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My Western Cape holiday- Part 4 (Officially fallen)

I apologise to those in advance.. i hope you are not getting bored with my posts revolving around this trip. I just want to remember everything.

Tuesday morning was all about “supporting” my partner…..Besides I needed to meet some of the people that he was spending so much “work” time with. It would perhaps be a little boring…. but perhaps it would end up being a great day! In the event of boredom, I had my Kindle. In fact, these days I ALWAYS have it!!! It has become an absolutely fabulous thing…… you were right “Sunshine in London.” (Although I do have a pile of books arriving today (I think 10) in total, that I could not resist from a Kalahari sale. I am a sucker!)

We took a drive out to Franshoek. It was just absolutely beautiful. Coming over that mountain, and driving our way slowly down was breath taking. So much so, that I forgot to take a photo! Google it- really!

We met up with My Knight’s new-ish sort-of business partner (MR PARTNER DUDE). Two different businesses, finding ways of working together very nicely.  

A quick foundation on MR PARTNER DUDE.. he is 35 and has 5 kids ranging from 13 to 3!!! (They were all home with mom.) My initial response sounded a little like—- WTF?? That is all the foundation I needed. 5 Kids!!! Who has the patience to handle 5 kids? Who has the womb to handle 5 kids? Who has the money, the car, and the time? 5 kids!  That is three schools. Vans instead of cars. 8 seater dining room table instead of 6 seater. Imagine cooking dinner? Imagine the bathrooms every morning? Imagine getting them all on a plane?

Our rental found a parking space at the garage, and we all climbed into the “sponsored car” for the day! A new BMW 5 series. Quite beastly. (BUT would not fit mom, dad and 5 kids!! Much to MR PARTNER DUDE’s DISSAPOINTMENT.)

The “work task” this morning was revolving around BMW and the launch of the new 6 series, as well as a new motorbike (excuse my ignorance, wasn’t really that perceptive).  The launch was not really to the public, but actually to the media. Everyday media arrived from different countries, and did their little snippets, photos and articles. BMW shipped over 40 or 50 bikes. (The week before had revolved around the car.) Exactly the same colour etc. Put people on them, and let them go wild. I have no doubt that they had chosen a perfect place. The riders were particularly brave, and many times on those little coastal windy roads, I thought that this was going to cause a bit of chaos. They did fine though.

Our next drive was from Franschoek to Hermanus. Unfortunately there was, (and I am really not sure how temporary it is), a distinct nauseating smell in the air. We were told that it was actually a certain plant. Perhaps to be removed??? While we were there, I had the need to find a toilet…. running around this quaint little place, I managed to find one! However, you needed to place R1 in the machine at the door in order for it to unlock. Concept is brilliant! Means CLEAN TOILETS. R1 is really nothing. BUT (PROBLEM)- when you have not brought your handbag with you from the car (which is parked miles away) and you are practically unable to walk you are squeezing so hard- R1 may as well have been a million rand!   

From Hermanus we followed a number of the bikes along the coast line, Through Betty’s Bay and ended up in Kogelbaai. Perhaps at this point my heart completely fell head over heels. The Joburg flutters had completely disappeared, and my eyelashes were now doing all the fluttering. Was this perhaps heaven on earth? I sipped a strawberry smoothie, and not once thought of pulling out my kindle.

What do you think?


The car was also beautiful. (They will sell at a very serious price of R1.2 million apparently.)


This was part of my Knight's "work".

 The drive back to Franschoek was long. I felt a little queasy actually… those roads just wind and wind. At a speed, in the back of the car- it was all a little bit too much for my tummy. Our little horse (rental car) was sitting in the heat of Franschoek waiting for us. It was not a “minimal” change from the BMW we had just spent 6 hours in…. it was freaking HUGE!

We decided to have a stroll in the streets of Franschoek and get something to drink. (The fact is that my stomach needed to calm down.) We popped into a Chocolatier on the main road. More of heaven in one day!!! I picked up a couple of slabs and some silver coated milk drops for My Princess. I couldn’t resist though choosing some of the dainty chocolates that you create boxes from.

Keep in mind now, there is a line of people behind me…. probably wandering how long this chick at the front intends on taking?

I do ask the lady at the counter (who really was clearly looking forward to closing time!!!) how the prices work- not intentionally trying to lengthen the process.

“It is according to weight.” (As if i should have known this.)

“Okay, can I have 10 of those Orange crème filled dark wedges please.” (I dont know how much they weigh, so it would make sense to give a number. Wouldn’t it?)

“Ten? That is odd.” (Now she is lengthening the process!! Yes, ten.) 

That was about R20. Not too bad…. And so “Absolutely Delicious.”


