Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 18, 2011

Can we just hit the pause button? I do not want to turn 30!

1981 22nd January, a beautiful baby girl entered this world, and changed a family’s life forever! (I had to have been beautiful!!! Haha.)

Almost 30 years later, and I have come to the realisation that I am actually turning 30 on Saturday!

Yah! Yah!Yah! (Please note that this is where a font should be created reflecting sarcasm. We could then confidently say that we were not reading the incorrect tone.)

That is 10 957 days, and almost 16 000 000 (yes, million) minutes. Do you have any idea how long it woudl take me to count to 10 957? In fact, I probably would loose count, and give up!  

I stole this picture from

Now for most of my blogging friends, that feels like it was a life time ago (*smile*), take note I said most and not ALL. You probably all think that it is really not a big deal- right? Just another day? If only you could be 30 again? A life time still ahead? 30 is the new 20? (Do those sound like thoughts running through your head?)

WELL, I don’t care what your thoughts are! I am turning 30, and I do not like that idea. I do not want a cake with stars and stripes. Instead I want to get absolutely hammered, because I may never be able to do that again, without being considered a potential alcoholic!  

My mistakes can no longer be attributed to my youth, and instead I will be held accountable!

If I am completely honest, I am battling (really battling) to actually comprehend it.  

My mistakes can no longer be attributed to my youth, and instead I will be held more accountable!

I AM 30. “How old are you?” I am 30. “30?” Yes 30. “You can’t be 30!” I wish I wasn’t. BUT I am!  

(Practicing, so it doesn’t sound odd when I say it…. NOT HELPING!!! Perhaps I should just never say it? When people ask me how old I am, I can respond the same way my gran did- tell them that it is actually none of their business.)

My mistakes can no longer be attributed to my youth, and instead I will be held forever accountable!   

Not so long ago, I thought 30 was on the way to being old. You were now in the practice run. It was the climax of life, the turning point. The defining moment. I would look at a hair style or an outfit, and think that “that” was for people in their thirties. Coming home to cook dinner, and entertain a house while getting everyone bathed, into pj’s and then bed. That was for people in their thirties! “I would never be like that when I hit 30.” It just all seemed too boring. Shoot me now!!

Oh my word! I think I have that hair style! I think I wear those outfits! I think that I have that life!!

Why, oh why, oh why do I have to turn 30?

Rumour has it that Bill Gates told a University Lecturer of his that he would be a millionaire by the age of 30. At 31 he was a billionaire. That is not me! Although I am sure in my youth I said that too. Clearly not enough steps in my planning. Perhaps I just believed that I would wake up rich one day. Wakey, wakey!!

Did you know that 30 is the minimum age for a United States Senator? Is that a positive or a negative? I am sure that in my youth I thought by the age of 30 you should have enough experience to run a state. I can’t even run a home! My business is almost two years old, and I am still dealing with trying to find a way to deal with the legal system of South Africa. Not implement new rules. My Princesses’ new (NEW) Nursery School Teacher informed me this morning that her and her step sister are very disruptive and get kicked out of class every day! I have not managed to manage one person, how could I manage 50 million? Well, clearly that goal was never a part of my plan before I hit 30.   

Douglas R Andrew has written a book titled “How to make a million dollars by Age 30”. Well, I am no longer a part of the target market for that book. “Too late for you sonny! Open a Unit Trust account and make sure that you have started saving towards your retirement!” I haven’t even started planning for retirement- at all. Now I almost feel I need to start rushing, it’s around the corner. Make plans. Perhaps in my youth, I believed that my mom and dad would work their butts off to make sure that by the time we were all in our 60’s, and they were on their death beds, we would inherit enough for our last bit of time. What was I thinking?   

“When you hit thirty, a whole new thing happens: you see yourself acting like your parents.” Blaire Sabel said that. I wonder if he liked his parents? The fact is that I don’t want to be like my mom, or my dad. Yes, I love them…… but not enough to want to be them!

Silver lining….. (as always)

Imagine how my mother feels?

Her daughter is turning 30!

Maybe I should be grateful that my daughter is only 4, and that she now can count to 30!




  1. Hahhhhahahahaha – brilliant as always ….. Omg my breaking point for 30 is in 6 months time…..I will re-read this post then

    • I am sure you can save it as a favourite- haha! Still not getting excited……YOu can tell me how you feeling then!

  2. Growing pains? I like that part about “turning into your parents” which is true to some extent. That my dear, is the good news. Now here is the bad, eventually you will turn into your grandparents!

    For some, thirty is a traumatic turn of events, but it is not the end, there is a lot more, brace yourself. You did well, a very engagin post … Now go pet the puppy!


    • Thanks DS!
      Not feeling excited yet! My friend’s 30th birthday is today….. she seems to not be phased at all! Another day! I think she is quite surprized that I am battling with the thought. Quite funny actually!
      Like the bit about grandparents more- my gran was a darling! And she got whatever her heart desired. Maybe by being a pain- haha.
      Jess is feeling ONLY love in this house. Crazy how we have all fallen for her!

