Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 31, 2011

Something fishy in my Gynae’s rooms.

Routine Gynae appointment today was somewhat odd. Well, I suppose what gynae appointment do you leave feeling that things went well. It always feels odd. Right? Or just me?

In fact, it is one of the reasons why I have a GIRL gynae. Yes, I would prefer to have a woman open my legs, tell me to relax and stick a device into my “flower”, then tell me she is almost done. The thought of a man, besides- my man, would be too uncomfortable.

Why odder than normal?

As I walked into my Gynae’s rooms, in front of me were two glass tanks…. filled with fish. On the floor. Ummm…. I am positive I stopped and wondered where was I?

“This is definitely the same rooms I have been to every year for the last 5 years.”

BUT there is fish in the waiting room? On the floor?

The tanks (if you could call them that), are covered with a glass lid. And on top of that, folded as if you were in the middle of a hotel bathroom- was a towel. I notice that the glass boxes, are AGAINST a chair.  

Oh wait…. I have heard of this…. this is something that is done in Health and Beauty spas. I am positive that it is an exfoliation technique. Those fish are there to literally eat away at all that dead skin on our feet.

As I check in at reception, a pamphlet is presented to me. Yes I am in my gynae’s rooms….. and yes, these fish are called Garra rufa (DOCTOR FISH). 15 minutes for R90!! (Quite expensive). “BE AWARE OF IMITATIONS” printed clearly on the pamphlet.  

Although I have an appointment, it seems that in ANY doctor’s rooms an appointment is not ever the real time that you will meet with that person, so out comes my handy (can’t-live-without) Kindle. (Reading Redemption at the moment- Karen Kingsbury…..real chick book!!)

Every person who walks in and takes a seat, seems to have a very similar reaction to me. I can’t help but laugh. I hear a couple of remarks that suggest that someone would be crazy to try that. Imagine if someone was actually having a treatment done. You would possibly have a crowd! If I ever decided to do something like that, I would want to be in a very private space.    

When I am led through to the actual doctor’s rooms, 40 minutes later, I walk into another tank- with more fish. Doctor fish, in the Doctor’s rooms!! She lets me know that these ones are somewhat of a pet project. A scientific research. Doctor is watching for the doctor fish to make babies!

Being an obvious ice breaker, my first question being “what do they eat while they not eating feet?” Turns out that feet, or the skin from feet- is not nutritious to them at all. They have to actually be fed. Chewing on someone’s foot is perhaps dessert? Very sensitive creatures, apparently they have already lost over 100. Perhaps some  of the feet were too acidic? Maybe fungus? Toe jam!!

I think if I had a snorkel, I would be quite keen to try my face. Imagine the stimulation to all those cells, and of course perhaps dealing with some of the teenage hormone induced skin that seems to have got me again since turning 30.  

Only when I leave does this all seem quite funny.  I remember as teenagers talking about “flowers”…. the boys always use to have horrid comments about “flowers” having fishy smells. Seems quite ironic now. The place that is all about the “flower” has fish!



  1. So it’s a one stop ‘shop’ for you then hahahaha

  2. Fishies and feeties and flowers…. oh my!! Not really sure where to even go with this one without getting into trouble! Fish eating the skin off peoples feet… yeah that’s nasty. And I’ll stay out of the whole gynecological conversation… I’ll leave that to the ladies to discuss!

    • In fact, now that you mention it- those flowers were actually for sale. Haha.

  3. I heard about this … not for me thanks … eeeeu!

    • I might think about it…… but i might not.

  4. I abstain from commenting on this one! No safe way in or out…oops! 😉

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  6. I’ve heard of this… my sister-in-law is living in China and she did something like this. But it was in a pond outside in full view of everyone!

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