Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 3, 2011

Is this how our grannies thought when their hubbies brought home a microwave oven?

A couple of months ago, my knight came home and said that he has seen a gadget that I will absolutely love.  He wants to get it! (Secretly I was hoping that it was an IPad…) But Alas- A Kindle.

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…….. “ Ummmmm……. Ahhhhhhhhhh….. Well…… My love, an IPAD would be better! It could act as an e-reader AND everything else ALL-in-one. Besides…. I really like books. In fact, if you don’t know this already, I want a mansion of a library in my own house one day. I want shelves and shelves of books throughout the house. So what would I want with e-reader?

My love, I really don’t think I would want one. I like my books. In fact, I love my books. I love paging through books, I love feeling that paper between my fingers. I love the smell of a book that has been in hiding for years. I love reading notes that may have been written, and making dog ears of where I finish a session. I know that is not great etiquette….. but to me it all about using a book to its full potential. People worry too much about keeping books perfect. I cannot understand why people want books to remain so crisp and clean. To me book show an investment, a gain in knowledge. Especially when you can see that a book is well read.”…………..

An electronic book cannot possibly be the same. I think it would be difficult to be proud of your collection? You can’t smell it. You can’t feel those pages. You can’t see how thick the book is…. I always check that out when I pick a book up. I think I determine whether I am prepared for a long challenge, or if I am looking for a quick easy read. You cannot see your accomplishments!  

The fact is that a couple of months ago, this whole Kindle thing really didn’t seem great. An IPAD just seemed like a far greater purchase. (Forget about the fact that it is 5 x the price…. I found a BUT for every objective to getting an IPAD, and I thought I had it all in the right place.)

Well, a few days before my 30th birthday, I kept hearing this p-e-s-t-e-r-i-n-g question, “so, what do you want for your birthday?” I dont want to be 30!

Have I not given enough hints? Do you not understand that I want a SURPRIZE? I want to open up something that sends thrills through my bones? Something so unexpected? Or something expected, but that I didn’t put thought into. It is the thought!!! YOUR THOUGHT- NOT MINE!! It is not the actual gift! (Although secretly I was still dying inside for an IPAD.)

Eventually the day before my birthday- same freaking song is still being sung. “What can I get you for your birthday? Can I get you a Kindle?”

“No, I don’t want a Kindle. Rather just give me gift vouchers for Exclusive Books”…. imagine the tone that went with that. “Just give me money and I will go and buy some new clothes”….. more tone. “Can you not just surprise me? Ah forget about the whole thing. Don’t worry about a gift.” (Okay, so I must have sounded like a real spoilt brat. I just wanted a surprise…. I knew we didn’t have money for an IPAD…. that would have been nice though. I just wanted a surprise.)

Why was I really so against the Kindle? Was it too much “change” for me? Is this how our grandparents felt about the microwave oven, the cell phone, or the email? Do we all hold back a little on advancing? I think I feel that.

I texted him a few minutes later- let’s do this!!

“I have thought about it my love, and you can get me a Kindle.”

I am sure on his side of that text was a huge sigh of relief- he didn’t have to think. Now he just had to find.

For those of you who don’t know much about the Kindle (which is me included)- you basically need to order it directly from Amazon. I think it may have taken My Knight a good few hours to realise that he was not going to come right in and around JHB. Apparently, there was an individual who sold them in Pretoria- a good hour drive- on a Friday afternoon. It was unrealistic.

And so, I never received my Birthday Present on my Birthday.

In fact, 12 days later and I still have not received it….. BUT apparently Monday is the DAY!

Bad planning?  

What I did receive was a card, specifically stating, (painted in beautiful calligraphied words accompanied by purple violets),

With Sympathy.


1.       You turning 30 today!

2.       You don’t have a present to unwrap!

3.       You live in the sticks.

4.       You stuck with me.


The rest of the day turned out very similar with regards to gifts…. I received different gift vouchers for different places throughout the day. Nobody really thought about a present. I can’t get upset, can I? I was hit with a big realisation….. just like the one at Christmas time……I am clearly a difficult person to buy for.   

Let’s forget about dawdling on that negative thought….

Today, right this very minute- I cannot wait to get my “Kindle”. (Which is now grey instead of white, as they do not sell the white ones internationally- bummer!)

In fact, I am actually thinking of taking the day off next Monday! I am SO excited. (Wish I could have used the vouchers everyone got me to get some e-books! Oh but wait, that would have taken some serious planning from my families’ side- which is null and void.)

