Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 9, 2011

My Western Cape holiday- part 1.

My trip to the Western Cape really knocked the wind out of my sail. In fact, I almost wanted to throw an anchor overboard and never come back to “life as we know it.”

I went with no expectations.

I have literally been to the Cape twice. Once when I was 12 with my family, and once with my EX and baba, which was for a wedding. At 12 I think I would never have been able to appreciate the beauty and at 26 with a new baba, I didn’t have time to appreciate anything!

My knight on the other hand has spent so much time in the Cape, and has been a “big pain in the butt” about the place for as long as I can remember. In his head he will move there one day, and frankly that has irritated me somewhat……. his life is not about him and all his plans!! It is supposed to be about us! Our plans!

His goal this trip was to convince me that “this” is where I would like to call me “home” one day.

He scored!!!

(However, (always a but), it cannot happen now or any time real soon. The fact is that we have lives and commitments in JHB and we have a father of child! There is not really a huge market down there for my business, and how can I move it if I am not established and grounded here yet? These are some of my arguments in “not rushing.”)

(My knight on the other hand comes home, to search the net and find a rental. Haha!!)

So over the next post, and probably a few after that…… I will catch you up on my little get away. Maybe you will see why I did indeed fell in love with this beautiful place.

Today it is all about getting there….. my knight booked a flight for 6 o’clock! I was a little bit mad! Who books a flight at that time? Considering we live in the country, on the opposite side of Lanseria; I have My Princess to drop off with my mom (she was going to spend the week with her dad- but he was not prepared to wake up in the middle of the night to get her); and still be at the airport an hour before the flight! Yes, it was still dark when we left home! I think it was just after 4 am.

(This week when I told Logan we need to wake up early for church- she asked if it would still be dark…. clearly remembers that early morning trip to the airport.)

We did manage to scoff down a breakfast at the airport- literally ordered and ate in 15 minutes. “Record” of note. Our tickets were for one of those flights that you pay for the seat; the belt; and the oxygen in case of emergency! The additional extras would have been something to eat or drink, from their limited range; and of course perhaps the toilet paper if you did need to visit the loo? Lucky I didn’t need to, because I am quite positive that I would never have been able to get back to my seat! I actually wonder who designed the size of aeroplane seats? Although I have heard the “in case of emergency” speech a number of times… when I really think about it- how would I possibly be able to even reach below my seat to get the life jacket without knocking myself out? Then to put it on?

We land, out the plane eventually- and I am hit by a gust of wind! Mini tornado!!! It is an airport- of course it is windy!!! Off in a speed to hire a car- a Renault , built in SA. (Can’t remember the exact model.)  Felt like the first City Chico I had. The type that sounds like you dropped tin when you close the doors. Get in. Stop. Knight wants to find out if we can get a better car. WTF!!! I can’t be bothered what we drive. On any normal day I drive a Toyota Yaris….. But he drives an Audi A3. (You can now understand?) I agree to wait in the current car, while he runs around and sees if he can make a plan. He justifies it by saying that a BMW is only a R1000 more…….but the deposit is double. (Good justification?)

My knight arrives back, a few minutes later, felt like hours…. I guess I just wanted to get somewhere now…. and says that it was not a problem, but they are all out of “anything else”.

The drive from the airport to The Strand was about 40 minutes. Nothing really looked too great at this point. Yes, blue sky, but sand literally everywhere. At one stage I commented that it felt like we were in the middle of a mine dump. I was not yet impressed. Let’s not forget the wind. I am convinced that if My Knight let go of the steering wheel, we would have been blown away.

If anyone has ever noticed, there is no real beautiful attractions close to an airport. The price of land is perhaps minimal, probably not even for sale. Who wants to live under that constant noise? Townships can be seen on the side of the highway. (Maybe they were even squatter camps). Nothing like a highway in Joburg. Shacks seem to be the same throughout the country. Any piece of metal, steel, or brick is structured in such a way to form four walls, and a roof. Hopefully a leak free one. I might just add at this point that a very large percentage of those shacks had satellite dishes! I presume the ones that didn’t, had worked out a way to split the picture onto a number of televisions. We all know, without good tv- you do spend more money!   

We were going to be staying at a friend’s apartment. So, we would need to get some “staples” for the place- possibly before we arrived. Something cold, something hot, perhaps some cereal and some fruit. Of course, My Knight would no doubt need his chocolate fix! It was a Sunday. Sundays in Joburg, are really very similar to every other day- except the shops and people places are much busier- with people. In JHB sadly, people go out to shop and eat when they are bored. “Where are we going? What are we eating?”

However, here- more than half the shops were closed. Closed? Not very smart business decisions if you ask me. They were all potentially missing out on Joburgers like me. Looking for a “where to go, and a what to eat?”

Pick n Pay was a potential nightmare. Chaos. What do you expect- no one can shop anywhere else! Haha. But we did what we needed to do. We then got to where we needed to go. Our home for the next 7 days.  

This was the view from the balcony of the apartment we were in on the 15th floor (and it was very windy!)…….. perhaps my heart softened at that point.

The tide was out- but when it was in, which happened so quickly, none of that rock could actually seen. It was beautiful.

 Until tomorrow…..




  1. I was in Gordons Bay at the same time as you and it WAS VERY windy!

    • Luckily you have short hair….which probably looks perfect come rain or shine? I just wondered everyday (as I walked through the doors of the building to the rental car), why I washed my hair and spent 20 minutes styling it!

  2. Gorgeous, indeed. Sure you don’t want to start packing yet?

  3. How lovely – wind and all! Such a beautiful part of the world, bokkie. Don’t you think?
    Sunshine xx

    • I really have fallen in love. Just not sure where all the opportunities are to make a living….without having to find a job?

      Wait for the next part…. Mmwaah.

  4. I agree with Sunshine, a beautiful place! Only better if I was there! 🙂 Need more pictures.

    • You going to see lots of pictures over the next few posts! All phone photos though, so don’t expect professional stuff now.

      Looking forward to telling you all about it. Everyday was awesome!


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