Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 9, 2011

An African Sunset through the lens of my Blackberry.

I took this on the 23 December 2010, a few minutes past 7pm.

Yes, we know my Blackberry Camera is not the hottest (still waiting for my Torch),  and nothing seems to be in focus, but those Pink-Orange and Purple colours were truly what painted the sky. 

This was taken from my bedroom balcony.

Can you all see why I have fallen in love with our home out in “the country”, and more importantly- why i LOVE Africa!!!! 




  1. Wow, Okay, Africa is on my list of places to visit. All of my Europe Pictures are from my phone. It is what I have handy and I love them. Take more pics with you BB, then get an iPhone 😉

    • Haha Ed…. still waiting for my Blackberry Torch! And so excited for it!
      Glad that Africa is now on the list…. youwill love it.

  2. Stunning.

  3. Wow….what a wild looking sky! Great pic!….Jason

    • It is like a painting! Will try and take more.
      Thanks for visiting! Will pop past your blog today!

  4. Wow that is beautiful!

    • I thought so too. Thanks for visiting!

  5. What a lekker sunset. Your house in the country looks great, planning any big parties soon?

    • Well, it was going to be the big “30”……but now I dont think so. Maybe just a few of my really cool girl friends, and a couple of bottles of red wine! You keen?

  6. Stunning!

  7. That’s beautiful! Obviously I’ve never been to South Africa, but its funny, every so often we see an incredible sunrise coming up over the field across the road from our house (which faces east). When the clouds are bright orange and we can see the sun as a big bright orange ball over the horizon we always comment that it looks like Africa (or at least what we would think Africa looks like).

  8. Cool be looking out for updates. cheers

    • And I will be posting! So stay in touch, and thanks!

  9. What else but WOW!

    • I think so too! Will try and take more soon.

  10. It looks so warm and inviting.


    • It is!!!!
      Will take some more soon! Just dealing with lots of rain at the moment.

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