Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 24, 2011

Let’s get finished with my birthday and get back to life!

When I opened my eyes Sunday morning, I was still pissed! (Hence no post….) I took  a few hours the entire day, to actually get over the small birthday celebration that I had on Saturday night. 30 was here!

We spent the evening at Rodizio’s in Lonehill. It’s a brazilian restaurant. Just my knight, my best friend, her man, and I.

The food was delicious. Chefs, or maybe just staff, walk around with large skewers of different types of meat, and while you are happy to keep eating, they keep dishing. I can still taste the lamb and chicken.

The entertainment was very yummy. And the drinks were flowing way too easily. I now believe that we had too many shooters- cannot remember names, or even ingredients- did not think that while they were coming! Our waiter was very entertaining, and we danced for hours (not with the waiter)!!! I have not danced forever! (My knight didn’t though.)  

It cost a small fortune, and we really have nothing to show for it- but a couple of photos.  So here goes….. Let’s pretend it was all worth it!



  1. Glad you had a fun evening, and sorry about the hangover! You only turn 30 once – and enjoy this new and exciting decade that lies ahead!
    Sunshine xx

    • I am sure i will! Thanks Sunshine.

  2. […] I know that the last post was really suppossed to be the END of all this “birthday, growing old theme” that my […]

  3. Nice green hat! LOL Looks like you had fun. Hangovers get worse as you get older, just passing on some experience 😉

  4. Was the hat to prevent head injury after you fall off your chair? Hey, at least you got to go OUT for your birthday 😉

    • Actually the waiter held it on my head, and as soon as i was almost done he took a stick and hit my head with it four of five times. Real cave man scene. Was freaking loud!
      Yes, I got to go out for my party, and then i didnt go out again until MOnday! Haha.

      • Why on Earth would someone hit you over the head after a shot? I’ve never heard of such brutality! The waiters are supposed to be nice to you on your birthday, bring you an ice cream with sparklers… Dare I ask if this shot&bonk has a name, that way when I’m in Africa I will not order one!

        • Actually i have no idea if it had a name! The waiter just arrived after he was told that we were celebrating. Can’t imagine the amount of heads that had already been in that hat!

  5. Looks like a great evening in a fab restaurant. The memories make the bill and the hangover worthwhile!

  6. That picture of someone holding on your hat because you are throwing back that shot so fiercely is priceless! You need a good hangover every once in a while… it teaches you not to do it again… wait, somehow that never really works… lol!

    • I think i may have learnt the lesson!!
      See my comment to Midnite Chef- it’s all about the role of the green hat!
      I do wonder how many heads had been in it beforehand though!!!

  7. Great photos capturing great fun. Does life get any better than that? Nope.

    Thanks for sharing.



    • I could possibly say that on Sunday- life could have been a whole bunch better! Haha. My fault. Was awesome though!

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