Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 31, 2011

Could I be possibly be The Bachelorette?

Friday nights for some reason NEVER EVER have anything on TV that seems to be half decent. I don’t know how many channels we pay for- but the point being- WE PAY FOR THEM! Why is this? Do most people go out? Have friends around, or play board games? OR do most people think that the options ARE decent?

My knight and I are clearly not a part of that “most”. OUT seems to be a final destination that you plan around, and perhaps follow different routes to get to. Especially when you live out in the country….. which we now do! (Any excuse to add that to my post, because I really am in love with our new life… except for Friday nights.)

We have resorted to watching The Bachelorette. (Jillian Harris being the Cinderella.)

This picture was found on

Yes, we paying to watch America’s “seen that” stuff.  While trying to find a picture of Jillian, I learnt that this was actually aired in 2009? And we pay for that?!?

How did this come about?

I am a huge Reality Show buff, BUT only the kind that I can see real change every week. Not the type that you watch families live their lives…. there never seems to be any real direction towards becoming better people on those shows.  My knight however, hates ALL reality shows. It has taken serious dedication from my side to get convince to sit through “America’s got talent” on a Saturday evening.

You can therefore imagine my surprise, while I was reading, and he was surfing through the channels (remote glued to hand) when he “stopped” on the Series channel. The Bachelorette. I am convinced he initially just  wanted to see how gorgeous the babe was that had 40 boys all fighting over.

I notice that the channel sticks, hand still glued to remote (is this normal?)…. but no change. Eventually I put my book down and think if he is going to get into this- so am I. Can’t really ignore the fact that the screen is covered in gorgeous men, can I? Definitely not going to let that “googling” time go to waste. Let’s be honest- it sounds completely fantastical!

That night I dream of being “her”… having men swoon over me. Oh yes, I could definitely be The Bachelorette. Having so much choice….. and so much fun! Every single date night is completely original. (All those things that need to be on my “bucket list” if they are not already.) A knight to catch her from falling, around every corner. Ahhhhh….. how completely blissful.

Three weeks later- I have a somewhat different picture in my head. It looks  a little like this….

What a complete slut!

You think I am being too harsh?  I beg you to differ? Hold his hand, then his hand…. then there is a new hand to hold? Rub his body, and then his and perhaps someone else’s. She is milking the fact that she can kiss how many boys in one day? How do you kiss more than one boy on one day anyway? On International TV as well? And how do we even know that it is just kisses anyway? They could be doing the whole shebang when all the lights and cameras go out! And what is with the boy that is obsessed with her feet?

Cheating on The Bachelorette?

I could only smile. Friday night’s episode was dealing with the fact that a few boys had made sure she was aware of the some of the boys having sweethearts at home. What a bunch of tattle tellers! “It was very serious!” Too many tears! On a serious note- The Bachelorette did not want to be building relationships with men, falling in love, and then finding out they had Plan B at home. That they could possibly be cheating.

What about the Men?

They look at plan B, Plan C, Plan D, Plan E- let’s deal with the whole alphabet! Every day!

She was cheating on all of them!!

With all of them!

And they all seem to be falling in love anyway?

In deducing a conclusion:

  1. They all drink too much! I could imagine many of those boys being booted and then placed straight into rehab where they then can deal with any depression-al issues they now have, at the same time.
  2. My dear Boys- do you want a girl that seems to have been somewhat of a village bicycle……. in front of you? Could you possibly imagine what she could get up to in hiding, without having any ethical issues playing on her heart? Would you have trust issues? And please do tell, what would you tell your grandchildren one day?
  3. My dear Girl- The Bachelorette- do you really want a man that was able to watch you spoon with others, while never “beating-the-crap-out-of” them for doing so? Come on, you can’t possibly say yes? Would you want a man that potentially strung your heart with the biggest load of hog wash just to be the man? You know what men are like? It is all in the competition! Winning may just happen for the sake of winning! (Pride is evil.) Don’t you want a man that fights for you? One that is somewhat over protective or a little jealous? One that can look between his legs and say “yes, I am still a man, so get your hands off my woman!”
  4. I have found my knight.

The conclusion:

I could never be the Bachelorette. Sorry boys.  



  1. I want my man to fight for me, be jealous and beat the crap out of the boy that stares at me to long….

    • Exactly!! Clearly you couldnt be the bachelorette either!

  2. *Just grateful I’m too old for all this junk*

    • “Yes 47 is way too old for this junk” (wink, wink)

  3. hahahahaha “My dear Boys- do you want a girl that seems to have been somewhat of a village bicycle……. in front of you? ”
    You are AWESOME!

    • Ah Ed- you were awesome first!!!

  4. She is cheating on all of them! With all of them! Good Bye tramp, you ain’t THE ONE for me! Whose hands you been holdin and whose lips you been kissin and who knows what else after the lights go out. Sounds like a country song!

    • Did you hear that “Brown Road Chronicles… and AVA?” We have a song in the making. I am officially putting “Harold” together with you two, and perhaps if you make a hit out of it- you will remember me?
      And of course- The Bachelorette.

  5. I’ll have to side with your Knight – for the most part I can’t stand the annoying people on reality TV shows, and they’re not 100% real either. Each show has a producer and others directing the “real” people what to do, what to push and what to hold back. I will admit to watching The Next Food Network Star last year in support of Aarti, a fellow blogger and someone who completely deserved to win.

    • I love watching the food ones! My man always complains…. I just say “how do you think i learnt how to cook?”

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