Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 25, 2011

What the Frikkadel is a Naked Bokkie?

How many times have I heard that? Enough to actually decide on creating  a post. That way, I can refer everyone here….. Smashing idea?

The fact is that I did not think long and hard about my AKA; username; blogging masterpiece. I wish I had!

I was in a spot- WordPress was open, I was registering an account, and it asked for a username. (I didn’t really pay too much attention to the fact that it CANNOT be changed. EVER!) I hadn’t read any blogs yet, and had just decided that morning to start a blog. No experience- NADA!! Hence the fact that “mynakedbokkie” is one word!!! That is what happens when you rush into it all. But here I am, introducing mynakedbokkie!!


I found an awesome definition in Urban Dictionary for the word BOKKIE (For all the South African readers out there, especially Gauteng’ers, I think you would really appreciate this.)

(Please note however: the BOKKIE that  I am- is not THIS bokkie.)

“derogatory word that defines the so called better half of a boy-kie. A bokkie is very wild and cannot be tamed. Known to have multiple boy-kies, often relatives, without any shame or remorse. A bokkie also depends heavily on Klippies, Coke and Cortina. Found in and around Springs.”

Just to help all you foreigners/ NON- SOUTH AFRICANS:

–          Boy-kie: another term for boy; young man

–          Klippies: A type of Brandy

–          Cortina: Okay- honestly I don’t know. I think it may be referring to a Ford car.

–          Springs: an area, quite far from any real civilisation. Much in-breeding may take place here- due to the love  of     Klippies.  

Again- I am not that Bokkie, although I have been known to be the better half.

 My term “bokkie” can be based around this definition found in the Urban dictionary:

“this term is Afrikaans for “little buck” and it is used as a term of endearment for those you love. It is used almost exclusively by South Africans, and South African Expats.”

My friend sent me this while she was in Namibia...... Bokkies.

Wikipedia adds that the word bokkie can be comparable to “sweetheart” and “honey”.

Perhaps I wanted to see my blogging “alter ego” as the side of me I love, the side  everyone will love. The darling. The sugar. The babe. (Definitely not the girl you see in the office.) My bokkie. Your bokkie. A bokkie.


When I stand in front of the mirror, there is a whole lot  of are pieces I dislike. (Do you have that problem?) My The white skin could possibly glow in the dark. (In the middle ages this could be seen as a sign of wealth apparently. Not now!!) I am short, and feel stocky. My butt is flabby, and my thighs are a mound of cellulite. My breasts seem lob sided, and their stretch marks resemble a vulture’s claws. My waist is small however, and my hip bones stick out. (I have heard that your hip bones never quite get back to where they were before they reconfigured themselves to carry a little person.)

I would much rather wear clothes!!! In fact, I think MOST OF YOU probably look better with clothes on too?  

Being “naked” means that you are completely bare, open and so obviously honest with the world. The people looking. There is no hiding. Whether you like it or you don’t- it is there.

Naked Bokkie?

That “darling bokkie” part of me, (the side of me that you all hopefully will see and be endeared towards),  just throws it all out in the open. It is the bits that (due to the anonymity I have tried to keep intact publicly) could not care less regarding your feelings towards me.  

I want to be completely honest here, Cellulite and all. I want you to see all the scars and bruises that have created me. That without make up I still have the skin of a 16 year old! Which smiles and laughs have caused all these wrinkles. The core of what makes me REAL. What possibly makes you real.

You may not like me…. well at least not all of me. But you will accept me, and perhaps try and shape me somewhat. I will still be here tomorrow.    

That my friends,  is how I became: MY NAKED BOKKIE…. (well, actually mynakedbokkie)

How did you come up with your blogging name?      




  1. I think your name is perfect! I picked mine as a reminder to change my outlook and take risks in everyday life- just like I do as a tourist in other countries. I am striving to be a tourist in my own lfe (from Edmonton) 🙂

    • Hi Ed!!! I actually often forget what your real name is…. haha. It is how i have been introduced to you, and i how i have gotten to know you. Could you imagine ever meeting- I woudl call you Ed, and you woudl call me bokkie. It would be quite precious. xx

  2. I have often wondered where your name came from – and it works well for you! I appreciate and value your openness, and it certainly does endear you to me.
    My name has a dual meaning: sunshine, as in looking for sunshine in otherwise grey days, as is my nature and my intention; but sunshine is a direct translation of my Xhosa name that I was given in the mid-1990s by a friend at work: Nomalanga.
    Sunshine xx

    • I love Nomalanga!!! I think it is perfect.

  3. Well its pretty easy to figure out where Brown Road Chronicles comes from. But the original incarnation of my blog, was started with the login name: littledubs, and as you said once you sign up you can’t change that login name. So although I am Brown Road Chronicles my account name is actually littledubs. So where did that come from. Well, not as good a story as yours… but when I was in college, my oldest brother hung with a bunch of friends, and guys being guys they all hand nick-names. Our last name being Warner, they called him Dubs… as in “W”… from Warner. That being said, and me being the little brother, I became “littledubs”. Yeah, I know, dumb… but it makes for a good login name because it is unique!

    Me, I love standing in front of the mirror… you know, with the six pack abs and all… NOT!

