Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 10, 2011

My Western Cape Holiday- Part 2 (my heart is starting to fall)

After making ourselves at home, (you must read yesterday’s post to catch up if you missed Part 1)

(for my knight that means checking that the television works, for me it is unpacking my bag…. how does it get so full? The fact is that I would rather have plenty of clothes to choose from, by day, mood and weather. I packed heels- a couple of pairs, in the hope that we would go somewhere snazzy. My “denim and takkies” knight did not think along the same lines)

we decided to take a drive. My knight was going to show me the some of the Western Cape!

He then realised that the entire time I had spent unpacking my bag, I had not touched his, and had the cheek to ask why I had not unpacked his bag? Huhh????? He was serious. Clearly we have not been on enough holidays for him to realise that I am not his packer or un-packer. Will need to work on that. He un-packed.  

We drove to Cape Town City, obviously we needed to get the major attractions out of the way! The first being Table Mountain. It is quite a site. Especially as those clouds start to come in and completely envelop it. They call the cloud cover a table cloth….. and it literally looks just like that. The streets up to that point all seem to be very narrow, and VERY busy for a Sunday. Eventually he managed to find the exact street we should go up…. to get to the foot of the mountain. As we start driving the road up, we notice people have parked their cars along the street. Apparently, there is quite a few hiking trails for people to do, not to mention the walk up would have been awesome exercise.

You have the opportunity to go up Table Mountain on a cable car, however when we looked at the queue’s that people were standing in, we decided that it might be a better idea to come during the week. (We never did though- something for next time.)

I took a couple of pictures from the foot of the mountain…..

From the foot of table mountain. Parked our car and had a look at the glorius view. We could smell someone having a braai, but it could have come from anywhere below.

Looking up at Table Mountain, in two different directions- because it is just huge. Look at my hair- completely lost any sense of style....haha.

 My knight and I then took a drive around Green point. I took some awesome pictures from above Green point Stadium. (U2 had performed there a couple of days before…. and if you all read my post about the concert in JHB, you know I was a little envious that I could not join the Capetonians).

Quite beautiful!

We drove around the coast line- through Clifton and Camp’s Bay. It was beautiful. (Didn’t really take any pictures there…. too busy looking at all the fancy cars, and beautiful homes.) I have never seen so many beautiful cars in one place (besides Miami) at one time. Restaurant and Cafe spots everywhere….. people (all tanned) enjoying good food, and cold drinks!  

Around Chapman’s  Peak…..we  saw so many cyclists. I would have looked like a “nana” on my ———mountain bike (Christmas present i never wanted) – but I think it would have been fun!

My Knight, thought he was going to take me somewhere very special, stopped at a place called the “12 Apostels”. It looked pretty glam. (One of those place that I could possibly have worn my heels at!!!) BUT when we walked our little tooshies upstairs to the hosts table, (a view of the ocean), she politely informed us that if we had not made a reservation, we were not going to be able to sit down. Of course we hadn’t!!!! We were holiday makers- taking it all minute by minute. Back to the car, and onto that coastal road. No cold drink yet!!!

We decided to start heading home- pretty exhausted after such a long day. My Knight said he had a perfect place to take us for dinner in Gordan’s Bay. In the harbour.

We sat inside- because honestly as hot as it was I could not handle the wind (THAT WAS ONE THING THAT SLOWED THE WHOLE FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE CAPE DOWN), my hair and a platter of seafood and garlic butter all at once. It was busy. It was loud, very LOUD! Especially for a Sunday afternoon….. a band was playing in a different section of the restaurant. (There were a couple of older tourists that were very unimpressed by all the noise, it was quite entertaining to watch. Although we couldn’t really chat about it….. too loud.)  

This was our view from inside….

Let me add- this restaurant seemed to have one toilet! And 500 patrons. Drinking! I was not excited about having to wee!!! 

