Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 28, 2011

A fresh home made….. craft?

It is the Saturday afternoon before I leave for Cape Town, and I thought I would just pop in at a friendly market we have in the area. It’s a country market, and i think it is all about having fresh home made goods and craft.

I was sitting on some benches, watching my Princess on the jungle gym, eating a real home made Chicken Pie….. and suddenly I saw this……. A fresh home made craft all in one!!!

Dear Lord, I pray everyday that my daughter never looks at this and thinks "cool". Amen



  1. Hahaha – it is walkerville….daleside is worse …. Hahahahaa

  2. Is that a mullet?


  3. She is SMOKIN!!! No seriously she’s actually smoking. LOL!

  4. You haven’t seen have you? Google it.

  5. Oh dear. Do you think she realises? That is an unfortunate look. *cringe*

  6. Sorry to say I am saddened by this post. She is still a person, created and loved by her Maker. I am sure we all have our “unfortunate” times. Don’t cast stones they could bounce back.

    • Thanks for that Harold. I tend to use this blog as a bit of space that i can express everything…. well, it is christians like me that really need God. He uses people like you to place some conviction down…. although i still dont want hair like that- ever. Sorry to have shown you a human side that was not very nice. xxx

      • Sorry again Bokkie. It is hard to read intentions in type. Did not mean to sound harsh or come down on you or others. I didn’t use caps so I wasn’t yelling. Just merely saying.

        My compassionate side was showing. It has been coming out a lot lately.

        I am so big I have a lot of human sides 🙂 Some I can’t even see! 🙂 Do I know it is easy to “poke fun” and unintentionally harm or upset some one. Like I never have (sarcastic).
        When I took your knights perspective that was…uhm…”mediation”! yes that’s it mediation. This time compassion.

        Okay 2 strikes against me! But I am swinging for the home run next! Come see your project in progress! 🙂
        I grovel at your feet your Bokkieness.

        • Not two strikes!! I take it from a good heart! With all your good intentions. (Especially when mine seem to be lacking.)
          Project in progress?
          I am on my way!!!!
          No grovelling please. Friends dont grovel.

  7. Good Lord, bet she was wearing mock-Crocs too 😦

  8. oh dear, I’m sure your daughter won’t think anything like that

  9. I see people who look like that all of the time. Getting rid of soda from your diet is the first step to healthier living. (I’ll get off the soap box now)

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