Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 8, 2011

Today is all over the place…

Although I have so many ideas that I want to post about- it is finding decent time to actually get writing. For those of you who manage to get a quick post out in 15 minutes, my hat goes off a 1000 x. No matter how short I want to make it, it always ends up eating so much time into my day. (I think part of that is because I spend so much time reading all the people I love though too.)

So today, things are different. I have given myself 15 minutes to type and get something into WordPress, so that I know that I am on top of my “postaday2011”. It is chaotic, and all-over-the place. But here goes…..


Yesterday I had an appointment in Sandton. I took the opportunity afterwards to have a quick squizz around the shopping centre. It has literally been years since I have been there, and besides one of the gift vouchers I was given for my birthday is for Sandton City. Yes tell me why someone would do that, when I live approximately 50 kms away? That is the thought I was talking about when I spoke about thought and birthdays.

Kauai is a healthy over the counter food that has become a well known brand. The type that makes every kind of smoothie with wheat grass, fruit and non-fat dairy items. (The type that I don’t think would stock a Coke.) Perfect lunch item. So standing at the counter, trying to decide what to have, and I realise that they don’t have a calorie indicator on the menus, but I suppose not many places do. (I am comparing this to my normal lunch that I grab from woollies which cannot be more than 400 calories.) Okay- fact is that they are all about health….. therefore I am sure that all their items are made around a low calories structure- right? Only makes sense.

Place my order- a Moroccan Wrap! Chicken, curry sauce, beans and veg….. sounds amazingly healthy yet still tasty. Yah! My daily goal seems to be able to find healthy tasty food. Today accomplished!

Standing waiting for my order, I notice in the section which you would grab serviettes and cutlery that there is actually a board (perhaps between A4 size and A5 size) stating all the details of every meal that is on their menu. (I wish I had seen it before.)

Moroccan Wrap. Moroccan Wrap. My fingers scrolls down the list, the type is tiny, so I need to use my finger.


The realisation: I had effectively order Mc Donalds for lunch!!! It was double my lunch allowance. Just to add- it seemed to have the highest level of energy on the board. AND I ORDERED IT!! Now taking into consideration that I try to have five small meals a day….. this was so disappointing. I took for granted that this meal would be for the health conscious person. It did not contain mayonnaise!!! Dammit!!!  At least I ordered a Sparkling Mineral Water to go with it!

(Perhaps it was the avo spread?)


Jess….. she has creeped into our hearts and I cannot imagine life without her. We have now guessed that she may be going on 8 weeks. She has given us a day or two of worry, and I have even rushed her off to the vet. She was not eating…. what puppy does not eat?

Well, last night my Knight BBM’s me and says that she is running after a ball, fetching and bringing it back to him.

Can you actually believe it?

As soon as I got home, I had to see this new party trick! She was running after the ball, fetching it…. lucky it was an old tennis ball that had a loose bit of material, as she could never fit it into her mouth…. and bringing it back. Yes, of course every now and then she lost focus- like every child. BUT that didn’t last for long.

I have fallen in love with this little creature that was found on the side of the road after a stormy night, covered in ticks and fleas.

Frogsthought I would fill you in from yesterday– seems that we may be dealing with a slight problem! I caught one in our kitchen last night and “threw” him out, hoping he would learn a lesson! This morning, I moved the specific couch that my maid mentioned…. and as sure as chocolate tastes like heaven….. there were two frogs!

My knight is suggesting we find a deterrent? It seems as if I am the only person in the house that will actually pick them up with my hands, wart free, and place them outside.

Although, if Jess had half a chance, I think she would play fetch with them. I found her two days ago chewing on one that had been squashed (under the tyres of the car) and had dried out. (Rest your pretty little hearts- I did take it away from her immediately.)  

Just a thought today

This weekend was a registration weekend for South Africa, in order to be able to vote in the upcoming municipal elections. It is somewhat important considering that our municipalities are pretty much in shambles at the moment. (Forgetting about the roads potholes, service delivery and corruption that we face on a daily basis.)

My viewpoint is that if you do not  take actions to change the problem, you are part of the problem.

I therefore think that it is crucial that we all vote!!!

Many years went into making sure that we have that right. To now not take advantage is ignorant dum, and completely unappreciative of all the people and the work done before us. Mandela becoming ill in the last few weeks has caused much prayer and sadness among so many in South Africa. Is it not in his honour that we take our liberty earned through him and vote? (I think people worry that once he has passed away this country may lose all hope of ever being truly democratic.)

I have been so utterly surprised with the amount of people who could not be bothered to drive to a IEC station, and take the time to complete the necessary documentation to be able to vote. “What is the point?” Included in this were many of my friends and family!

My response has been quite plainly: “you have no right to complain when things don’t happen if you do not make your stand.”

On the opposite end of the scale, our own President has told the community addressed in the Eastern Cape that their vote for the ANC is choosing heaven, but if they vote for the opposition they are throwing their vote to hell. This country has about 49 million people, of which about 14 million are tax payers. Would it be wrong to suggest that many people may take his words literally and vote accordingly?

(Let’s not forget these words came from the same party who stated that they would lead until Jesus returns.)  

Can you now understand why I say that the thought of Mandela passing essentially means we may lose any democracy that had been created through his struggle.  

I stand by my words however, if you do not vote, you have no right to demand rights. (And essentially no right to complain about the ruling party!)

 By the way everyone, this mess took longer than the allotted time of 15 minutes.(I haven’t even checked it, so excuse any grammar or spelling issues.) How am I going to get this right?


My naked bokkie.




  1. I LOVE Kauai and used to meet one of my friends there regularly for lunch. Ahhh. I’ve never watched calories, although I do eat healthily, but I know tasty and Kauai sure does tasty!
    Jess is too cute – I can understand how she’s crept into your hearts. I had no doubt that would happen!
    Sunshine xx

    • The food is stunning there…. But I do try to watch calories. I have realised through hard work that if you consume more than you burn- you going to put on weight… After loosing the 22kgs I put on while being pregnant- which was freaking hard work- I get scared of having to deal with it again.

      Yes, jess is adorable. I am very proud of her. Will keep you all up to date with her progress.


  2. If you hadn’t checked that board you would have enjoyed the heck outta that wrap! It looks delicious!
    I agree if you don’t vote, don’t complain! Then hold those in authority accountable!
    I figured Jess was a keeper. What puppy isn’t? So adorable she is!

    • You so right….. Did enjoy it though, just kep wandering if I should stop half way. Haha. I didn’t though.
      Going to gather everyone’s opinions regarding voting and stick them to a wall. Send my friends and family there…. They will love me.
      Jess is a keeper. She has taken over.

  3. Jess is so cute, I bet she and Princess will be pals for life!

    As for voting, I’m with you all the way – even if I can’t vote in America yet because I’m not a citizen… I get Hubby out to vote for us 🙂

    • When will you become an american citizen? Not sure how that all works.


  4. I won’t comment on the politics, it makes me too cross.
    But that puppy is going to boss those Shepherds around like nobody’s business soon …

  5. your good

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