Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 28, 2011

Last post on my Western Cape Holiday- I promise.

It is time to get over the Western Cape Holiday…. so that I can fill this memory box with a  couple of other exciting things that happened in the last few weeks.  So I am going to squeeze Thursday, Friday and Saturday into one nice quick easy reading post. If you missed all the days before- please see part 1; part 2; part 3; part 4; and part 5. They may just help you decide on where to spend a holiday? I promise to meet you there……. how awesome would that be?

Thursday was a very very lazy day. Literally stayed in bed until 12ish…. snacking on fruit and cappuccinos. Of course- devouring a book on my Kindle. My Knight spent a couple of hours working, and we decided to do the only thing you should never skip when in the Cape. Some wine tasting.

We drove through to Franschoek, as we had one very specific winery in mind. The creators of the Chocolate Block. It is a truly delicious blend, and not always available. The wine estate is very understated. That rustic, homely feel that just makes me wish it was my back yard!!! I have begun to appreciate the look of wood so very much.

Here are some pics…..

This is for The Only Cin

My knight was “on his way” after one or two tasters.

He hardly ever drinks, and when he does I have actually started pouring him HALF GLASSES. Otherwise it is a waste. Breaks my heart to waste good wine.

We went into the town of Franschoek and had a very early dinner. Tasty food outside on the streets. Sun still shining. We shared a beautiful dessert- DEEP FRIED MILK TART with ice-cream. Not sure if Milk Tart is an international dish, somehow I think it might be very South African? Let me know.

Friday I managed to convince my Knight to leave the chariot with me. I dropped him off in KogeIbaai, and would need to fetch him later.

The drive to Kogelbaai

Today- I wanted to find out what the big hype was regarding Paarl.  In my heart of hearts I believed that I was going to find another little Stellenbosch. So into my Blackberry GPS I typed away- town of Paarl.

Well, I honestly don’t think I was anywhere I should have been? I did not see a quaint little place, or any coffee shops. And the more I tried to find something on the outskirts… the more I realised that the little “Paarl” everyone had spoken about- was not the “Paarl” I was in. Eventually, dying for a bathroom, and something  to eat, I went to the Mall. I am not a Mall person really. Too commercial for a holiday.

I vented my complete disappoint via facebook and twitter. I was not even going to try and take the suggestions sent….. I was not wasting any more time trying find this little “Paarl”.

That afternoon, my knight and I met up with the MTN cycling team at their hotel….. They had just completed a stage in the Tour of South Africa. We had a drink….Wait- I am lying! I had a real drink. (My knight- a coke) My knight worked. That is generally what he calls most things. (“It is work my love”.) MR Partner (sort of ish) joined us. We decided that a dinner in Franschoek would be awesome….. we had to drive Mr. Partner back to his hotel, which was in Franschoek- so it made sense.

At that point I didn’t realise that our night was not going to work out as planned.

Not far from Franschoek, we came across a car accident that had just happened. A car had stopped, and was trying to slow cars down. We stopped. The car had rolled and was in a ditch on the right hand side of the road, and on the left hand side was a man that had literally been thrown out. The men got to the car to see what potentially was taking place. I went to the man. He was breathing. Calls started taking place. We needed to call ambulances, when we actually had no idea where we were. We knew where the road took us, but we didn’t know the road’s name. People stopped all around, and were able to give REAL information to the Emergency Service.

The lady was out of the car too. She was propped up on the side of the car, and was able to communicate. She was wearing a uniform from work. She kept asking about her husband? My Knight was only able to tell her that he was fighting. She kept asking them to call her mom. BUT she didn’t know her number, and her bag was nowhere to be seen.  

I felt so helpless. Suddenly I realised that the man had clearly suffered serious head trauma as the blood from the back of his head was just pouring. While trying to feel for a pulse, to make sure he was still with us, he took a deep deep breath. I presumed all was okay. We had no emergency kit with us… but I believed that he was still breathing and the ambulance would be there soon. More people arrived and stopped trying to help. When we went to check the man’s pulse again- it was gone. He was gone. It was such an awful feeling. While I had been running up and down, and trying to make sure that…well, I honestly don’t know what I was trying to do?

