Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 26, 2011

When your morning starts like this….. can it get worse?

How was your morning?

You can be the judge of mine. Sensing a non-happy tone? You are completely correct!!

I leave the house, literally pulling out of my drive way…. pouring with rain, and I no longer have a working umbrella. Princess snapped it into pieces a few weeks ago. (Not on purpose, but none-the-less snapped.)

Knight calls: “have you left yet?” I am leaving. “Please can you do me a favour….”

Of course my love. Anything for you dear. My hair can get soaked in rain, it is not thin and doesn’t need 20 minutes under a hairdryer to look like it has volume. Okay….think, think, think. The fact is that we live in the freaking country, and for him to drive back would be a mission…… “Sure my love.”

Back into house, up stairs, down stairs, back into car.

Start my drive through the estate, and notice my car seems to be leaking. Yes- leaking. My pedestrian seat is wet, and water is dripping from the door panel. I check that the window is closed- of course it is! Can’t worry about this now.

My steering feels a little stiff this morning….. maybe I am just being paranoid.

I notice that there is a warning light on. That little red circle with the exclamation mark! I check my hand brake…. it is down- of course it is! Dammit!  


My Toyota Yaris has been through a bit of “hospitalisation” in the last three weeks. First my clutch starting going….. I could not drive in traffic without feeling like I was trying to Rev a tractor. Lucky for me, I don’t have to sit in much traffic. Then my windscreen cracked, I noticed it first in the morning  a day or two after Christmas, (everything closed), by that afternoon, it had increased from a mere 10 cm to approximately a metre long. Our insurance brokers were clearly closed, like the rest of Gauteng, and my knight had no idea who we were actually insured with. Turns out they wouldn’t pay for the windscreen anyway…. I still feel in a 3 month waiting period which knight did not think about when he changed insurance.

So R8000 later (not a great amount being the beginning of January, as I am sure for all!), and my knight arrives in his chariot . My chariot.

Next day “how is your car driving?” Ummmm, my love, it is making a humming noise. Unexpected. “You sure it wasn’t there before?” Yes, never heard a noise like this. “Well, I am sure that I have heard a humming noise before…… from your front left wheel. I am sure it is just a bearing. Let’s see how it goes.” Okay my love.

By the time I got to the office, 25 kms later, I thought that my car was possibly trying to imitate a jet!  

“Okay my love, I will phone them. Are you sure it didn’t make that noise?”

Yes- dammit. I am sure it didn’t make that noise!! I know what noises my car made.

Driving home that evening I am convinced that a couple of times I did perhaps actually lift off. My Princess and I tried very hard to ignore the sound my car was making, clearly a bad move, by increasing the volume of the radio to a noise level that we possibly could not even hear ourselves thinking.

When I explained this to my knight, he decided to check it out for himself.

“Yes, you right about the noise. (Of course I am !!!) I have definitely heard that noise before though. (Then why the hell have you not said anything?) I will take it through tomorrow.”

Long story cut short- the bearing “went” (I have no idea what that means), which then caused  the CV joint to pack up (because I drove- which merely meant I followed instructions well). Apparently Toyota does not manufacture a CV joint on its own… so “whatever it is connected to” had to be replaced…… All made perfect sense to me!

“It is going to cost over R5000.”

What??? No sense anymore!!

“BUT they are going to try and find one that is refurbished.”

Back to story….

So warning light on. Warn knight. “check your book as soon as you get to office, and let me know”.

Obviously he has no clue…. the warning light could be anything! The book suggests I stop, and contact the nearest Toyota Dealer.

Okay- to confirm- you suggest I continue to office?

My cell phone then rings, and my maid informs me that I have forgotten my lunch. The lunch that I put serious thought into! The lunch box that had roasted vegetables, couscous, hake fillets and a papaya as my morning snack. Dammit!!!! I can’t go back now- too far. Woolies here we come.

Silver lining…. Yah, dinner sorted!   

I then notice this:


I am driving approximately 130 km/ph, because that is normal for me on a highway, and my Speedometer says 0 km/ph.

Silver lining….Yah, no traffic fines today!!!!

I notice at the same time that I had 2 bars of petrol leaving home, and I now have  5.

Silver lining….. Yah, my car is producing its’ own fuel!!!  

I am sure you agree- awesome start to the day!

How was yours?  



  1. I know days like that, bokkie … at least it can only get better!
    Sunshine xx

    • It ended with tin cup ice cream from woolworths (vanilla with chocolate, and nuts)- stunning, and mozzies that kept me up all night. Today is better.

  2. Vehicles are so wonderful when they work, but are worst than the very worst possible nightmare when they are not!!! I think about public transit and go back to the nightmare xxxxx

    • Completely agree as soon as i think of public transport!!
      My car seems to be fine again, let’s see.

  3. sounds like too much to cope with

    • Yes- too much to cope with!!! I need a holiday- haha!

  4. Ai shame bokkie, hope tomorrow is better … (mine was fine, thanks)

  5. don’t you just hate mornings like that??? The old saying, “when it rains, it pours” is definitely true!! we totally know that at our house…mom had surgery dec. 1st, I had surgery dec. 21st, crack in the windshield, lost the car keys, remodeling the garage, bad insurance company,and a slight shortage of money for some reason! hahaha silver linings are amazing


    • And where is your silver lining? Sounds like you have had an awesome last two months. Haha. Ever find the car keys? And all healed from the surgery?

  6. I hope it did not get worse!
    Ah, cars are fickle things. Do we spend $$ on the problems we know or get rid of it and hope there are not the same or worse with the next. I tend to fix what I have until I have to shoot or junk them. Then hope for a good deal on some one else’s problem.

    • Haha- hope for a good deal on someone else’s problem!!! That was very funny. Sad thing is that you are right. We just buying someone else’s problem. Makes me scared.

  7. Nope I can’t top that, sounds like a tough day… sorry! I had an Audi years ago, early 1990’s that the bearings would fail on. I remember the noise how loud it would get! YIKES! Had it fixed twice at a very high cost, then someone realized the wheel rim was slightly bent and was causing the bearings to fail. So then I had to buy a new wheel rim which for an Audi was also very expensive. Found one used at a junk yard, saved a bunch of money and it fixed the problem! Hope your tomorrow is better!!

    • Thank you littledud…..that was right hey?…… my day was much better today!

  8. Rain just makes everything 10 times worse, doesn’t it? I feel for you bokkie! I have an SUV with a service engine light that mysteriously comes on just before the annual inspection is due. It’s possessed I tell ya!

    • Actually Chef- my car did the same thing again yesterday. I just turned it off at the ignition, and restarted it at a robot. Seemed to fix the problem….. or maybe just the symptom of the problem. Let’s see….xx

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