Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 13, 2011

Valentine’s Day is actually Hat day!!

My princess is not having Valentine’s day tomorrow, rather hat day. We decided to make one!



  1. Happy hat day little mad hatter 🙂

  2. Too cute 🙂

    • I am her mom- so I am biased!

  3. That’s a much better idea, Valentine’s is far too commercial for me: hope hat day catches on!

    • Not too commercial for me…. I love Valentine’s day!
      How many times have i heard people say- “you shouldnt just be showing someone that you love them on Valentine’s day- you should be doing it everyday!!!” Do those people do special things everyday? I honestly dont think so. I think they just say that as an excuse to not have to make an effort.
      Anyway- I seem to be missing a Velentine from a knight who also believes that it is just too commercial for him. Let’s see if he makes it up.

  4. cute! 😉


  5. Your princess is darling, beautiful blue eyes! Of course, a great looking hat too!

    • Thanks Steve!
      I had blue eyes until she was born…. They use to turn a little grey’er on some days, and a little blue’er on others. When she was born- they turned green. Does not change at all. They just stay GREEN. Always joke that she stole my blue eyes.
      Mind you, think she also stole my perfect skin…. I now battle with my skin- i am 16- all over again!

  6. She has the most amazing eyes! Gorgeous! xxx

    • Thanks Ed. Everyone always comments on her eyes! She is quite lucky!

  7. Cute daughter, cute hat!
    Hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day!
    Sunshine xx

    • Don’t be decieved…. She is a monster in hiding! Haha. Xx

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