Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 29, 2010

An invasion of Privacy.

It is the 26th of December. We all starting to feel very well rested after a serious Christmas Day. House has been cleaned, and we back into an evening routine.

I climb out of the shower, put my pyjamas on, lather a Serum all over my face (very expensive stuff and if you ask me, there are no tell tale signs that it works), and come through to the bedroom.

My knight and I have separate bathrooms. The main reason why is because when we moved in, and I had my first (and only) shower in the main bathroom-  the showerhead put me off so much, that I vowed never to enter again until it was changed. (ED- perhaps I need your team of muppets?) After that, I fell in love with the second bathroom…….I could have a shower without having to wet my hair (I shower twice a day, I could not possibly blow dry this hair twice a day?). It has a beautiful bay window around the bath, which lets all the light in. The backdrop is the “koppie” behind us. Nobody could see in, except the owls that nestle in those rocks. Needless to say- the showerhead in the main bathroom has never been changed, and I don’t mind.  

Back to story…….

I climb onto our bed, wandering if I am going to open my book. I have been battling to get into it, it is one of those that you need to constantly page back to see who we are actually talking about in this chapter. My knight comes in with his laptop in one hand and his Christmas present from me in his other. He hasn’t had a chance to play with it yet, and I can see that inside he is dying to. (Those were my thoughts…… they were wrong!!!)  

(I think my gifts stirred way more excitement in him then his did in me….)

One of the gifts I bought him was this beautiful pen. (I dont like to put all my eggs into one basket…)


However, the exciting part is that it is ACTUALLY a video camera.

You could never tell. It is a gadget…..we all like gadgets, don’t we? You won’t believe how clear it actually is…. and better yet- it holds 4 gigs! I am sure that that could be a whole movie. Battery time is only about 2 hours, but I don’t think it takes long to charge. It’s not High Definition clear, but it is clearer than my Blackberry. It could be an exciting toy to have.

And from the look on his face, he was excited to have it.

(Just wait… is coming.)

“Would you like to watch something with me?” Knight utters.



My knight plugs his little nifty toy in, and I realise that he has clearly been up to something! (Hence the naughty boy smirk!!!)

As the picture appears, I realize what he has actually done.

The little twirp love of my life placed it in the bathroom….practically on the glass walls of shower (oh great). He did this all while I was reading princess a bed time story.

I can’t not.

As we watch the video, I can see myself talking to him at the bathroom door…. he asks if he can shower with me, I say no, and he states that he “will be there in spirit”. BUT THEN……the glass doors all start steaming up, and I am sitting on the bed so incredibly grateful. We can’t stop watching though, I need to make sure it stays that way. Although it does…. when I climb into the shower, you do see me, in all my nakedness. (Oh know). THEN I REALISE that the camera is so close, that you really can’t see much more then the tattoo on the bottom of my back, and my butt. (But you can’t miss that). We watch 15 minutes of this!!!  

Inside, I am feeling a little betrayed, a little on edge. (I can’t even remember if I managed to have him delete it or not). I managed to stay cool, calm, and collected…. have had so much practice over the last few days.

Can you believe it? My knight used the gift I bought him, against me!

He didn’t see it that way. In his head this had become a new project!!

Lesson learnt: search that bathroom every night.

Plan of action:  cunning…may need your help!!!

(One of the next times that he plugs that little nifty device into his laptop, he may see something else unexpected.)

Then maybe we can laugh about it.   



  1. Eish … he’s not on Facebook is he?

    • ??? Over my head??? Of course he is. Who isn’t? Xx

  2. !!!! I’m indignant on your behalf. Erase it and replace it with 15 minutes of video footage of your new bike 😀 I’ll send my muppets over to change the showerhead. I recommend a hansgroe!

    • Thanks for that. Need everyone to feel indignant on my behalf- haha.

      That sounds like an awesome plan!!

      Let me know when to pick the muppets up. May not find there way here from the airport. Xx

  3. That is a FUNNY story! I need more coffee, but give me a minute, we will definitely come up with some sort of revenge 😀

  4. LMAO…. I like him! 🙂 And what a cool toy!!

    btw, I signed up to blog, but no confirmation email ever came. Support is closed until 1/3? Anyway, I have the name now, so if I ever get the email, I’ll come and let you know how to find. Properly. With manners. And the correct blogging etiquette after I go dig up the other post you made about all that….

    • Awesome! Excited already… know you can start working on all your posts already!
      And yes, the toy is very cool. But i am still a little disgruntled.

  5. Oh my hat – hahahahha

    Don’t get mad bokkie – get even (hell hath no fury like a women scorned) 😀

    • That is my plan!!! Well- the goal of it. Still missing a plan. Haha.

  6. […] to story- my make up now lives in the second bathroom, the one that I use, and every morning I pull it all out of the bathroom cupboard, place it on the cistern of the […]

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