Posted by: The Saffa Mom | April 1, 2011

Guinness and Chocolate- I dare you.

Taken from nigella's site

A recent status on my Facebook page stated that i was just craving Chocolate Cake. It probably then spanned over a few more status updates, as the craving became one of those “Oh my word, are you sure that you are not pregant?” ones.

A friend of mine, in fact, he was my first ever boyfriend in Grade 1…….. who lives in New Zealand now, commented: “My wife makes a Chocolate Guinness Cake every year for my birthday”.

Ummmmmmmmmmm????????????????????????????? That may have knocked that craving right out of the park!

He did send me the link to the recipe….. It is a Nigella Lawson Recipe, so perhaps it I should not knock it until i actually try it.

So for the last few weeks this recipe (which was printed) has been sitting on my desk. Have not quite had the gutts to actually dedicate real time that i could spend on things I know are delicious, on purchasing Guiness and convincing my Knight that he needs to try it.

My challenge:

Can you each (perhaps) go out and purchase the ingrediants, and then make the cake….. and of course give me REAL honest opinions!

(I dont want any fake super sweet ones!)     

Here is the link to the recipe: CHOCOLATE GUINESS CAKE by Nigella.

Thank you!!



  1. Oh OK then, what I don’t do for my friends … *checks grocery cupboard to see what she needs before grabbing car keys*

  2. Challenging over the lent period 🙂

    • Oh yes. Forgot. I actually gave up chocolate! So I am waiting for all of you to dive in, in order to leave me enough time to prep before easter.
      Oh wait does chocolate cake count as chocolate?

  3. Oh wait does chocolate cake count as chocolate?
    Not if someone else feeds it to you with your eyes closed. Preferably blindfolded 😉
    I am gonna have to try this too! Sounds too good.

    • I am not trying it until all of you have given me some opinion. I am waiting……

  4. I’ve made a Guiness steak pie, never a Guiness chocolate cake. I did bake my gran’s fudge brownies and put cherries in them, and some other experimental flavours, no Guiness tho. I’ll bet the cake is light and fluffy with all that carbonation 🙂

  5. I can’t look… Tell me later if it was good 😉

    • I cant either….. waiting for everyone else.

  6. […] in place and intended to get at least one chapter of editing done. But first I wanted to tackle mynakedbokkie’s request and bake Nigella’s Guiness Cake. (She asked so nicely and, besides, I had a bottle of milk stout […]

    • Everyone—- it looks like THE ONLY CIN Has done it. Do pop over to her blog and see? (
      Making my way there right now!!!

  7. So this is an April Fool, right! 🙂

    • Hahaha….. didn’t even think about that.
      How funny would it be if i told everyone it was….. after they tried it?
      That would be too evil……”everyone I am not evil”…..
      Try it and let me know how it goes early bird.

      • I’ve gone as far as printing out the recipe…. I’ll let you know

        • Oh please please please.
          Only one person actually took it on and ended up with a beautiful cake, which apparently was yummy!
          I cant go on one opinion. Take one for the team!!!!

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