Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 6, 2011

She is 4 mom, you can not trust her with boiling water.

If anyone read my post yesterday you would have seen that I had a “sticky” morning. I rushed to get My Princess to my mom’s place to be able to get to the office and actually spend a few hours working. (Still battling to get back into that).

An hour into my time into working mode, my mom calls.

“We have had an accident.”

(Mom speak faster please……. you are speaking way to slowly for me to feel okay)


“Well, I made Your Princess a bowl of two minute noodles…….”

“Yes” (still too slowly mom)

“She was carrying a tray with the bowl, and the tray tipped upwards and onto her chest. She has been burnt with the boiling water.”

“But mom, why was there boiling water, and how  did you actually let her carry it? And…!!!!!!!!”

“I was telling her that she needs to walk slowly. It was water left over.”

(She is 4 mom! It doesn’t matter what you tell her. And I still don’t understand why there was boiling water in the bowl?)

“I have treated it with a burn kit, and we have wrapped her up. She is okay now.”

“Do I need to take her to the doctor mom? Did it blister? What does it look like? Michelle’s son pulled a cup of coffee over his face once, and ended up with third degree burns. His entire face was a raw blister.”

(You can imagine the state I was in.)

“No, I think she will be fine.”

(Kids have thinner skin than adults mom, this means that it takes less heat to cause more damage. My little girl’s body!!!)

The entire afternoon I worried. I was anxious, in a state. I just did not want my baby girl having to deal with so much trauma. (She had stitches a few days before Christmas, that was hectic enough.)

BUT I had to give my mom the benefit of the doubt.

All the things I thought, I did not say. I was calm, cool and collected.

I know many moms that would have dropped the entire afternoon to confirm what had been said. That would be natural. BUT let me give my mom credit where credit is due. The fact is that she was and is my mom and she brought up three healthy kids. I am positive that she knows what is a third degree and what is a first degree burn!??

(Although I still can’t understand why the two minute noodles were still immersed in boiling water.)

Last night I unwrapped the bandages to see for myself what was actually going on. You can imagine my relief when I realised that it was really just “very red”. No blisters. A definite pattern from her dress, the first contact point, which my mom apparently ripped off her as quickly as possible, and tapering down to her belly button. Just redness. The risk of material means that the it may have kept that “boiling heat” on the skin longer and therefore may have caused a much deeper injury. My mom was clearly quick- perhaps a little adrenalin rush.

Hard to believe- but her tummy is not that big!

I cannot be angry at my mom, I cannot blame her for what happened. (Although driving home I had some deep seated frustration). Things will happen. BUT I do believe that we need to be more aware of how easy it is to take for granted that your children are in control. Yes, my little girl thinks she is the “bees knees”….. in fact, when she turned 4 years old, she said “I can now do whatever I want hey mom?” “Pardon?” “I am 4 now, so I can do whatever I want. Hey?” Now that was a very humorous moment….  and every now and then when she says “I can’t”, I say “but my baby, you are 4, you can do whatever you want!” The fact is that she is still not in control, sometimes I wonder if I actually am?

This morning I thought I would do a quick “google” on boiling water burns (scalds). I found this.

The 2009 National Burn Repository reports the most common cause of burns as direct fire/flame (43%) followed by scalds (30%). Scald injuries were the predominant cause in children under the age of 5.


Scalding is caused by hot liquids (water or oil) or gases (steam), most commonly occurring from exposure to high temperature tap water in baths or showers or spilled hot drinks.[17] A so called immersion scald is created when an extremity is held under the surface of hot water, and is a common form of burn seen in child abuse.[18] A blister is a “bubble” in the skin filled with serous fluid as part of the body’s reaction to the heat and the subsequent inflammatory reaction. The blister “roof” is dead and the blister fluid contains toxic inflammatory mediators. Scald burns are more common in children, especially “spill scalds” from hot drinks and bath water scalds.”

I also found a number of articles that hit home too deeply, probably because I am a mother. My Google page was scattered with child abuse and torture with boiling liquids. Mothers and Fathers often burn their children during potty training, or punish them by sticking their hands into boiling water for playing to near the stove?? This is heart breaking.

