Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 22, 2011

My parrot ducked!!

If anyone has kept track of my Twitter Feed- you may have noticed that I have shown some sense of irritation to the world over the parrot that managed to find his way back into my life. In fact, I have stated on more than one occasion that between him, My Princess and Jess (the puppy), I may end up INSANE!!

Who was Joey and where did he come from?

It was the year 2000, I was a student, and a waitress. I need to have a source of income to live the student lifestyle. The restaurant was a coffee shop in Killarney, called The Wiesenhof. Down the way, was and probably still is a pet shop, run by an Israeli girl (doubt she would be there) who was a huge source of my entertainment. I thought long and hard about the purchase, but not long and hard enough, and I bought a parrot. Actually a Parrakeet. (Quite a bit smaller- but just as freaken noisy!!!) He was a Peach Fronted Conure.

I grew to love Joey like a child, and “life” then got me. I spent more time away from home, then I did at home- including my sleeping hours. This poor little socialite was alone for most of the day and started to drive himself insane. I was the guilty party. Between varsity, work and sleep…. oh yes, and drinking……  Joey sat at home waiting for me to realise that I had a responsibility.

Joey moved to Pine Town, with my EX’s parents. (At the time we were not yet married). They fell in love with him, and it was probably the best decision that I ever made for him.

A few months ago, my EX stated that his parents were going to be travelling now, they had retired, and were planning as having HOME as only a base. They needed to find a home for Joey- would I take him back?

I never in a million years thought that My Knight would agree to it. BUT he surprised me and did.

Joey moved in, and a couple of hours later- I thought “what have I done?” I think My Knight thought the same thing. BUT over the last few weeks, he has become part of our home. (“SKWAUKING” AND ALL!!)

So you can imagine my concern when I arrived home on Sunday late afternoon, pouring with rain, and Joey was gone!! He had ducked!!!

I searched and searched and searched…. and called and called and called. Darkness came, and I gave up for the night. I was down about it all. My Knight felt bad- for me…. think secretly he may have been grateful. What was worse? The noise or the thought that he was out in the wild with no idea of how to fend for himself? Suddenly the noise that he made didn’t seem so bad.

Monday morning, I did another call and search. Nothing…

My plan of action was to draw up some “lost” signs and have them put on the notice board in the estate. My Knight did not seem very optimistic over it all. We lived on a small holding, in the middle of the country. Complete freedom, and the haste of discovering it all may never leave him with a way of getting back home.

THEN (to make matters worse), one of our sheep passed away. On Saturday morning we had contacted the Vet who came out and filled him with anti-biotics, cost us a fortune, and left feeling as if he would come right. Apparently it was something called “Blue Tongue”. I was positive. It takes time to heal….. clearly we were too late though.

I do wonder if  “Baa” and “Black” were sad to see that their friend had gone? Do you think all animals have the ability to feel grief?

I think God perhaps noticed that this was all too much for me. How could we lose two animals in a matter of 24 hours?  What were we doing on a farm? Was this for us? I was standing at the back door, in fact I have no idea why, and suddenly I heard that “skwauking”. So distinct!!! I knew that it was him. In a state I shouted for My Knight, put some takkies on and climbed through the electric fence and made my way up the mountain. My Knight stood at the back door calling him. Joey flew straight into my direction. He climbed on to me as if to say “where the “freaking hell” have you been?”

Joey lasted a night outside in the pouring rain!! Him and Jess now had so much in common.

He was exhausted and hungry.  I was relieved.

And for some reason he has not actually done any “skwauking” since. I only hope it lasts!!!!!

Until another moment….



  1. Shame, I know how relieved you must be! It’s terrible to have a pet go missing.

    • You become quite helpless…horrible feeling.
      But we learn not to take their minds for granted….. Too human at times.

  2. Prodical bird returns 🙂

    • Yes, the prodigal bird. Let’s see if the repenting of his behavious lasts.

  3. It’s tough to lose pets/animals, and the attachments we get to them. Even the stupid fish that jump out of the tank, like there is water on the other side!? What were they thinking?

    • I think ultimately we feel guilty that we were not there at that exact moment, thinking for them.
      I have now pegged and wired every opening in his cage. If he get’s out now, I will be very surprized.
      As soon as i am home, he spends a couple of hours out his cage…. being part of the family. (At least I dont feel too bad.)

  4. at least he is home and safe. now to keep him on the quieter side. that could be a whole lot more difficult

    • Surpizingly, he seems a lot calmer!! I even almost commented this morning…. and then thought no- I might jinx it! Haha.
      Let’s see.

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