Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 30, 2010

In the words of my 4 year old..

Bribery material for when she is 21.

In the last week every time my princess has said something that has made me giggle, I have tried so hard to remember her words. I never do.

A couple of times I have been able to grab a pen and scribble it down. I don’t know if there was a point to that- if I thought perhaps I would write a 2000 word blog from it all, and make her famous….?

Maybe my point was just to bring a smile! So picture this.

Those shopping moments when you can’t get away quick enough.

It’s Christmas Eve, I am rushing through Woolworths, and not for Christmas Shopping- but for FOOD! Why did I decide to host Christmas at my house? Can’t worry about that now. Next year- new story. Christmas Eve at a mall is possibly like the Sardine Run! You have no idea where you going, what is next to you, or how you going to complete the task of getting this trolley from the basement level to the 4th level parking lot?

Princess and I are at the counter paying. I am really not in the mood to chat to this happy person about to take my money, about the weather. I was not rude, but I was not very entertaining. Sorry, i know you only doing your job. I did take note however that he was a rather feminine, black gentlemen, who was wearing jeans I only wish I could squeeze into.

I pay, grab my bags, and grab my princess, and she says: “why is that boy wearing make-up mommy?”

I did everything in my power to control the bout of laughter that was desperate to say hi from inside my tummy, and walked away- VERY QUICKLY!

My 4 year old noticed his eyeliner! Secretly I am quite proud that she is so perceptive. I explain to her that “this world is filled with very different people, and we just need to let people do what makes them happy”.

At first I felt terrible that he may have heard her, however I then realised that if people want to be different, go out of their way to be different- they need to be ready to receive whatever a 4 year old may say without trying to be any different to other 4 year olds.   

The “Glitterings” of Africa

We driving home, that long peaceful drive in which we reflect on the hours before, and my princess says: “they glittering hey mom?”

I am completely lost. Who, what, where? Glittering?

“Those people that stopped on the road, they glittering!”

I suddenly realised what she meant. She knows that one thing I hate with a passion is litterers, and there on the side of the road was a car dumping bags.

I started to correct her…..and then just giggled. “Yes my babe, they glittering!”  

In the bath, not quite ready to get out.

My princess is playing with a bubble blower that she got from her Aunt (my sister Sam) for Christmas. I am not sure if my sister actually told her that Father Christmas had stopped at her house and left a note to give this to Logan or not? I think that might have been the case, as we all seemed to be brought up believing that Father Christmas went and dropped off presents everywhere for us.

Anyway, the Bubble maker creates monster size bubbles, and is awesome to have- OUTSIDE. A piece of plastic which connected it to its box is still attached, and in the rush of opening everything- no one actually cut it off.

“Did Sam actually buy this?”                   

 “From the shops mom?”                  

“Or does Father Christmas make presents in the same boxes that the shops have?”


Change subject. I have an awesome ability to do that.

Did I bring a smile? Hope so….. Do you have any giggling moments that you can remember?



  1. Hahahahah @ “bribery material”.
    I agree, keep all the “evidence”.

    Very nice post.

    • Ah thanks. Pop past again…… will try to stay nice!

  2. Oh I long for those simple question days, lately the questions the offspring throw at me have to do with relationships and sex -_- The up side is, the bribery photos are better 😀

    • I really am scared of all that lies ahead. really am.
      Have an awesome New Year Ed!

  3. Loved it Kal!!!

    Your daughter is precious! I love kids so much. Thanks again for your well wishes yesterday when I was under the weather.



    • She is precious, but sometimes she is a monster!
      Pleasure, hope you hundreds again.
      Have an awesome New Year!

  4. These are too cute – keep ’em coming! Your daughter will like hearing about them when she’s older too. Not too sure she’ll be glad you took that photo, though? haha!
    Happy 2011!
    Sunshine xx

    • I must just remember them….. But will try. Awesome for her to read when she will be older.
      Have an awesome start to the New Year! Xx

  5. So sweet, I have deep regrets at not writing down more of the things my girl said when she was small. Nowdays I prefer not to document what she says.
    Happy New Year.

    • Haha!!! You make me scared! In fact, everyone does. I though the toddler years were hard enough… Might make for an interesting post- and good reading material when she has her own teen though. How old is she?
      Happy New Year to you too!!!

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