A gentlemen brought newspaper to cover his body. Newspaper? I hated this…. how can we cover him in newspaper? He was a person. It wasn’t long before one of the people that had gathered around from the homes so close, brought a blanket. I was so touched that someone had done that.

Once we realised that we had done what we could, we left the teams in place to pick up the pieces. Our drive to Franschoek was very silent. Dinner was odd. We all tried to keep conversation rolling, but I guess we all felt quite broken that we had to work through this.

I didnt sleep well that night. The down duvet and the Kind Size bed were not the comfort i needed.

Saturday my Knight and I finally took a stroll on the beach. The wind made sure we didn’t make t a long one. We took a drive to Gordan’s Bay, found a little spot and had the best fish and chips I have ever tasted. I would not suggest it being a regular meal however, the batter could be as good as cake- and probably as fattening.

Our view while eating lunch

I had a good cry over lunch. I needed to get the night before off my chest. I needed my Knight to know that i was filled with guilt. The man in the accident the night before had died alone. He tried to talk me around it. He tried to tell me that we had done what we could. I disagreed. The one thing we shoudl have done I kneel down next to him in prayer. We should have prayed through the process, we should have lean’t on God. His wife should have known that he did not die alone. He was being comforted. My knight tried to explain to me that the man would not have been consious of any of it. I made it clear to my knight- that that would not have been for his sake only, but for us and everyone around. God should have been our strength through that evening. (I think i will feel guilty about that for sometime.)      

Strawberry frozen yogurt and a drive around the suburb. I guess we were just fantasizing on where we would like to live, if the opportunity came around. … that was my thought. My knight on the other hand was already planning the move. Haha.

To me: “home” needs to have the most beautiful views, and space.  I want space. My knight took me to an estate in Somerset west called BOSKLOOF. It would be perfect. (In this “imaginary” move.)

That afternoon we packed and drove to the airport. It was time for home. We had missed our babies. Somewhat sad and somewhat excited……. we made our journey home.

Monday morning…… my knight informs me that he has found a rental in Boskloof for a reasonable price. I just laugh. We can’t move!!! Well at least not soon.




  1. Yes melk tert is South African and – no matter what anyone tells you – it is nothing like a custard tart.

    • Thought so.

      The deep fried version was absolutly gorgeous….. Think it was inside pockets of phyllo pastry.

      Maybe I should put a milk tart recipe on here for all our international friends to try?


      • I’ve have put a pingback on my post about melktert.

        Just came back to say I am terribly sorry that your last night in Cape Town was so tragic.

        • Thank you Lovie!!! I guess we cant always have everything good all the time. Life. Thanks though. Feels worse for hsi family.
          NOTE TO ALL: They were not wearing their seatbelts. Only fools still dont wear seatbelts. Only bigger fools dont put their kids in seat belts. Shoo…. already creates anger inside of me. Haha. Perhaps a post on seatbelts woudl be good? What do you think?

  2. I feel your agony from that situation. You did the best you could in a difficult, unplanned for situation. That deep breath may have been his last and you were there. Don’t beat yourself so. This shows you are a deeply feeling person. Nothing shallow here. You were there and you helped, you have my appreciation for that. Many others would have just passed by.

    Well I am going to miss the beautiful pictures! But holidays must end sometime. It was a treat to see this part of our world through you eyes and read your comments.
    Back to the real world, huh?!

    • Been back in the real world forever already!! Just taken so long to write the posts. In fact, almost wishing we had another holiday coming up. Haha.

      Might be good to experience the western cape in the colder months. Might change our minds about wishing we could call it home.

      Thanks for your words Harold.


  3. the accident sounds dreadful. it can’t be easy to know someone died.

    deep friend milk tart? the normal milk tart is south african, but the other version is a new development. sounds interesting

    • I think we should all have a go…. and then post about it!!!

  4. […] […]

    • Thank you girl!!!
      Everyone, here is a recipe!

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