Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 2, 2011

Two things that I positively hate!

There are two things that I really, most positively HATE (and I don’t really hate much). These specific things waste my time, and they stop my productivity for FAR TOO LONG.

I do however understand that they are necessary in order to make my little world, as well as everyone else’s go around.

1. Robots (Otherwise known as Traffic Lights. I have no idea why South Africans are brought up calling them Robots.)

Taken from

Do you actually know how long you stand at red lights? I did a quick “google” and found a couple of suggestions on “” A London cyclist found through his daily experiments that he was on average at the red traffic light for 17 % of his travel time. Can you understand my frustration.

What is worse, is that Murphy has his little way with me when I need him to go and FLY A KITE! Whenever (whenever, whenever) I am running late, I will hit every single red Robot that is actually able to turn red on that route. I am positive that this can be proven scientifically, and not just based on my opinion.

Is God trying to teach me a lesson that I need to leave the house on time? Perhaps…….. It doesn’t change the fact that I really dislike red-freaking-lights!  

Can we not just have circles everywhere? I am convinced that solution would be better for our environment too.

2. Petrol Stations (Otherwise known as Fuel or Gas Stations.)

Taken from

I realise that without Petrol my car will not go anywhere, and ultimately will be worth nothing (zero, zip) to anyone, especially the person needing to get from A to B with it. I avoid putting in petrol like the plague. (The funny thing is that it is not as if we get out and put our own petrol in here in SA, we just wait for the petrol attendant to do it.)

Before we moved house, I was approximately 300 metres from the nearest Petrol Station. I knew that if I really left it till the very last drop, I could walk there, fill a two litre bottle and walk back. Or, since it was mostly DOWNHILL- I could push.. or roll myself.

Now that we live in the country, the nearest Petrol station is about 20 kms away. I will not be pushing my car anywhere at the point, or in fact taking a walk with a two litre plastic bottle. (The two litres would probably not even be enough to get me to the petrol station after the long trek.)

Clearly I realise what a spot I could be in.

SO, can someone tell me why I am found “praying” all the way to that petrol station once a week? I literally beg God to get My Princess and I there. She must think I am absolutely nuts. I don’t think I am teaching her very good grounding regarding cars, petrol and planning in advance.  I am however teaching her that God does listen!

I can imagine God is going to get a little Pissed off with me for not learning a lesson at some stage, and we may need to start pushing.  I think My Princess will sit in a heap and cry if that ever happened. I probably would to……  

Sometimes MURPHY REALLY GETS ME! Those days- when I am suddenly running very late, and we are just about to get ourselves into so much poo….. and then I realise that I don’t have petrol, because on the way home I could not have been bothered- I thought perhaps I would make it. Those mornings are very interesting (and vocal). One of those was Monday morning.  

I could think of a few other moments that are necessary but leave us waiting…. like the grocery store queue, and the ATM. I think they just feel so much more satisfying when I actually leave. I have something that I can feel, taste and touch, so I think that is why I don’t hate them.

Tell me about your pet hates…..



  1. I hate Gareth Cliff. He makes me want to vomit.

  2. I hate washing up potato peelers. I just do. 🙂
    Sunshine xx

    • And therefore, I love dishwashers.

  3. Finding empty food storage containers in the fridge is one of my top pet peeves.

    I was always brought up to go refill the gas tank when there was 1/4 tank left. Being that the majority of my time learning to drive was in bitter cold, snow, sleet, ice, and slush, (and in the country) …I listened to that advice.

    There’s nothing more stressful than praying the car gets to a station before running out of gas. But it’s preventable in most cases!

    • Of course it is!! Just need to get my butt into gear!

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