Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 18, 2011

Banana Loaf! Perhaps a peace offering….

Perhaps I was a little harsh yesterday? I think some of my critics planted a seed or two in my head….. Yes…. You- the one’s who defended My Knight.

You know you really should be on my side??? Haha.

I baked a banana bread last night. Peace offering. Knight loves banana bread. Apparently his mom used to make the best. (Yah!!!)

Mine is from the Complete South African Cookbook, Magdaleen Van Wyk, and goes like this…..without the commentary.

1. Cream 120g of butter and 1 cup of sugar in a bowl until light and creamy in texture.

2. Stir in 3 large mashed bananas and beat to combine thoroughly. (Soft over ripe ones always do best.)

3. Beat in 2 eggs, one at a time….blend well. (No shells hey).

4. Sift in 2 cups of flour and a pinch of salt into the mixture, and stir to blend well.

5. Dissolve 1teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda into 65 ml water…. And stir into the mixture. (I have no idea why?) Then stir in 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder….( Just realised that I forgot to add the baking powder!!! Won’t tell anyone that.)

6. Pour batter (if you can stop yourself from eating it there and then…) Into a greased loaf tin (I use a silicone one which never keeps a straight rectangular shape- see pic) and bake at 180 degrees celsius until done, about 45 minutes. (I always slid a clean knife into the bread to make sure it is cooked.)

7. Turn onto a rack to cool.

Cover slices in butter and enjoy!!



  1. I looooove banana bread 🙂 so easy to make aswell….well done girl

  2. Oh! that looks so good I want to lick my screen! No nuts! Great! It isn’t that I don’t like nuts it is just a texture thing with me. Something soft like bread should not have something hard in it like nuts. Gotta ask my wife to make it again now!
    How about degrees F and oz measurements? 😉

    So a desktop it is! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    Sorry for the counseling. I did start with that. It’s not that I took sides. I kinda like to mediate and see everyone happy.

    • To be honest- I love nuts!!! Just never ever heard of banana bread with nuts?
      Sorry about the degrees F and oz amounts- you will need to convert it on the net.
      Yes a desktop it is!!! Imagine mynakedbokkie- it would take you a good few days more then the others you have done. You should really set up a website and start selling them?
      Regarding the councilling- sometimes we all need to be brought back down to real life!

  3. What do you figure the postage would be on a loaf of banana bread would be from South Africa to America?


    • Probably get eaten before it left the country!!! Haha.

  4. Now all together now …. let’ all say … “would be” over and over, and therefore look like a moron.

    “would be” “would be” “would be” “would be” “would be” “would be” “would be” “would be” “would be” …. Man, I need a weekend.


    • Lost me there?
      Maybe i need that weekend too!!!

  5. That should get him sweet as honey 🙂

    • Had half a loaf and complained that WE ate it all!!!

  6. It must be in men’s DNA to like Banana bread. Mr. Bricks loves Banana bread…well any type of bread.

    Great recipe Bokkie, I will have to try it.



  7. I love to add chocolate chips to mine 🙂 Bananas don’t last long enough in my house to bake bread or muffins with them. The little monkeys eat them all!

    • Chocolate!! Never even thought of that. Must be delicious!
      They eat the bananas because there is not enough steak- haha. On a more serious note- just grab 3 and hide them in a cupboard.
      Xx…… Just don’t forget. Haha.

  8. Wow, you made banana bread from scratch. Looks delicious! Now I am hungry for banana 🙂

    • It is So so so easy! Try this recipe. Let me know what you think. X

  9. yeah nice

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