Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 14, 2011

My Western Cape holiday- Part 3 (More Joburg flutters than heart flutters.)

Monday morning came along, and it felt like it should have been a Saturday…… I felt slightly guilty, and decided that I should check my work emails… chances are there is something I need to deal with, and then the “lonely sods” at work (hopefully already missing me) will not feel so envious! My knight had to spend some hours working, that is ultimately why he was down there.

My plan was to get up and sorted, do my hair (still not realising that there really was no no no point), get something into my tummy,  and since my knight has the horse (our rental car)…. I would take a walk around the strand, find a little coffee shop and read. I was initially excited about the idea.

However, the more I looked down at the windy city, from the 15th floor, the more keen I was on curling up under the down duvet on the king size bed, with my kindle. There really was not many people walking around…. I suppose they all work? I then got a case of “Joburg flutters” and wondered if it really would be safe to take a walk…..

Joburg flutters occur to people who have lived in Johannesburg for their entire lives, and therefore trust no one. Every person that walks past you, up to you, on the side of you, or in front of you potentially is a threat. They could possibly be hiding a gun, or knife, or just be strong enough to rip that hand bag off of your shoulder as quickly as possible. That potentially would mean my kindle would be gone, and I would be unable to read for the rest of the holiday? (That can’t happen!) And then of course the hassle of cancelling all my bank cards, and my cell phone sim card….. and then not having my blackberry either!!!! Oh no, this was too much for me.

I made myself a cappuccino and climbed into bed. How lovely.

I did arrange for My Knight to pick me up between appointments and drop me off somewhere, a place where I could have a stroll and get myself a couple of hours of reading time while sipping on something awesome! He took me to the Canal Walk shopping centre. Once I took a few steps in, I realised that it may be a little difficult to find my way back. Deal with that when i need to deal with that…..

I did manage to find a nice little spot, and sipped a Chai Latte and ordered a  greek wrap, Tzatziki pouring out.. delicious! I don’t think anyone enjoys reading in a comfortable busy spot as much as me. They really don’t have enough coffee shops with couches, out there. Probably because they want you to spend as much money as you possibly can and then leave. You can only eat and drink so much….. is the extra hour you sit your little butt down on their chair really going to make a difference? (I waitressed for so many years…. I know that it really is about “turning tables”.)

Once my knight was done with his presentations, we decided to take a gallop to the V & A Waterfront. It s quite a “touristy destination”. And we are tourists in all sense of teh word- or at least I am! Lots of restaurants, and of course shops. We are not big shoppers- partly because you need to have money to shop…… haha….. but I do SO enjoy restaurants. Food and drink was something given to us by God that is a necessity, but at the same time- so enjoyable.

Knight parked miles away, and had no real idea how to get to where we were supposed to be. This was the view from our parking space though. To our right- somewhere should have been the harbour, and to my left coast line. This was what we were able to see though.


We managed to find our way somewhere in the right direction, and passed a couple of cruise ships, with some seals gathering as part of the passing entertainment.


I must admit at that point I was quite envious.

I went on a cruise trip in the Caribbean in 2009. That is some distance from South Africa. It was one of the best holidays I have ever had. I missed my Princess and I missed My knight, but it was the last real holiday I had with my “once-normal” family. IE…. before my sister decided that she likes girls more than boys, before my brother felt that sleeping until 2 o’clock in the afternoon was okay, and of course, before my dad decided he had had enough and was leaving my perfect little family for a blondie, who was far more exciting! Yes, back in the day when I thought that my family was my everything. (I will one day, promise promise, post about that holiday, not the demise of a normal family.)

My knight and I then decided that it might be stunning to take a boat trip out while waiting for the sun to set. We managed to find one that didn’t seem ridiculously priced, in fact he even gave us a discount, while we were quite prepared to pay the normal price. (????????) At that point, I had no idea that I was not appropriately dressed for a boat trip out to sea. And of course, I forgot about my hair.

We had an hour to kill before departing, and I grabbed a Strawberry Daiquiri, at one of the restaurants positioned on the harbour.

Once we got onto the boat we had a crew member (we only know this because he told us he works behind the bar) approach us and chat. I honestly don’t know if he was trying to MAKE conversation to be polite…. (we are really not those type of people- rather leave us), or whether he really was interested in us. We had no doubt however, he was “Capetonian”. (I am not being ugly… all I really mean, is that he was someone not really in a rush to get anywhere.) He looked like he was high…. And when he grabbed a bag of tobacco out of his oversized pockets, and started rolling a cigarette, I did wander if just possibly- there was a couple of grams of “grass” in there?

My knight asked him about the Cruise ship that was sitting in the harbour. Since he spent his days here, everyday, he should be well informed? Right?

His story went something like this:

“That is for a family of 6, that just travel the world. They have 300 staff members.”

I was blown away! Then my Joburg flutters showed up and we asked a couple of questions.

“Shoo wee, where are they from?”

“They are not from anywhere. They just go where the sea takes them.”

(Now do you see why I say he was definitely a Capetonian..haha……Sorry “Sunshine” and “Only Cin”)

My knight then repeated- “No, where are they from originally? Before they got a boat?”

