Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 19, 2011

2 months later! BUT it is here.

I am officially feeling like a 10 year old kid on Christmas morning!!! It has finally arrived. Just a quick foundation- i was actually suppossed to get this little toy on the 28th November. Due to miscommunication, and bad service- I didn’t. Please read here for that post! It has officially felt like years.

I recieved a phone call today, “you can come and collect your phone”.

Can you believe this: I STILL had to pay in!!! (As well as an Admin fee.) BUT they did offer my a beach umbrella! (I live in Johannesburg, what do i need a beach umbrella for?) I told them to shove the beach umbrella where the sun don’t shine. (Well- not quite as tactless as that.)   

Here she is…..




  1. Goodness, I wouldn’t know where to switch it on …
    Enjoy it!

    • You would learn quickly.

  2. You know, bokkie – I saw an ad for BlackBerry at the movies yesterday, and I thought about you and wondered if you’d got your new toy! How funny, and congratulations – have fun.
    Sunshine xx

    • That is funny! Yes finally!
      I am having fun, although a touch screen is quite tricky hey.

  3. Ahhh, I love my BlackBerry too – but that won’t stop me from trading it in at a heartbeat for a 4G Droid phone as SOON as they’re available! Like it or not, BB is “the Amish” version of smart phone. Respected, noble, but not exactly fully modern.
    Still,. . . Nothing like a new toy! As he types on his legacy model 3330 Curve. ~ Congrats.!

    • Richard- I honestly think i would never try another phone again. Once I got my first Blackberry, i wondered why oh why I had taken so long to actually get one in the first place.
      However I actually dont knwo what a 4G Droid phone actually is? So it coudl be ignorance that is keeping me excited. haha.

  4. A new cool phone is always a good thing….but good luck with all the muckery of trying to figure it out.



    • Getting there! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Haha.

  5. Finally, eh? I hope you enjoy it! And keep it away from all bathrooms and washing machines 😉

    • Funny thought: did you take the picture of the new phone using your old phone? Your old phone is probably thinking “great, that’s my replacement – what are you going to do with ME?”

      • That was VERY funny!!!
        And yes, to answer your question- I did.

    • I think about that every time i go to the toilet. “Where is my phone? Where am i going to put it? How close is it to the toilet?” Quite funny actually. I still cant believe that that it dissapeared down the toilet. I suppose i have a story.

  6. I should add . . . what model Blackberry is it? I have an awful lot of existing BB apps. I’d hate to give up. Jealous of the new toy!! Makes me wish I had ANY new smart phone! Slide-out keyboard or no? My WordPress Blackberry app has been buggy . . . or is that user error? 🙂

    • 9800- The Torch. I also have some cool BB apps, but i was a little dissapointed that when i changed phones, although the phone carried over the applications- I lost almost all the data previously stored. (That may have been the user!) Yes, it is a touch screen phone, with a slide out keyboard. Grateful for that, as it can be quite difficult typing a text on those touch screens. Hopefully just a few days.
      I like the WordPress Blackberry App- havent really had any problems with it. Not easy to try and do a post on it though… i think purely because it is small.
      But yes, you may have a user error- haha. Why dont you uninstall it and re-install. Perhaps it will come right?

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