Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 17, 2011

Everyone meet Jess. Jess meet Everyone!

If you all read my post on Saturday morning, you would have noticed that i was not the happiest chappie about getting a new addition to the family. I come from a space in which this type of thing is not done spontaneously. It is a 15 year commitement! My knight’s reposnse to my concern: ” would you have preferred I left it on the street?” How do I even answer a question like that? Of course not!!    

Needless to say…… I have fallen in love. (We all have.)

She arrived in a complete state. My knight had already taken her to the vet before bringing her home, to make sure that she was okay. I dont even think that she is 4 weeks old, she only weighs a kilo. She was covered in fleas and tics. Under that big ball of fluff, was really just bones. BUT there she stood growling and barking at me! I just giggled.  

Everyone meet “Jess”.   

“Jess” meet everyone!



  1. So cute. I hope your Knight shares the responsibility of rearing the new addition to the family. CHX

    • CHX- you wont believe how awesome he has been with her.

  2. Welcome Jess, landed with your bum in butter, you did 🙂

    • I’m not sure I understand that comment, . . . but it’s funny! 🙂

    • You are so right about that! You would be convinced that my knight has been talking about a baby!

  3. Nothing like a cute little warm puppy to hold and cuddle, to talk to, to clean up after …. hahahahahaha. Seriously. Nice little dog, she was lucky to have found you.


    • Must admit- wasnt excited about the cleaning up part. But she has brought a huge amount of excitement into the house!
      PS Thanks for popping in!

  4. You’re one very lucky pup, Jess! Your job is to protect the homestead (though I’d let the big guy take the lead there); be adorable; and keep “your pack” smiling. Looks like you’ll be a natural! Woof-Woof little guy ~

    • Complete natural… and so precious!

  5. She is very cute indeed. Welcome, little Jess, happy to meet you!
    I love that she growled at you!
    Sunshine xx

    • It was so cute! I realised then that she is going to be such a character. (Besides the fact that she made it through a night without a home, perhaps longer…)

  6. Very cute, you guys are clearly animals lovers like my family is and I commend you for that. On a sad note, we had to put down one of our dogs this morning, about 17 years old. When we talked about it with the kid’s last night, one of the first things my son says. “Does this mean we can get a puppy?” UUUUUGGHH!

    • That is a very good age! I am sure she was ready.
      Kids will be kids….. and all kids get excited about the idea of a puppy.

  7. So cute! Too bad they don’t stay puppies, just like kids don’t stay kids! We have 6, kids that is. No time for puppies! Maybe some day? Congrats!

    • Harold, et al — I’ve been fortunate to get a pup with what I call “Terminal Puppy Face”. She’s five now, and just as cute as ever! “Dublin”

    • 6 kids? Are you crazy? How do you even decide on having 6 kids? 😉 I think you and your wife are very brave! Well done.
      At least you would have lots of hands to clean up after the puppy. And enough love going around!!!

  8. You’re one very lucky pup, Jess! Your job is to protect the homestead (though I’d let that big Shepard take the lead there — at least for a while). Other job duties: be adorable and keep “your pack” smiling. Looks like you’ll be a natural! Woof-Woof little guy ~

    P.S. – and ask “mom” what’s so bad about “scraps” (by that I take it she means mutts or non-purebreds).

  9. awww she’s so cute!


    • Completely adorable. Feel like we rescued Annie!

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