That night we slept on the 15th floor, with the sliding doors completely open. Guess what- not a single (No, nothing, not one!!!) mosquito!!! Read that post to know what i think about mozzies. It was absolutely glorious! AND even better- the bed was a King Size bed!!!  With a goose down duvet, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. (Don’t get me wrong, I love cuddling and touching each other, BEFORE I go to sleep. When I am sleeping- I love that space.) My knight was not as excited about the King Size bed.   

At one stage in the night- I did wander whether the 16th floor might be taken away with the wind, and we would be left clinging onto our duvets and praying!

I wandered that every night after too. (And was sure to wear decent pyjamas.)

Until tomorrow…..




  1. I hope he took you to my home turf, False Bay?

    • I can honestly say I don’t know. We did go to Simon’s town that afternoon too…. But as familiar as False Bay sounds, I can’t remember.

      Will have to go again…..

      Why did you ever move? The only reason I can imagine is money?


  2. Absolutely stunning….

  3. I enjoyed the great pictures and descriptions of your trip.



    • Thanks Ava. A few more parts to go. Watch this space. Xx

  4. I didn’t get to Africa when I travelled, but now am inspired!
    LOl at the packing, when we go away I have to pack three boys and my own stuff and Craig has to do his own, and only his own – guess who’s most likely not to have something he needs when we arrive…!!

    • That is so typical….haha. My knight would just go out and buy it.

      You must get to Africa…. It really is absolutely awesome. Xx

  5. I do hope you got over your hair! I like wind blown locks. Seafood and garlic butter YUM! YUM! No mozzies and a big bed perfect end of the day. Beautiful scenery! Anticipating more! 🙂

    • Soon to get more- promise.
      My hair wind blown is just a big mess- promise.
      Was a really awesome time. Beautiful.

  6. I’ve been wanting to go there! Very soon I hope!

    • You could mke a gorgeous holiday out of south africa- would really need weeks and weeks. This whole coastline will just make you “never want to go home.”


  7. Aside from the genuine smile and very cool shades, it was the boat and water scene that drew me into your blog. I grew up on the East Coast of the U.S. (Connecticut). I am a different person when I’m near the ocean — much more “myself” I think.

    The Cape is beautiful! I also love the Northern California coast. The “problem” with the Cape and coasts — especially the remote, most beautiful spots — is that there is no/very little work.

    I’ve asked locals how they do it? There are no jobs. There response is always the same — they don’t live there for the jobs. Simple, understandable, commendable, . . . until you realize that all reall mean it, but many are already independently wealthy!

    Sell the properties! Sell the Knight if you have to!! Get to the Cape, . . . and “be”!!! 🙂

    • I wish we could haha!!! Need to clearly find the wealth first!! Or have you got some to give…..xx

      The photo on my blog (the one with me and my cool shades) was actually taken in 2009, in the Caribbean. My family and I flew to New York, then to Miami- spent 7 days on a cruise through the western caribbean, and then back to New York and then London. It was the MOST awesome holiday!! Sadly- the last holiday with my very normal (once upon a time) family.

      I must post a blog about it one day- and I promise I will.


  8. Ah, so lovely, bokkie! I so know every part of Cape Town that you write about and show photos of, and my heart longs for it all! I can’t wait to book our holiday. Too beautiful for words, really. The wind is something else, but you do learn to live with it. That, and the Cape Town winters, keep us humble! 🙂
    Sunshine xx

    • Yes, I must admit- the thought of cold, windy, wet winters scare me somewhat.
      Lots still to come, just need to put aside some time to write!! Tomorrow.
      Mmwaah. Xx

  9. “Some to give” as in “extra money? HaHa back at ya. I have yet to find anything that remotely resembles “extra money” . . . at lest in my possession.

    “Very normal” families, sadly, are a thing of the past, I fear. Haven’t been ON a vacation with my family for years. I often visit family, . . . but you really can’t call that “vacation”, can you? No, it’s visiting family and not at all my idea of a vacation! 🙂

    Will look forward to the Caribbean post (tho I think I already like the Cape better). I bought some black rum from Bermuda (not quite the Caribbean) just today. Cheers!

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