Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 11, 2011

The few photos I have taken in the last 24 hours..

Today it is all about photos…. photo’s that I have taken in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday on my way to Midrand, I had to take a picture of this.

The first picture is literally sperated by a building from the second picture. For my fellow South African’s…. you know this is pure competition rivalry between two companies offering the same service. It is so very very clever.

“Remember, exercise caution when you see orange.”

That would be Telkom. The main communication provider in South Africa that covers land line coverage.   

A building down……..

The up and coming competition. Big, bright and Very Orange.



The first thing i really noticed when i walked out the front door this morning.

The view from the bay window in MY bathroom.... pretty awesome.



  1. Your view is stunning! And you have thin windows. I guess you don’t worry about keeping the cold out – or Mosquitos 😉

    • It will be the first winter in this house…. And these windows, as well as all of south africa’s houses- were not made for the cold. Quite scared actually.

      There is three windows like that cicrling the bath. And up that hill is a rock cave which is home to a family of owls.

      They clearly don’t eat mozzies!! Or frogs!!!

      It is a beautiful view to have a bath in.

  2. I hate all billboards, but I sure do like your bathroom view.
    What’s that fruit?

    • But Cindy- don’t you think that’s clever advertising…. Or perhaps a little cheeky?

      I could possibly sit on the loo all day with that view… Then make my way to the bath. Not that lucky however… Mornings are always a rush!!

      Fruit, I was honestly hoing that someone else would be able to tell me. I am very ignorant in the plant department.

      Anyone know?


  3. Beautiful!! I LOVE the flowers…


    • Don’t suppose you know what plant it is? Xx

  4. The bottom 2 are really nice…great pics…Thanks for sharing!

    • Need to share more. We live in such an awesome place. Xx

  5. as if!

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