  3. Good post, here’s my thoughts. Each decade brings new opportunities and new challenges. I agree, 30 is one of those birthdays where you sort of feel, okay I have to admit I am really an adult now (and that kinda sucks), but it’s also becoming the age where a lot of folks are really starting to find themselves, to know where and what and who they want to be. Somehow there’s a self-confidence level that, in my opinion, starts to build in one’s 30’s. I hope you find that also. And by no means does it mean life is over. I know you love your child to death at the age she is at, but over the next decade she will grow into a person that is so much more fun and interesting and talented and that makes the 30’s and 40’s even, so very rewarding. I really believe that, and I have experienced that with my kids. So, I say, grab the 30’s by the horns and ride it all the way to the 40’s! And yes, you can still go out and get rip-roaring drunk… just don’t drive! 🙂

    • Thanks for that Steve!
      I don’t ever really get drunk- already experience the “so not worth it” feeling the next morning… in fact for the next week! But the thought is nice!
      Everything you have spoken about makes perfect sense…… Really just feels like such a definate moment. A serious line. (Imagine the state i will be in when it is 40?) 😉

  4. I agree with Steve! AND I don’t recommend the drunk part, once you turn 30 – it seems to take longer to recover. Face facts Bokkie, you are old 😉 But I still luv ya 😀

    • Yes- face facts- I am now will officially be old on Saturday!
      Will you all have a glass of wine on me?

  5. I know how you feel – these watershed birthdays seem SO different from the others. I can’t tell you to feel differently but I can wish you joy and acceptance and a helluva party over the weekend, lovely bokkie. I LOVED my 30s.
    Sunshine xx

    • You only loved them because you had less wrinkles? 😉
      Still scared, but will just re-read everyone’s commnets OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!! Haha.

      • No, bokkie, that has nothing to do with it! My 30s were such fun – my boys were small, and life was lighter somehow. I also LOVE my 40s – it’s an attitude thing, I guess – how you feel. Each age brings with it knowledge and experience and, sometimes, wisdom.
        Sunshine xx

        • I was only joking Sunshine. I will keep my eye on the “wisdom” bit.
          I realise i am just being a little dramatic. Thanks for your motivation.

  6. I love your sense of humor 🙂 Happy birthday! You’re fabulous.

    • AWWWW- Thanks Jaclyn.
      Do come around again soon- promise to try and be funny! (But AFTER my birthday!)

  7. Welcome to the club of the 30-somethings! I’m in my 30’s, too. Since I turned 30, I haven’t felt a need to celebrate my birthday. I don’t think there’s any need to celebrate getting old. There’s both good and bad. I can honestly say that I didn’t have this much fun in my 20’s. That’s the good part. The bad part is, I feel old, especially when I’m around 20-somethings. My 30-something friends say they feel the same. But it’s a fact of life that we’re not teenagers anymore, so there’s nothing else to do but accept it. I guess the best we can do is to work at staying hot! 😉

    • Yes- hot!!! Haha. That makes me think of all those “mutton” ladies that dress as “lamb”.
      I am sure Saturday will be fine…… it is fine to get old! Right? With age comes experience and a sense of humour!

  8. P.S. Happy birthday!

  9. I went through a rough time with myself leading up to the big 3-0. All I could think was “I’m old”. But, I still look much much younger than 30, thanks to all the preservatives in the food system – yuck! Maybe it’s genetics too. At Christmas I was asked for ID when I bought some wine or beer, I blushed and replied “I’m flattered!” the cashier didn’t seem to like the joke once she saw the birthdate on the driver’s license. Ha! Silly old lady. How many 20-year-olds have two kids and a salt&pepper haired husband?
    I digress.
    You will be fine come Sunday and your hangover wears off.

    • I will be fine come Sunday and my hangover wears off! I will be fine come Sunday and my hangover wears off! I will be fine come Sunday and my hangover wears off!

  10. Heck, I have enough trouble figuring out how I am going to get through the day, much less, how old I am doing it 😉 Enjoy your birthday. You’ve survived…I mean earned… I mean you’ve made it. Happy Birthday!

    • I have made it!
      And i am sure i will enjoy it!
      Thanks Chris.

  11. Hey! Enjoy it! 30 only comes once. Looking at it from youth? Yep! It looked old to me. But I looked older in my 20’s. So I feel like I am growing into my looks, 47 now. My wife is two weeks younger and when we married at 21 everyone looked at me as a cradle robber. She still looks much younger! “Sigh”

    You put a number of days and minutes up there. Technically, you are just adding one more day, another number. Yes, it could be significant but it is the attitude behind it. That’s what counts!

    I never thought I would be pushing 50! But bring it on! 48, 49, 50!!! 🙂 Keep a good ‘tude and you’ll be fine. 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂

    • You are ALL right! It comes down to attitude.
      Someone (old) asked me today how old i will be turning. I just said “30”. He said “shoo- you still young hey?”
      Well, i dont know whether that was actually another way of stating- you look MUCH older than 30. So i could start this depressive circle all over!
      BUT I WONT.
      Saturday is going to come and go, and i am going to have a freaking awesome day! And a good start to the next hurdle.

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