Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 5, 2011

I think it was a frog…

“My Love……. My Love……….My love, there is a frog in the cupboard!” (From the kitchen, to my knight.)

“A what?” (From the bedroom, upstairs…. really not excited to have to deal with my yelling.)  

“A frog.”

“How do you know?”

“I saw it as I opened the doors. (do you think I just take lucky guesses, and see who gets it right?) It has gone to the back somewhere.”

What I am really saying is that I would really appreciate it if you get into the cupboard and actually catch it. (Girl Jargon)

“I have never touched a frog, and now you want me to fish one out of the cupboard?!?!” (He knows Girl Jargon!!!! Yah!!!)

He gets on his knees and starts pulling plastic containers out….. That is why I call him my knight!

I suddenly have an urge to go to the bathroom…. I don’t want to be a part of this. (Packing and unpacking plastic containers while potentially squeezing the life out of a frog.) Yes, I catch frogs all the time in the house. They have become a VERY common occurrence. I have no idea how they actually get in….. but they do. And everyone who think sthat frog’s give you warts (my knight included)- I have not got a wart yet!

Suddenly, I hear moans from the kitchen….. “something has pooed on everything!”


“Poo. Something has pooed on everything.”

“No. (Long pause.) What?”

I come through to the kitchen to inspect myself. And yes, in containers and on baking trays seem to be poo.

“What do you think this is? Not a mouse. Mouse poo is much smaller. Do you think it is a rat?”


“We have owls. We would not could not possibly ever ever ever have rats!”

“Well, clearly we do.”

“So now what?”

“We need to get traps, and this cupboard needs to be completely cleaned out.”

My knight managed to corner the frog in the cupboard into a cup, because he believes that frogs give you warts and i placed the frog OUTSIDE. Gone for now.

The thought of a rat in our kitchen cupboard did not sit very comfortably with me. In fact, the thought nauseates me. The more I thought about it, the more I thought that “that” poo does not resemble rat poo. I am sure rat poo looks like mice poo- just bigger?

Perhaps it was from the frog?

No, I don’t think frogs poo. (I don’t know where that thought came from.) I am sure they just wee out a gooey liquid that is made of excrement and wee?  This looks like miniature dog poo.

Google here we come!!! “Image- frogs poo.”

Guess what- it was frog’s poo!

The rest of the weekend, the frog, frogs, manage to excrete poo here and there throughout our home. Each time I took a picture. I could not however find the frog that belonged to the poo.

This morning, I had a nice long discussion with my maid. Her English is not great, and so I pulled out the Sothu/English dictionary and read the word for “frog” to her. Clearly, I didn’t do a very good job, because all I got back was a blank stare. So I “googled” for a picture on my phone, and showed her what I was trying to say. She then explained that every single day she was finding frogs in our house, under the couches and in my study. And every day she was sweeping them out. (I was not even going to suggest that she pick them up and place them outside, as I am sure I would have received another blank stare. WTF?)

My lesson learn’t- frogs excrete poo, not gooey slimy liquid!     




  1. Frogs huh? We never got frogs. Well at least that came in on their own! Different kinds of mice, birds, a vole and a shrew. Oops, forgot the chipmunk. But not frogs… yet. I’ve heard about squirrels, raccoons and bats invading homes and the occasional deer, but not frogs. Do you live near a marsh area or a lake? Frog repellent?

    • Deer? Haha.
      No i dont live near a marsh area or lake, however the amount of rasin we have had this summer, perhaps a few have been created?
      I wish they would just eat the damn mozzies!!!

  2. Frog poop … *faints*

    • At least you learnt something today? xx

  3. It does look kinda like a frog poo…when I owned the pet store…we used to sell all kinds of frogs & that’s what they looked like back then!

    • You owned a pet store? That is Super cool!!! I am a little jealous, although i would probably be panicking all day long that something was about to die. Especially the fish! I spent more money on the two gold fish that my princess had, then flushing them and buying new ones a 100X.

      • Yes, I did back in the early 90’s…I wrote a post about the store & keeping fish tanks a couple of days ago…come check it out!

        • Will do so today!! I am sure it was awesome! X

  4. I would totally move before I would have to deal with frog poo
    Lmao 😀

    • Ed- you would absolutely love it here! You would learn to deal with frog poo, promise. And the damn mozzies!! Remember the green mountains that i drive through to get to work? Blue sky, and sun!!! Thunderstorms with thunder and lightning, and space…. so much space. And damn mozzies!!!

  5. I never knew. My life is so much richer for having ‘met’ you! I’m pleased it wasn’t rat poo. I don’t cope with rats.

    • I don’t cope with rats either. I am positive they would give you warts before frogs would. Haha.

  6. […] Frogs- thought I would fill you in from yesterday- seems that we may be dealing with a slight problem! I caught one in our kitchen last night and “threw” him out, hoping he would learn a lesson! This morning, I moved the specific couch that my maid mentioned…. and as sure as chocolate tastes like heaven….. there were two frogs! […]

  7. The frog is actually a prince under a spell of a wicked witch. Princes poop, therefore froggy poops.

    And hey, that’s free fertilizer for your garden or flower beds!

    • There is the optimism I needed…. The silver lining. Thanks Chef. Xx

  8. Well we get lots of frogs and toads outside but they don’t get into the house. Mice on the other hand, pretty much always around… the cats get their share of them which helps! We’ve had two bats in the house over the years… that’s some pretty scary shit… no pun intended. Someday maybe I’ll tell the story of standing in my underwear in the middle of our bedroom in the middle of the night with my kids butterfly net in my hand trying to catch a flying, swooping bat. Miraculously I caught it, even with my eyes closed… lol. Well I guess maybe I just told the story!

    • Okay- I am now happy that it is just frogs!!

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