Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 5, 2011

What a Mango Morning!

I cannot wait until My Princess is back to school. Once again ORDER. At the moment I am trying to keep her busy, and work….. I am battling. She is being shuffled from person-to-person-to-home- daily, and it is now just time that she is able to get into her routine again too.

I thought i would spend the morning with her today. So we met up with a friend for coffee, she has a daughter that has bonded nicely with My Princess. This special friend is leaving for Australia on Wednesday, and we thought it might be nice for the girls to spend some time together before she leaves. I would then drop My Princess off with my mom, hopefully before lunch time, and get to the office for a few hours. (Being still a “work” day, I dressed appropriately. This is handy info for later.)

My Princess and her friend Mandy

We sit at an outdoor wooden table at the Primi Piatti,  Lifestyle Centre,  Randburg. (Have an awesome little breakfast.) Relaxing at the table. Kids having an absolutely fabulous time in teh play area, food and drinks everywhere
(on our table)…… and then……

My princess knocked over a glass of mango juice.

If the table was solid- great, however the table looked like this…….

Wooden bench table made of planks, and SPACED

The mango juice leaked through the gaps in the wooden panels, and covered my skirt, legs and feet in MANGO JUICE. It went in-between my toes,  under them and covered my sandals. I could only giggle! (And squirm!!!)

Cold, sticky, thick mango juice.

Perhaps it was good for my skin! If anything else, it was good for laugh!!!



  1. Your blog are so funny.. I LIKE IT!

    • Thanks! I think it is just honest!

  2. Sticky situation ;p

    • Very attractive to the bees……which seem to be hectic on that side. Xx

  3. Bokkie, this sounds like a situation I might find myself in! I just love it!

    • Easy to love afterwards, but not while it is still happening- haha. Thanks for visiting bandit!!!
      Will pop past you today!

  4. Oh my! Well, at least you could laugh about it!! 😛


  5. Good for you, taking it all in stride. Something like that could easily get some people down, but clearly you could laugh it off and get on with your day. It’s probably one of those stories, years down the road, you’ll share with your Princess and you can both laugh about it!

    • I think that is a reason why I have this blog…. One day we can all read it together! Or maybe just snippets! These things happen to all of us!!

      Thanks for popping by.


  6. […] anyone read my post yesterday you would have seen that I had a “sticky” morning. I rushed to get My Princess to my mom’s place to be able to get to the office and actually spend […]

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