“Here. South Africa.”

MMmmmmmmmmm…. Ja Right! (Joburg flutters not trusting anyone again.) Do you know how much a Cruise Ship costs? I don’t think original crew member did.

Conversation over….. original crew member moves off to find the rest of the boat’s crew. They arrive…. we have original member (who we later discover was a serious surfer and once upon a time had his own surf brand), then we have a pilot (who has one leg, a cigarette hanging from his lip, and a cap- serious pirate material), and lastly a blondie who’s hair has never clearly been an issue. (Even to a barber- because i doubt he has seen one.) He had a platinum blonde afro and apparently had just arrived back from a holiday in Namibia.

I didn’t realise at that point that My Knight had much higher symptoms of Joburg flutter than I had. He had “googled” the Ship’s name on his Blackberry. It definitely was not a ship used by a family of 6 being waited on hand and foot by 300 staff members. We did some reading and had a giggle. I was actually tempted to ask him to sit down and take a look at what a Blackberry can actually do. (Purely because when he initially introduced himself to us, he took my phone and placed it in his pocket…. I had laughed it off.)

I continued to drink- as this could only become more interesting. The second main reason why I drank was because I was already getting cold, and didn’t quite know how I was going to handle this summer sunset on the sea with goose bumps and lips that were quivering, when we had not even left the harbour.

Once out, and quite frazzled…..we decided to take a trip upstairs, blondie crew member noticed that I was freezing and managed to convince original crew member to give me his jacket. Normally being “quite funny” about accepting other people’s clothes, I did not hesitate this time though. It was a million times too big, but I was absolutely grateful for it.

Here are some pictures…..  I wish I could remember all the stories that blondie crew member told me about all the different peaks and things. He went into so much detail…. about Devil’s Peak and the cloud cover that resembles smoke coming from an old man’s mouth, about the Ship wrecks, and how many had taken place around there (not surprising with that wind!!! ). My knight questioned the business side of things (always does), how many trips they do, how many people on the boat. Figures, figures, figures- I can see them moving through his mind constantly. Always think about opportunities.   

 Back to the pictures……

My knight, Table Mountain (who could mistake that?) and Green point Stadium.


That night we had a Pork platter from a German restaurant around the corner. I no longer had the blanket I had-had on the boat, and was cold. The inside of the restaurant was air-conditioned though….. so we sat outside. The Eisbein was beautiful. The perfect amount of crispy crispy fat! I just wished I could cover it in apple sauce. Instead they served the pork with Sauerkraut (which I really don’t like) and Beer sauce. That was rich.

That night I climbed into that Kind Size bed and slept like I had never slept before. It had been an awesome evening.

Until tomorrow…..



  1. LOL, I think I may know the crew guy ;p
    Did you eat at the Paulaner Brauhaus? Their eisbeins are fab!

    • Haha. Really? Which one of the 3? The original?
      Mind you- the original is very involved in the community, has programmes to clean up and educate. So good heart.

      And yes, that was the restaurant!! Should have taken some pic’s…. Was just really cold! Sounds a little crazy hey?


  2. Seems like its so beautifull all around where you live. I’m sure there are parts that aren’t but, boy the pictures around the coastal areas sure are stunning. My wife and I both miss the coastal areas of the U.S. as we both grew up around the ocean. I’ve never lived anywhere where I didn’t feel mostly safe, and I’ve lived in and around some large cities, so can’t imagine what its like to have “joburg flutters”. Your knight seems like a cool guy, adventurous, a just do-it kinda guy. I’ve always admired that in people as I am much more cautious – probably fun to hang out with!

    • The western cape is a good 2 hour flight….so not really close to johannesburg at all. The natal coast would be much closer- only 600 kms…. Am I loosing here with all these places?

      I can’t imagine not having joburg flutters…. I suppose that is quite sad really. Our minds are probably in over drive the whole time.

      And yes, my knight is a cool guy. At least most times…But we won’t tell him that. Haha. He actually thinks that my little blogging community probably thinks the worst of him…. As if I paint the worst possible picture. (That’s probably some guilt shining through).

      I think we would all do pretty well hanging out.

      You guys all keen to plan a Western Cape holiday?


  3. Absolutely stunning

  4. Looks like a beautiful spot on our planet!

    I’m keen for a W.C. holiday! Who’s buying? 🙂

  5. greek wrap ? Yummo.



    • Very yummo.
      In fact tonight I had lamb strips, with tzatziki, hummous, onions, tomatoes, in a pita. Oh yes, and brinjals. It was awesome awesome awesome…. And allowed since soup was lunch.

  6. The water does look choppy, and wind and ye olde hair-do never mix well. Pleased you had a good night. 🙂

    • Either need long hair that you can tie up, or really short hair that doesn’t move anyway.
      I must be honest- don’t know if it is as windy in winter. An excuse to go in two or three months time…yah!!!

  7. More homesick-making photographs – very lovely, bokkie! Funny conversation you had with the boat crew, very Cape Town indeed!
    Sunshine xx

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