    • Haha. Have you got a 6 pack? Or a barrel?

      Completely right- would never forget “littledubs”. I might just call you that from now on.


  4. Thanks for the explanation, I will blog about my blog name in due course.
    Just want to tell you that I am currently working at the Frikkadel ad agency …

    • Can’t believe the coincedence.
      Where did that come from? I am sure you realise that was not my original intention of WTF…. but i thought i need to keep things clean, and so that was one of the things that popped to my mind. Might be quite catchy actually- what the frikkadel?

  5. […] Mynakedbokkie has challenged us to reveal how we came to choose our blog names. […]

  6. Great blog Bokke! We all love you naked or not.

    Blog name: Ava Aston’s Muckery

    I feel so vain using my real name as part of my blog name…oh, and the Muckery is self explanatory if your read my blog.



    • I love it!
      Besides, you need to have your name out there to kick off your singing career- to the moon and back!

  7. well, my blog name: tiallarising, is that way because, well, my name is Tialla Rising. haha very original, right?


    • I LOVE your surname!!!! You didnt have to be original, it already was!

  8. I was wondering about the name, figured bokkie was equivalent to “chick” over here, just a fun beautiful girl! I came up with midnitechef seemingly in a dream. I wanted to start a food blog, so I needed a name to express my profound love for food… “chef”. Since more intricate recipes required my undivided attention, I had to wait until Little Sister was fast asleep before I could begin. By the time I finished the creation of the evening, it was nearly 12:00! …”midnite”. It’s simple but catchy!

    Hugs from Texas!

    • Chef- i love it!!! Was your husband just happy to have you in the kitchen? Haha.

      We use the word “chick” here too….. and actually it can be used in the same context.

      How is book coming along?

  9. Ah at last the true meaning. I guess I tend to agree, most look better with clothes on. It gives the imagination something to chew on and dresses up the “package” as I say. But I also like to unwrap the “package” and get to the beauty it covers. The one who loves you the most doesn’t see what you see. The one I love tells all her problems and I say they don’t bother me. I love the whole “package” dressed or not.

    As for my blog? I decided to blog about what I am doing, hence woodcrafting and my name is Harold that’s me. I am probably on the tail end of Harolds,age-wise. Most men with that name are older, usually a lot. It was my Gpa’s middle name. So I thought through my blogs name. Simple yet boring, it is what it is as you said forever.

    Bokkie? You are endearing yourself to all of us, Thanks! Plus your “package” is still truly cute! 🙂 😉

  10. I thought the bokkie bit was a reference to the spring boks rugby team…but like your story better.
    kloppenmum…went to register a name, tried about 20, they were ALL taken, I was nearly hysterical with laughter…the Hare picked up our Dutch dictionary and said what about means knock on the door – I thought what the hey – and there you have kloppenmum. Seems to work.

    • Of course, I didnt mention the Spring Boks!! That woudl have shown how patriotic I am .

      That is brilliant! Perhaps you shoudl put a post on that in your blog somewhere? Horrible that first choice always seems taken.

  11. “How did you come up with your blogging name?” Now that was easy, “everything else was already taken!” hahahahahahaha. I believe I just hurt myself.

    We used to have a mirrored ceiling in our coach, I took it out, I mean when on Holiday (Vacation) who wants to look at that?”

    Seriously, they wanted $2500 to register Creative Endeavors, so I came up with as I am a retired railroader and it was not taken.

    We used to have a Bokkie, but we had to give it away, it ate too much.

    Take My Wife … Please!


    • Haha! Does your wife kow that you trying to find a home?
      Where did the Idsrr91 come from?

  12. ldsrr91

    LDS = Initials of my name
    RR = Retired Railroader.
    91 = Year I retired from active railroad service.

    I wanted JAFO … Just Another Friendly Observer. Creative Endeavors was already registered for a domain name so I ended up with boxcarokie = retired railroader, living in Oklahoma.

    Just my luck, they asked me to star in Midnight Cowboy and I told them I went to bed at nine-thirty.

    Never can catch a break.


    • When you get rid of your wife- you might? Haha…. only joking. Just seen so many comments recently from you asking people to take her?


  13. It is an old Henny Youngman line (American comic) he would tell a lame joke, or make an attempt to say something funny, and when it did not go over well with the audience, he would revert to his now infamous … Take My Wife…. Please!

    That is the origin of the line. I don’t want to get rid of her, but I have been known to slink out to my shop and hide from her from time to time.

    Have a great weekend sis.


    • That is very good actually.

      Hope your weekend was good to?


  14. Love it!

  15. Thanks for sharing this about your blog name. I thought it was Myna Ked Bokkie! Tells you what I know. . . Lick the Fridge came from watching my twins seeing themselves in the refridgerator reflection and going up to kiss their new “friends”. I think they were about 18 months old or so. . .

    • That is hilarious. No wonder you asked me that in a tweet- i had no idea where you coudl possibly have got that.
      My real name is Kelly. But i always intended on using this blog as my diary where i would bitch and moan about people who irritated me…. so i never wanted someone to google my name and find it. (I am such a cow hey?)

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  17. […] those of you that would like to read why I originally called myself mynakedbokkie- follow this link. Then came my original Blog name,  husbands4hire, I had a reason for that […]

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