Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 28, 2011

Ballerinas & Cockroaches!

Thursday is BALLET DAY for My Princess.

We all did Ballet when we were little girls? Didn’t we? Perhaps a small part of me would have loved to have been a ballet dancer forever. When I started school, I gave into Peer Pressure. Ballet was not very cool. Nor was the colour pink! I longed to be a tomboy just like my sister, but deep in hiding was a real girly girl, who wanted to have braided hair, ribbons, pink toenails. I settled for modern dancing and kept it top secret.   

MOST Thursdays, my mom is able to pick My Princess up from school, get her dressed and be her chaperone. With that comes sitting around for 30 minutes and socialising with all the Ballet moms. Yah!!!! (Sarcastic tone).

I can think of nothing worse than having meaningless conversation with mommies, that I do not care for. (Sounds harsh- but the less people I am friends with, the simpler my life seems to be.) I don’t care how your holiday was (everyone always says “stunning” even if it wasn’t) , or how Christmas was (You bound to say “good”, even if you had my Christmas), or in fact, how much weight you have put on (we all do- deal with it). I don’t care that your husband is complaining about the fact that your youngest daughter just wants to stay at home with you, instead of go to school. (I want to stay home too, and go for pedicures and manicures and never worry about having to put money in the grocery jar.) These moms bore me!!!   

And yes, mom, I am sorry that I put you through it! BUT you are the gran and therefore somewhere along the line you have to have Grandmother duties. This falls into that category.

Yesterday was one of the afternoons (GREAT STUFF!) that I had to take over the grandmother roles, my mom just couldn’t get there in time. If I had been prepared I would have had my book, any book if not my book, or even just a magazine. I would have been able to stick my head into something. People tend to leave you alone when you look very busy. BUT I wasn’t prepared!!!! No book.

Plan B. Do some grocery shopping up the road, I am positive I can squeeze that into 30 minutes.  

Could you imagine my thoughts when I saw this, in the cereal aisle. I grabbed my phone so quickly, because of the camera, and started taking photo’s. This was a classic moment. Just wish the thing would actually keep still!!!

Approximately 9cm long!!!

Clearly not well trained. "Sit!" "Sit!"

I am positive that everyone who watched me must have rushed to that very spot to see what the commotion was all about. Haha! Let’s be honest- who talks to Cereal boxes!! I wonder if anyone else caught it on camera? Or me?



  1. who trains cockroaches?

    • I didn’t even think about that! Perhaps a slight exagerration!

  2. This is one of the reasons I like you so much. Rack cocktail conversations bore me as well. My mom and I we chatting about this last night. Very few people are aware enough to find more interesting things to talk about. Thank goodness for Grannys 🙂

    • And Granny’s car seems to be back up and running! Yah!!
      Funny thing, this morning I was just having my morning ritual chat with her, and she mentioned she bumped into one of the moms…. playing poker at one of the casino’s. I have nothing against gambling, although I dont gamble as a rule…… just thought that was a funny moment. Now they will have something more to talk about on Thursday.

  3. YIKES!

    • The Shop is actually not far from you Cindy.
      Only joking….xx

  4. Eeuuuww! Extra crunchy cereal, anyone?
    Sunshine xx

    • Watched a bug show yesterday afternoon, one of the kid’s birthday parties….. he had cockroaches there and was doing a littel bit of an educational piece on them. They can live up to 3 years! Can you believe that? And one of the foods they thrive on is OATS.
      All makes sense now….

  5. Being a plumber I have seen many cockroaches. But seeing one in the grocery store…not where I want to see them! Or in hotel rooms or in this….

    You will figure out, before I get there, what happened.

    I was working in a restaurant in downtown Chicago (it will be nameless). The manager had given me a glass of coke while I was working. I drank it all. He had gotten the ice out of a sink where it had been left in over night. After finishing my drink (thanks for it) I saw…yep you guessed it a cockroach dead in the glass. I didn’t mention it, to busy working and he was either busy or had left.

    You really don’t want to know what happens behind the scene in some restaurants!

    • That is terribly gross. I think i would have been sick.
      I worked in restaurants throughout high school and varsity…. and i can second that!
      What you dont see, you dont miss!

  6. LMAO!!! And eeww roaches! I never saw them until I moved south of the border, it’s too cold in Canada for roaches apparently.

    I seem to do better with people over email, etc… I was not very nice to my friend last time we went out with the kids. I just shut off, no talky-talky. I miss my real friends from back home, and now I’ve been gone so long that it’s a stretch to remain close. FB has helped a little though.

    • Sadly- FB has helped alot. It is teh age we live in… imagine our kids in a couple of years.

  7. Ugh, what is that?
    Did you show it too a member of dtasff.
    Did that member of staff look at it and say, “er, it all adds to the flavour”. lol

    • No i didn’t. I just could not be bothered with causing a scene. I was rushing remember- only had 30 minutes.
      Thanks for visiting!!!

  8. Oh my heck! I would have screamed so loud and not have thought to even take a pic with my cell…I hate bugs. I heard these things do hitchhike up here to the great white north in peoples luggage, so my coworker told me in regards to her sister…freaked them out when they opened up her suitcase.

    I enjoyed you blog, it took me back to when my boys were in k-grade 3, I would try to unsuspectingly swoosh in to pick up my boys and get out just as fast. It was always the same mothers all standing there talking about themselves and others. Sorry, I am just not that in to you! Hope you are having a great weekend! ~ Tracie~

    • Swoosh in and tehn out- that sounds liek me. Lucky My Princess has a gran!!!
      Thanks for the visit Tracie!!! Hope you had a squizz around. (Had an awesome weekend thank you).

  9. Eww Eww..that happened to me in our grocery store..It was huge. So glad you got a picture of it. Omg…you could use that to your advantage..blackmail big time. Show the manager and tell him that you want free food or else… How fun would that be? LOL Oh, wait a minute…cockroached food?

    • Yes… could you imagine. I want free food… but not from this shop… in fact, coudl you send it directly from the suppliers?
      I actually sent the photo to the girl that i spoke about in my post “winning because you deserve it?” Her and her man have a pesticide company. Thought that it could be potential business for her…… perhaps showing a bit of good karma because of the fact that i never voted for her.

      Thanks for subscribing- it is the most awesome compliment.

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