the case. The scale is super-sweet! And a false cow!!!



  1. At least u r healthy and not having to loose 35kg, like I do … THAT is disheartening (and ALL scales like all men need to be ignored once in a while) … And you do look good ….

  2. I’ve weighed between 48 and 50kgs all my adult life (except during pregnancy), and the only scales I own is a digital one in my kitchen.
    Best of luck!

    • You are tiny!! Tiny people can wear red shoes!!

  3. At one Dr. appointment right after work, no time to go home first and change. The nurse puts me on the scale with work boots and all my clothes on and junk in my pockets! How do you get a good read on that! I told her I must have at least ten extra pounds of stuff on if not more! So she guesses! 😦

    I lost weight at the next appointment, all clothes! 🙂

    • Haha. I would have gone home, and weighed all of that stuff.

  4. I ran into a girl I know at the store the other night, she gave me the “you’ve lost soooo much weight since I last saw you!” – well not really, it’s just migrated from my face and hands to my tummy and behind (but I didn’t tell her that). I just politely smiled and thanked her. Baby weight, especially 2nd+, is hard to get rid of. I’m like you tho, bokkie, I don’t exercise or go the the gym, I play with the kids and walk the dog and clean the house (ever broke a sweat while mopping?) And, I cook at home so we eat out as little as possible. Eating out has become a treat for us 🙂

    All that matters is that you love yourself! xxx

    • Thanks for that.
      But would love myself a whole lot better- skinnier. Haha.
      Friday my pilates instructor said that i am ready for more classes, and to move up to intermediate. Yah!!!

  5. Don’t me hard on yourself! Mo and I have learned about self nurture! It works! It will come for you… I completely understand your struggle

    • You and Mo seem to be doing very well Ed!! I was quite impressed! Happy for you! By the time you get to Africa for a holiday…in the Western Cape…. i think you going to be a very WHOLE person.

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