Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 2, 2011

2011 will only have greener grass if we all start watering!

It is the 2nd of December, a Sunday….. the way I see it- not a good day to start a resolution. Haha. So I have just stuffed my face with scones, baked yesterday, covered in butter, strawberry jam, and cream. Can you imagine anything better.  

I really should have taken a picture before i got into it.

Yesterday I had a thought, that literally consumed me for hours.

How can ONE day’s DATE have such a evolutionary effect on everyone?

I have read so many comments from my friends, and heard so many people say how they look forward to the year coming to an end, and a new one starting. As if the fairies come out and magically make everything brand new.My question is what will be different this year? Will the year 2011 come with added benefits for being so loyal (merely by still being here) for the last 29 years?

No! Only we will! It is our attitude!

So, why do we wait until the 1st of Jan to change it? Why not change it when we realise there is a problem? When we realise that we are not so happy, find things to make us happy! Only we can do that. And although my princess tries desperately hard to convince me that fairies do come in at odd times and make things happen- we know in truth, grass is not greener unless you water it, weed it, and give it sun!

When I moved house, I found a list in my underwear drawer mentioning all the terrible things that had happened this past year and last. Considering it was only September (when I found it)- the list was quite long. What was I thinking? Who tries to remember all the bad that has happened? Where was my list of good things? In fact, I battle to even come up with a list- yet I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW  that good things have happened. (Maybe that is one of the reasons why I have started this blog!!)

2011. Here is to you!

I don’t have any resolutions this year. (Perhaps to stop writing lists of all the things that have gone wrong should be one.)In fact, I never really make any.

I would rather try and form better habits this year! I will work on my bucket list, putting goals and plans in place to work through my list with excitement. To “add to”, and to “tick off as done” is also essential. Part of those habits will be working through my own happiness project, which is on my bucket list. Yah!! We all long to be happy, so we need to find those things that make us happy! We need to start watering that grass!

I look forward to starting, I look forward to listing, and I look forward to the watering!!!

Although I am trying to be super-positive, there are four things that I am really NOT looking forward to. (I think that if I am honest about my thoughts, the bad ones, I can be honest about the good ones too. Right?) They are no different to January 2010, and I suppose that next year this time- I may send you back to this post…… See this as the initial weeding.

  1. Taking the Christmas decorations down! (I have managed to put trinkets throughout the entire house……yah!) (Remember the sarcastic tone we have spoken about?)
  2. Waking up early again! (It’s work again, school again and life- again, but i could do with lazy mornings.)
  3. Losing the 3 kilograms that December forced into me. (I think that may take more time to lose then it was to gain.)
  4. Transferring the contents on my daily diary from 2010 to my new daily dairy 2011. (My name, my contacts, important information, and the list of things that were still being written down in December that I never got to actually DOING.)


But today is still Sunday, and I don’t need to start on any of those until next week!! (My 1st of January is only starting on the 3rd.) Monday I can start the weeding, then the watering and finding sunshine…… I will have greener grass!!   

Anything you need to weed out, before you start the watering?

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  1. I agree with the odd concept of change because of a single day. For me, I think of the new year with the first day of school. Here that is September. To me January 1st is just another day! Happy just another day bokkie!!

    • Thanks R, you too!!!! Let’s all change when we need to. Let’s change when we want to. And let’s not wait!!!

  2. It is just another day, but it gives us an excuse for a new beginning, a fresh start. I kind of like that, even though there is nothing magical about the day.
    Happy every days to you, I’m glad to have connected with you in blogland!
    Sunshine xx

    • I am also glad to have connected Sunshine. Have an awesome every day!!!

      When does work start?


  3. Nice post! I think I should do some weeding before I water. I quit making New Years Resolutions a long time ago. Now, I just make up goofy things on my facebook “Try to procrastinate a little more..” things like

    • Those things are anything but goofy!!! HAHA. Although i do think you should quit procrastinating now!!
      Hope you have a good “weeding” day now.

  4. Greetings from Scotland. Came across your blog whilst visiting mcalisterium whose photos had just been freshly pressed.
    I like your thoughts about forming better habits – much better than resolutions!
    Happy New Year.

    • Greetings right back at you!!! Thanks for popping in. You may like more of my thoughts, so do pop in again!!
      Promise to make a turn past your blog today, just working on some much needed “weeding” for the New Year!!!
      Have an awesome start!

  5. I’ve weeded so much today I probably won’t be able to stand upright tomorrow …
    All the best for 2011 🙂

    • I like that type of pain…… it is good pain. It means that muscles worked! I do so little muscle working, that i actually get excited. Haha.
      Have an awesome day Cindy!

  6. I don’t usually make New Year Resolutions either…because it does seem strange to wait until Jan. 1st to make changes. I do my best to make changes when the problems occur, but I think that the idea of a new year does encourage people to make it a better year than before and it’s like they have a fresh start and clean slate. Great post!


    • Thank you! Yes, it is a clean slate…… and it will be better! The “weeding” has begun!!

  7. […] about this. The fact is that it may will help me with the “weeding” I need to do….. see my post on that here. He realised it straight away! (Think he was proud that he managed to get it […]

  8. Birthdays seem to carry more tout than New Year’s for me. Maybe it’s a bit self-centered but it’s true. Especially now that we’re in our 30’s, life is work, happiness is work, LOVE is work. I’m trying to stop being the grump about everything and take the watering can away from whomever is stomping on my flower bed!

    • Now that would be a GOOD HABIT to form!!! I like it!

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