Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 15, 2011

That belongs to someone….!

Lying on my bed, in my pj’s, working through my blog and the awesome bloggers i subscribe to. No rush… Nescafe Cappuccino being slowly sipped…… My knight has gone for a drive with a paramedic, they are folloing a group of cyclists this morning, settig up a marshalling team. That means i dont have to rush for anything right now. We have planned that when he gets back, we can go for a “trek”….my 3rd one!!! Looking forward to it! Then I can pick up My Princess from her dad, and end the day off lazier than i started. Bliss………..

And then my Blackberry Messenger flashes. My Knight has sent me this pic:

With these words: “Our new baby.”

Stuff that- I am not even worrying about typing back. I call immediately. Voicemail. I call again. Voicemail. 

We cant have a puppy! Did anyone read my post yesterday….. I dont think I am quite ready for another animal.

He answers, “I knew it would not take long”.

“My love, explain the picture.” Calm.

Him: “It’s a border collie. We found it on the side of the road.”

Me: “We can not have a puppy.” Not so calm.

Him: “But my love, it was on the side of the road.”

Me: “You dont even know if it is a border collie- man! It could be some scrap!!!” (Now i say this because this is the man who only wants German Shephards… everything else is a no-no. Everything.)

Another long haired dog!!!! (My maid is going to be so happy.)

Him: “It is not some scrap. It is a border collie. We can see.”

Next tactic.

Me: “you dont even know how old it is?”

Him: “We will take it to a vet now and get everything done.”

That was useless. New tactic.

Me: “My love, you have stolen a dog! That is someone’s puppy, and you have just taken it. Imagine how heart broken they could be?”

Him: “We havent stolen a puppy. There are no houses here, it was just in the street.”

I give up.

Me: “Is it a girl or a boy?”

Him: “It’s a girl, so we perfect!”

Me: “Okay, you better get dog food.”  

Am I ready for a puppy? F$#@ NO! (Just read yesterday’s post). Do I seem to have a choice. F^%& NO! (Just to be clear- I havent even seen this puppy yet……… except for that picture.)

My Princess is going to be over the moon! 

Any suggestions on a name?



  1. That is one cute pup. We always tease the kids that we’ll have a dog called D-fa (you know…D fa dog).
    Friends have one called Bach…

    • I am not thinking “cute” yet! Let us wait until i see her. My knight on the other hand seems to have already fallen in love.

  2. You could call it F*#+No?

    • That was hilarious!!! Thanks girl.

  3. They make fantastic pets, very loyal. Ours was called Feens (it’s Irish for ‘feebleness’ because they’re so scared of storms).

    • So far Cindy- she has just done everything that could make a family fall in love. She is actually gorgeous. And we have chosen a name….. see my post today. She suits it perfectly. xx

  4. Call it Muckery. or Mucky for short! OMuckery is my fav word)

    • Thanks Ava- but i think that’s more of a boyish name? And i would feel like i am stealing apiece of you. Haha. We have chosen a name though, decided as she arrived home. Jess.

  5. That puppy is SO cute!! How about Sasha? Just a random name…


    • Ah- loved yoru name! BUT we had been calling her Jess since she arrived home, and she seems to like it! (Your comment only came through that night, but thanks!)

  6. On the heels of the previous post, I was reading today’s story as, “uh oh, this isn’t gonna help matters . . .” but then I saw the pic and thought, “So Cute!” It’s a good looking pup. It’s a bit cliche, but how bout “Lucky” as a name? . . . Good Luck!

    • Thanks Richard! Fallen in love with her, it only took minutes and a few barks coming from her- it was too precious!
      We chose a name that morning- Jess. She seems to love it.

  7. Oh my, my, my…I have such torn feelings about animals…me and cats do not mix! (Feline vs. a Fish–Pisces)…me and dog hair don’t mix…I stay stick to your initial response and finds it’s real home….or you can just call the pup f*332K

    • Those were all my thoughts until i actually met her. She is gorgeous though, and clearly was not looked after wherever she was. She was covered in tics and fleas. All you could feel is ribs. My heart felt so sad when i imagined her fighting through the night. (Hoping only one). Posted some pics of her today. Have a look.
      We have called her Jess. (And my Princess is just over the moon.)

  8. You know guys never listen. I’ll be the first to admit that and my wife will attest to it too. We don’t get the hint either! Have fun with the new pup!

    • We have fallen in love! Posted some pic of her today (Monday).
      PS. I dont think guys have any idea what a hint actually is. They need REAL words.

  9. Is he trying to make up for you-know-what with a heart-string-pulling puppy? I grew up with border collies (sheltie-collie mix actually), her name was Jessica Sundown. As for a name, what were some of King Henry’s wives names? Since you have Henry the pig, he could use a lady friend, eh?

    • Hi Chef… haha.. .had a giggle at your comment. My knight has long since forgotten about “you-know-what”. (Wouldn’t most men?)
      We have called her Jess, and it seems perfect. Posted some pics today (Monday).

  10. Awww, she is so cute. How about Puddles? If I ever get a dog, that’s what I am naming it…lol

    • That is precious. (Thanks) Wanted something more lady like though….. we have caleld her Jess. And she loves it.

  11. BTW – Your posts are a great combination of humor and absolutely emphatic commentary! Very funny. I can almost hear them. 🙂

    • Awesome Richard- thanks. That feels like quite a compliment.

  12. BTW – Your posts are a great combination of humor and very emphatic commentary. You mean what you write and you write what you mean. I can almost hear them. 🙂

    • I think that is why i started a blog. I wanted to be able to write what I really mean. Haha. No girl jargon here.

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