Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 4, 2011

My “weeding” begins.

The machine.

Yes, that is a tread mill. MY treadmill! You have no idea how excited I was when my knight led me to this room and I discovered what he had actually done.

Let me elaborate….. since our move 3 months ago, this room had literally been piled with boxes and boxes (who knows what is in them, but clearly have not needed them yet), and bags and bags of curtains (mostly mine) and books (also mine). We just shut the door, and every now and then when we need to go in there….. we make it quick. Out of sight, out of mind is my philosophy!!! My knight is convinced that since I have not needed any of it yet, I may never! Remember he is a huge minimalist. No rugs yet; no coffee tables yet; no ornaments displayed yet; no shelves for books yet; and nothing, nothing, nothing on our walls- yet.  (But keep note- yet!) I am working on it- slowly though so he doesn’t get a fright. My knight believes that these things are merely dust collectors!! I believe that they actually make a house- a home.

My treadmill was in our OTHER storeroom! The garage! How can I even begin to explain the catastrophe that has been created in there. The fact however was (and still is) that we could not park a car in there. We haven’t even contemplated that though. I am sure that he may have had to scrape the dust off! (But I didn’t mention that).

My initial intentions were to eventually have this little room converted from a “store” room to the room that houses “the machine”. That way it would also be difficult to make excuses about not getting onto it. (And although I have not been super enthusiastic- I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW, I need to.) It would also be a perfect place to house our bicycles, which I was never enthusiastic about having…… in fact, I NEVER actually wanted! (See the post about that here.) My knights bicycles have their own room, our guest bedroom!! The bed gets covered in all his tools that he uses to do magical things to his “mistresses”.  (That is how much time AND MONEY he spends on them).

That cannot continue forever. Eventually we will have a guest. (Perhaps one of you?)

Back to story…..  I was filled with joy and ACTUALLY excited about this. The fact is that it may will help me with the “weeding” I need to do….. see my post on that here. He realised it straight away! (Think he was proud that he managed to get it done.)

I got onto my bicycle,  (which i have been riding a little (surprizingly), in fact on Saturday the 1st of Jan we did about 8kms), dragged my princess out onto the road, just to get some real exercise into her….. didn’t last long, from her side however. Back to house, and into “the machine’s” room….. and ON!

My proof


There she comes.


Henry came down to say hi.









I did shockingly! BUT I WAS ON! Spent about 25 minutes on there, only 8 of those were actually RUNNING. The rest I was trying to catch my breath. BUT I was there… and I was “weeding!”

The other serious “weeding” that i needed to do, has also been dealt with “somewhat” yesterday. I did wake up early, and I did get my butt into gear. I ate healthy (to add to the little exercise above). I did work through my 2011 diary, and move everything that i needed to from 2010’s diary. Okay- maybe the last one- i havent actually touched yet. Taking down the Christmas decorations. (I think i am hoping that fairies will appear and do it for me!) Let’s see.   

I think that was a good start to the first Monday of 2011.

What did you do yesterday that you feel proud of?



  1. Good post… but what does the expression “weeding” mean?? My wife and I have always wanted a treadmill, although after a couple of knee surgeries my running is limited and I save it for weekly basketball night with some friends. Problem is finding a place to put it, be happy you have that extra room! Love the pic of the property… looks beautiful. And Henry too!

    • Thanks! I did a post on “weeding”…. (2011 will only have greener grass if we all start watering!) (Not sure how to link it in a comment though, so you may need to check my posts out.)
      I love our new home, although we are still renting (have to try the country life out before we make a definite move- still love the city), and yes, I love Henry! My knight would have him for Sunday lunch if i gave him half a chance. I dont think Henry realises how grateful he should be to me. Haha.

  2. wow, good job! Our treadmill is in the garage…there’s really no extra place to put it. You must be really proud of yourself (and your knight)! Great post!


    • Yes I am! Did my 25 minutes last night again! HOWEVER, it really is quite boring. I had some music on, and eventually (when i was battling on breathing), turned it off to concentrate. Haha! Let’s just keep on!!!

  3. Very well done.

    • Thanks…..but you may not have thought that when you saw me trying to breath. That is perhaps why i closed the door! 🙂
      Let’s see how tonight goes.

  4. Are you in Lammermoor?

    • No, not actually sure where that is. We are in an area South of JHB, Randvaal…. specifically the estate is called Blue Saddle Ranch. Equestrian Estate….. so maybe we can have some horses too one day!

      • Oh, OK, Lammermoor is in Lanseria area and it looks pretty similar to where you are.

  5. Unpacking does tend to last forever unless you really go at it. I still have half a dozen plastic containers in the garage from when I moved to Texas from Canada! Mostly school books (which are way out dated by now) and various art pieces. Maybe that should go on this year’s list… along with my cook book 🙂

    • This year’s list of “things to do”? I must admit i have not put a date on clearing any of it out -yet! Once dates are in place…. you have committed!

  6. I cleaned out the magazine piles by my bed. I threw out a bunch and put away the ones I want to save. My other great task for the first day of the year was to bind a quilt I had been working on. The matching pillow will be done by the weekend. Your view does look heavenly.

    • Oh my- it is heavenly. It is so awesome waking up and opening our french doors and looking out of the balcony! Only been here three months, but i cant imagine moving anywhere else. (Besides the thought of having to ever pack and move teh house again scares teh absolute crap out of me!!!)

      Thanks for visiting! Well done on your start! Will pop past yoru blog in a short while…..


  7. Way to go girl! I’d say that is more than a good start, that is an AMAZING start. Don’t try to do that much every day or you will be sure to crash.

    Sounds like the knight lived up to his title this week-end.

    • Haha….. yes he lived up to his title, most times i think his title gives him too much credit. 🙂
      Must admit, did teh 25 minutes again last night….but was really bored! Teh only time i wasnt was when i was trying to concentrate on my breathing, before i had a heartattack, and turned the music off. Let’s see how tonight goes.

  8. Oh – so jealous! I’ll even stay on the floor if I can use your treadmill 😀

    • I have a couch! (The guest bedroom still has a current tenant- in fact two- my knights bicycles). I am working on that though!!!

  9. […] still sit in her own room. I would be lying that I have been excited about her once or twice, since my Knight found a spot- but once a spent a few minutes in a long boring drawn out stage (being 30 minutes) I lost all […]

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