Come on Monday!

On the 20th , I am flying to Cape Town to join my knight who will already be down for business.  I imagine the whole week reading and him working. (The things I imagine never materialise though… we will probably be doing a whole bunch of “touristy things” that I will probably love. The fact is that he is trying desperately hard to convince me to WANT TO move down to Cape Town. Do you think I will have much time with my Kindle?)    

Have I suffered a serious mindset change? Am I moving with the times?

I am not entirely sure….. I  have however, made a promise to myself- every book that I really really love, I am going to get a tangible copy of!

Do you think all the mom’s out there made their own promises….. ,

“I will use it ONLY if I am in a terrible rush, can’t possibly be better than using the oven.”

Or, “I will use it only in emergencies, and perhaps just keep it in my cubbyhole of the car. Can’t possibly use it to call someone just to say “hi””.

Lastly, “A real letter will always be more important, even if it does take 4 weeks to get there.”

Change is not always a bad thing, it is just difficult to deal with.



  1. I always have to say what I want for a gift at any time, Bday, Xmas. Then they are always disappointed when I say what it is that I am unwrapping? As if it is supposed to be a surprise?! At least I got what I wanted! But gift cards and money are okay too. Then I don’t have to return something, I can go and buy what I want or need.

    We had the same thing happen with gifts ordered through Amazon. We had gifts coming a week and a half after Xmas! Kinda kept the feeling going for a while. The surprise would be what day it would come!

    • To me it really is about the thought.
      I remember turning 15, and my mom coming into the bathroom in the morning- wishing me happy birthday- and giving me a big pile of money. No card, not even an envelope. I have never been so sad…. Will remember it forever.
      So you can understand why I feel so strongly. I have one friend- one of My best- all she really needs to do is give me a card. She writes an essay in there. She finds scripture, and she fills it with real moments. That is more special than any gift.
      Will let you know about the kindle.

  2. Well, because of that Christmas present you can count your lucky stars he didn’t give you a bloody canoe for your birthday!
    (Come to the Foodbloggers Indaba, you’ll get a fat, expensive goodie bag, drink fine wines and learn a helluva lot about blogging for money!)

    • Haha. That was very funny!
      I am sure the indaba starts early morning? Will only land just before 11. You can teach me all?

  3. he’s obviously trying so hard!

    • Sounds like you on his side. Haha. That’s okay, he needs it!

  4. I want an iPad too!!!! As you know, I have a bunch of goals I am working on with Mo. Honey bought me a big, giant chocolate rose…WTF? What is WITH men? Cindy is right, be thankful he wasn’t so thoughtful as to buy you a canoe or a rowing machine.

    • I had a real giggle when i read that!!!
      To be honest- i think i may have liked a canoe more than the bicycle.

  5. A Kindle is to a book what a CD is to an LP… You will soon love it and wonder how you lived without it, I would imagine? And real books will never ever go out of fashion…
    Enjoy, and have a wonderful time in my home town of Cape Town – send it a hug from me!
    Sunshine xx

    • Still very far away sunsine! more than two weeks.
      I gather you have a kindle….. do send me a list of the most amazing things you have on there.

      • I don’t have a Kindle, bokkie. I know a few people who do, though xx

  6. I don’t have the Kindle but I downloaded the Kindle app on my iPhone and I absolutely love it. I can read books on the metro, standing in line at the grocery store, etc. I do eventually want to get a full-sized Kindle though. Hoping you’ll post when you actually get yours and let us know how you like it! P.S. You have a sweet prince. 🙂

    • Of course I will post about it! Looks liek I will only be getting it on Thursday though. Amazon really pushes to the limits hey.

  7. I just heard a review of the iPad with children’s books – they have voices, animation, music and games! For under 10$! My kids love books but they are rough with them, I suppose it’s a sign that they do actually read/look at them. It would be cool to have an iPad. Does WP work on it?

    I would hae been happy with the note and flowers… I didn’t get anything for turning 30. Here’s hoping Valentine’s or our anniversary will bring some flowers *sniff sniff*

    • I had a little giggle when I read that. I hop valentines is filled with roses and chocolates!!! My knight is actually going away to Cape Town that day- so will be all alone….

      Stuff my face with chocolates and buy my own flowers. Haha.


  8. […] that I (and probably you) could not possibly imagine life without my iPhone …. never mind my Mac, Kindle, iPad or electric toothbrush. (I know it once happened. In fact, I was a part of those times. I got […]

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