Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 3, 2011

“Going to marry Devlan today- forever!”-my 4 year old this morning.

Last night, I am busy cuddling My Princess in bed- those last few minutes where she needs to try and get everything out- that she feels she needs to…… so that there are no more “last times”, and she tells me that she is going to dream about a castle, and being a real princess.

She then asks me if she can wear a tiara to school tomorrow, and her white party dress. She can look like a real princess….. She even comments about making her dreams come true.

Just keep in mind, she is 4.

I “ummmm and ahhhh”….. (The fact is her dress will be ruined if she is going to spend the day in the sandpit and up the jungle gyms)…. But eventually say “yes”. All about living in the moment- right!!!

Kisses and hugs, and no more last times.

A little while later, I hear her still talking away to herself… I realise that I have not turned her fan off, so could use that as time to tell her that she needs to close her eyes now, and fall asleep.

My princess informs me that I am “interupting her. She is busy planning.”

“Planning for?”

“Planning around my dress tomorrow and looking like a princess because a boy I like doesn’t want to play with me, and now that maybe I am a princess he will want to play with me, and we can get married, and he can then be my prince.”

My little girl is 4, and worrying about a boy!!!!! Are they not suppossed to hate each other? I am sure they are.

I giggled, and left her to her planning, hoping that maybe she would forget all about it in the morning.

That was not to be!!!

The first words that she said to me this morning, were about whether I remembered the plans for her dress? I just giggled.

She put on her dress, her tiarra and her red shoes. (She looked like a princess.)

The drive to school went into even more detail. I never asked, I just let her talk. Devlan. That was his name. “Today they were going to get married- forever!!”.

What is “forever” to my 4 year old? (Considering my family structure and the fact that no one knows what forever really is!!!)

“My babe- you cant get married yet. You are only 4 years old.”

“But mom, it is PRETEND FOREVER!”

I just giggled and giggled…. I could feel the tears pouring out of my eyes, but i was trying so hard to do it quietly. I even tried to hide myself, so she wouldn’t see me in the rearview mirror.

She was talking about the fact that he is in the Lion class (older class), and that whenever they all play, the “boys” say “sexy girls, come and catch us”. I was gob smacked!! The girls are already running after boys!! (Still a little bothered by the fact that the boys are calling the girls “sexy”).

I very quickly tried to discourage that- “you must not run after the boys my babe”. “But why mom?”  This is the time to teach her that she needs to play “hard to get!” No gathering here. She needs to be hunted. Or at least claim to be the princess that needs to be rescued by a prince. That is sure to make them run!   

Arriving at school, and the first three teachers that see her tell her that she looks like a Princess.

I can just imagine her thoughts in action…. “My plan is working. I look like a princess.” I can’t help but giggle.



  1. Hysterical. Moving. Adorable. Sweet. <– your blog today was all of those and more.

    We need to see a picture of the Princess all dressed up like that!



    • thanks Ava! Would have taken a picture, but by the time i saw her on Thursday afternoon, she was a wreck. Tiarra broken!!!

      And today- being MOnday, guess what she is wearing? Haha. Doesnt help that everyone tells her how beautiful she looks…. that just encourages it all.


  2. She’s living up to her nickname 🙂

    This is cute, and I agree that “sexy” should not be in a pre-schooler’s vocabulary! Not until they are 18!

    • Thsi morning (Monday) she is wearing the same dress…… yah!!!….. and said to me “mom, I am a real princess hey?”
      “No my babe, you are a pretend princess.”
      “But mom, Devlan says I am not a princess!!!”
      “Well, babe, you are a PRETEND princess”
      “No i am not!”
      “Babe, princesses have castles.”
      “Well, I want to be a princess!”
      MY babe- we all want to be princesses!!!

  3. Very sweet 🙂

  4. Priceless!!

    • Will be when she reads this one day… maybe at a bachelorette party?

  5. I wouldn’t want ‘sexy’ in our kids vocab either: mind you with the boys it’s more of a relief on their part when I say they don’t have to worry about that kind of stuff until they’re 16 or older!

    • I just keep telling her that it is not a nice word, and i dont really want her saying it. What else could i do?

  6. I want to know if Devlan said

    • I did ask her Thursday afternoon/ evening…. on our trip home.
      Devlan, the little schmuckaroo, apparently did not even comment and pushed her! She said it was not sore, so she did nt tell anyone. (I felt a littel heart sore for her actually.) I just told her that all boys are ugly!!!! Haha.
      This morning she also mentioned, on our drive to school that “Devlan said she is not a princess.”
      She just had to get some confirmation from me that he was wrong. I had to confirm that she was a pretend princess. She was not very impressed with me.

  7. She IS a princess, and HE is a frog! 😉 Your posts have such a genuine (and humorous) feel to them. It sounds like a great life! Blog-on Bokkie, blog-on!

    FYI – This is the same “Richard” of the now defunct The Richard Project (running, half-marathon, . . .) It was a good idea but not-well-thought-through. I felt it was starting to turn negative (divorce will do that to ya) so I switched gears and started anew with a more bright-side focus . . . I hope.

    No pressure, but it seems your posts have slowed a bit. Enquiring (sp?) minds want to know —

    • He is a frog!!! (read today’s post and see why i say that even more now!!)
      Thanks for your compliment. Makes me feel super human, haha.
      My posts have slowed a bit… not intentionally. WordPress just started eating into all my time. I became addicted. It isn’t quick to write a post, takes time. (I would try and dedicate an hour, and three hours later my webpage woudl still be open in wordpress. Whether reading or writing.) Everything else started falling by the way side. So needed to step back and focus on work again, and on spending some more of that free time with the people i love. Trying to find some balance though… promise.
      I literally have a list of things i want to post about.

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