Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 10, 2011

My 2nd SERIOUS “novice” bike ride. (On my way to professional.)

Friday afternoon I committed to the idea that on Saturday I would go for a ride (2nd serious one) on my new bicycle…… my Christmas Present- that I NEVER ever wanted

Last week we did about 8kms (felt like 80), and I think I almost died! It was saturday afternoon. In my head we were just doing a little peddling in the estate. (I was in jeans and slops- not a great planner.) Well, 50 minutes later we came through our front gate, my knight smiling from ear to ear- think it may have been his evil side…. i ripped my jeans off, and plonked myself onto the first step in our swimming pool. I then gathered my breath, heart beat and strength for the next 15 minutes. 

This Saturday however, I planned a little better….. and i was actually excited to feel that pain all over again. (That pain comforts me… means my muscles have worked!)

This photo was taken after all the hard work….. it was all up hill to get here. (Had to stop and breath a few times on my way up.) It carries on forever. My knight managed to spot some buck, but I didn’t have my glasses.   

     In that direction is Walkerville….. over the mountain. Perhaps next week we can do that? (Hahaha.)

If you look really hard, you will see our house! No not really……. but it is in that direction. Those whilte specles, left of the centre.

Had to take one of us! Told my knight it is for my blog! He was not too keen….. but i managed to get a smile.

This is the last HILL home….. and you can not see the reality in this photo. Honestly, it must be at a 60 degree angle, and I had to pedal like crazy, on the lowest gear to get up it. IN fact, i think i was screaming at teh same time….. like those heavy weight lifters do! (I honestly think it works!) When I reached the climax, I was not actually sure if I could go any further.  

Home sweet home. It has never looked any more welcoming!

And nor has Henry!!!

Baa, Baa, and Black were so excited to see that I had made it. In fact, the first photo I took- Black was charging for me. (In love!!)  

I managed to walk into the house, up the stairs and get into the shower. I managed to make some breakfast, and all this while feeling so, so, so much better than last week! It does get easier!!! Yah!!! I feel like i am a conqueror! I cant wait until next Saturday morning.



  1. Just love Henry *heart*

    • I love Henry too. He just wants so much love….. he literally runs around after you, wanting affection. Quite precious.
      My knight completely disagrees.

  2. You are so brave….and proud of u, he knows about the secret 🙂 yay….

    • Oh no- he only knows that I HAVE a blog. He doesnt have a clue what it is called? I suppose if he did some fishing on my blackberry, he would find it. However i have tried to communicate to him that i need something that is really all just me! Not his, not Logans. Without this blog, nothing is mine entirely. He does ask…but now less often! I dont think i will tell him the name of my blog, besides i woudl then have to vent somewhere else!!!

  3. Great job! You are such a trooper! Biking hurts my bum too much….dang having short legs! 😉

    • I have terribly short legs too….. height 156 cm. Cant touch the floor when i am on this bicycle…… and yes, my butt hurts too! More then anything the bones supporting my butt! I am sure it will get better. Please!

  4. Those pictures are stunning!! So very different from my world!
    I needed something that I is my own without sharing. I’ve told the family what it is going to be and you should have saw the faces! The husband’s was the worst! Haha to bad so sad!
    You are a gem 🙂

  5. WOOHOO!!! Good job! That’s awesome. Your house looks so beautiful!


    • Thanks Tia.
      Already excited about the next one…. but not telling my knight that yet. (Cant believe that i am actually enjoying a bicycle…. i didnt even think i woudl remember how to ride one.)

  6. my bike is hanging in the garage… Tires are probably flat too. Sad little bike. When I bought the thing I was in Calgary, the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and I actually used it to and from college. Even in winter (real winter with snow!). There was a steep hill I had to get down to go home, one day I wiped out and was witnessed by a car. They stopped to check on me and I thanked them. Lucky for me I was wearing jeans and not something thin which would have torn for sure!

    • I am sure when you think about it now- you can have a good laugh. There are still good people everywhere at least, and if something had happened I am sure they would have packed you up into their car and sorted you out.
      Time to take your bike out and gets those tyres pumped and go for a ride!! You might enjoy it now, it wont be a chore.

  7. wow those pictures are beautiful what a view! I love henry totally jealous lol.. i wish i could be a biker something i just cant do. i will run walk swim anything but bike. I dont know why maybe one day i will like it more…until then i will enjoy everyone else’s stories. 🙂

    • They are quite precious pictures. Hoping to be able to start taking more. And yes Henry is a darling! Re becoming a cyclist (not really a biker- although I would want to do that!!), i didnt even think I woudl be able to ride a bicycle again. Last time i must have been 13 years old. I got teh bike as a Christmas present, almost cried……. at that point I was not happy. But getting there, now!!!
      Thanks for visiting!!

  8. Pretty house! And love Henry. If I had to choose between riding bike and running, it would be biking every time 🙂

    • Thank you Wifey. We really enjoying it out in the country. It is such a BIG change from the city life we have been brought up in. I now get teh best of both worlds, every day i come to the city for work, and everyday i go home to a holiday.
      And yes, I love Henry too.

  9. […] right now. We have planned that when he gets back, we can go for a “trek”….my 3rd one!!! Looking forward to it! Then I can pick up My Princess from her dad, and end the day off lazier […]

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