Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 13, 2011

A Froggie Follow up on Ffursday!

After yesterday’s post, and all the excitement that the snotty frog, sorry “snot” and “frog”, generated- I thought I would do a clean follow up!  

How precious are these? They even smile!

Her toes almost look like the froggies have teeth!



  1. Cute 🙂

  2. I wonder if I could make my 15 year old wear those! So cute!!

  3. Cyuuuuuuute! Are they called frocs? hahahaha! xx

    • That is brilliant!!! I never even thought of that! I am actually going home to check what they are really called. Will let you know.

  4. I love these. Wonder if I can find them in my stores. Hey, its the middle of winter so summer stuff should be coming out soon.

    • Let me know if you dont. I will track them down, and send a pair!

  5. Big Brother has a pair that are Scooby-Doo crocs, he keeps insisting on wearing them, even though it’s still winter! (45F but still winter!)

    • With socks!!! You must post a pic.

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