It opens my eyes once again to the disaster happening in so many homes. It also begs me to question why some people have children?



  1. Scary 😦

  2. awww…poor baby! She’ll be ok though.

    • Of course she will be. It was really nothing terrible…….but it could have been. IN hind sight it could have been avoided completely.
      Thanks for popping past.

  3. Aren’t moms the best? My dad always reminds me that I did indeed survive my childhood without my mom killing me 🙂

    • More like she survived without killing herself. Xx Sometimes I do think that I may end up in a nut house. Xx

  4. I find it a hard balance between allowing the kids to do things more independantly and my need to make sure nothing is spilled. Then again, I do not have a friend whose son burnt himself badly by spilling her coffee cup.

    • Every one will have…. i guess sometimes we just need to let go and give them responsibility. My friends come over and always look for plastic plates for the kids when we are about to eat. I dont have plastic plates. I just assume my Princess will not break a plate, and she hasn’t. Perhaps because i have not made such a fuss over it! Thanks for popping in.

  5. That’s so sad! Glad your daughter is alright. 🙂


    • It happens all the time to people, i think i was a typical mom though that had the world crushing around me. Haha. She is still red, but no blisters and no wounds. It could have been ALOT worse.

  6. I am a grandmother raising two of my grandchildren that I just got custody of about three months ago. They are eleven and fourteen and I can tell you that you forget a lot of those things you learned raising your own kids. I’m sure your mom just didn’t foresee what happened, where she probably would have when you were a child. We really are out of practice as we get older and raising children does require the practice you get on a daily basis. I enjoyed this post because it really reminded me to be even more aware than I am already. I’m glad your daughter is alright and I’m sure your mother was more shook up than she let on to you that she was. It’s way more difficult to be a grandmother than you would think. We want the children but we have forgotten a lot of things that used to come very natural for us, so your mother may require more help and reminders in the future. I’m sure she will appreciate it if you handle it gently. That’s just my opinion coming from someone in her position.

    • Thanks for that! I know that everything you have said is a 100% true, and the reason why i kept my boiling thoughts inside. She is an awesome gran! In nfact, i wrote a post again about her today!! Not necessarily giving her all teh credibality in the world, but finding all the reasons why i woudl not want her in another country looking after someone else’s children! I do appreciate her tremendously.
      PS. my hat goes off to you for taking on such a huge role! Well done! I am positiveteh second tiem round will be far easier.

  7. Accidents will happen… that’s why they’re called accidents. I know how you feel though! My oldest spent a few days with the grandparents before Christmas and my mother-in-law called me and said he was running a fever! My heart stopped – do you have Tylenol? Is he throwing up? Anything else??? Stress on top of stress!

    We can’t keep them away from grans, friends, neighbours their whole lives – they need a community, a safety net.

    Give your little Princess a big hug!

    • Yes they need a community and a safety net, and sometimes we NEED a break! 🙂 Things will happen. That is the story of our lives.
      Hope you well.

  8. Sorry to hear that happened. Hope she’s starting to feel better today!

    • She is on top of the world. I am the one starting to feel better! 🙂 ALthough i think i did remain pretty calm.

  9. 😦 I’m sorry to hear about Princess’ little accident, bokkie. But I did like what you said about your mom. I came up in a family of 4 kids, and we were always getting scraped up, and bent and broken. But we all survived it, and our parents did what they had to do. In some cases, our Grandparents did what they had to do. The bond of trust between mother and child, in both generations here, will only be strengthened by your ability to let a cooler head prevail, and not over reacting. Good on you.

    On a side note, is there a way to email a blogger directly from their blog? This is BrokenPicker typing here, and I put my blog up now. You said you would subscribe, so I’m holding you to it. 🙂

    • Of course i will subscribe!!!! Cant let your talent go to waste!
      I honestly am not sure if there is a way of emailing a blogger directly from their blog. But once the comments role, you are able to see the email addresses etc. I will be coming over TODAY!!

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