 I thought (at that price) we could perhaps squeeze in 10 Strawberry crème filled dark pieces.

I can see the crowd behind me getting a little frustrated. As if they know exactly what they want, and there is no time for ummmming and ahhhhhing. (I guess I am like that when at home.)

The lady then says that those will be R80.

FOCKIT!!! R80 for 10 chocolates!!! Pieces. These better be nice. Cannot tell her now that I only want 5…. so I pay for everything and leave. Not long before my hand goes into that crisp packet to actually discover what I had paid R8 per chocolate for?

A mouthful of happiness. Even if only for a few seconds.

 On the way home- not far from Franschoek, we stopped at a traffic light, which was busy. Traffic had begun, and the “workers” were all on their way home. (I wouldn’t have minded being a worker there.) Suddenly two guys, with rucksacks, looking as if they stepped right out from under a bridge, are asking for a lift to Cape Town. Joburg flutters arrive! Windows wind up. (Manually in this little rental.) “Not going to Cape Town.”

We weren’t. We were going to The Strand. We were tired and we needed to lie our heads down, and rest. They carried on asking- everyone around. Running up and down like madmen. In a state.

Then…… I saw a camera man.

Suddenly- we were going to Cape Town. (Haha)

In hop both boys and camera man. I have now been placed in the back of the car. We then discover that these boys are on this second last day of the Paris Amazing Race (Can’t remember the exact name…..) AND They were coming first! The second place contestants were probably about 5 kms behind them. We spent the next hour chatting long and hard about their experiences through Africa. The nights of begging for a place to sleep- every night, and for food. (Obviously they had not done a stage in Johannesburg.) They had not spoken to their friends or family for 6 weeks and had lost about 10 kilos each. It was an awesome drive. My Knight became a mini Schumacher, and when LUDO called him that- he was chuffed. His Brother’s name was Samuel.

That morning had been in a wine estate (Boschendal) where they had to “stomp” their own buckets of grapes and get 23 litres of liquid. Ludo had taken the task on, and initially just took off his shoes and rolled up his pants. His brother prompted him to just take everything off and really get in there. The thought of the cameras was a little too much for him, and he initially declined. However 5 minutes in, apparently he was in his jocks and stomping away.   

They promised to send us photos once they had arrived back home, and were settled once again.

It was an exciting afternoon! The fact that we managed to get them to the EXACT place they needed to be was even better. Initially My Knight was not a hundred percent sure…. but while driving just start making calls to all the Capetonians he knew, who directed us to the exact spot in the V & A Waterfront.

Here they are……. looking like street kids- The DAX Brothers!


Samual and I


Winning!!! (In truth- we should have been standing there too... haha)

 That night we stopped and got take-aways. My knight not being adventurous in the food department settled for a Debonairs sub… however I had a Thai Chicken Curry from the pace next door. Perhaps a little dodge…. according to Knight’s standards.

It was simply delicious.

That King Size bed seemed to get more comfortable every night! Cape Town was amazing and I had fallen in love.


Until tomorrow.




  1. What an adventure, now I need to go and hunt for footage of Paris Amazing Race!

    • I remembered what it was called- Peking Express!!! Airs on a tv channel called M6.
      BUT i will be sure to try and get something form them and perhaps upload it!!! That woudl be awesome hey.
      Added another pic to the post today- only realised much later that i forgot to include it. Perhaps the most important one.
      It was quite exciting! It is amazing how excellent our timing was…… even though we initially didnt realise it. (I am sure they agree.)

  2. I love the beach, mountains, winding roads, chocolate and comfy beds! You got it all in one post with adventure to boot!

  3. Ah, how wonderful wonderful, bokkie! Those photos are just incredible – Kogel Baai is stunning (as is the coastal drive along that way), Franschoek is sublime, the Waterfront is magic … can’t tell you how homesick I feel reading this post! But in a good way.
    What fun to get caught up in that adventure, and well done to you and your Knight for getting the Dax brothers there in time … quite cute, huh?
    Sunshine xx

    • Sad about the recent fires! Felt quite heart sore watching it on the news, knowing how in love with that place we had become.
      It was an awesome trip. Still got so much to tell. Just dont want everyone getting bored!!

  4. oooo eeeer, you’re famous!

    • Well, we received an email from them that they could not confirm our friend request until the show had officially aired, but once everything was out in the open, communication could flow nicely. They probably cant confirm whether they won or not either. They did offer us a place to make a holiday out of….. how awesome would that be?
      So not famous yet!!! BUT here is hoping we will be. Haha.

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  6. […] nice quick easy reading post. If you missed all the days before- please see part 1; part 2; part 3; part 4; and part 5. They may just help you decide on where to spend a holiday? I promise to meet you […]

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