Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 27, 2010

I FAILED miserably in Blogging Etiquette, I am sorry.

I stole this from

I am on the internet a couple of days ago, “researching”  some things and I realise that a perfect topic for any/ my blog is to have something on “etiquette”. Blog Etiquette. That way if you have any “newbies” (which is ME!!!!) they know what is the right way of blogging, and then what is the wrong way of blogging!!!  Get things out in the open, and make sure we all are following some secret guide in this universe to ethical “tantrum, venting, creative story telling” between each other.


It wasn’t long and I realised that I have failed MISERABLY!!! Totally unexpected! (It has actually taken me a couple of days to get the courage to write this!)

YES- I have messed up!!    

We not talking about the obvious ethical points- of asking permission if you use someone’s material; or placing links in pictures that you may have used. (Since it is apparently a good thing to always have a picture). We not talking about watching your language- just a little, or not being “completely disregardful” of any human being!!

Let’s get to the point.

When I read blogs, I think it is important to leave a comment…. someone has taken serious time, (I know because mine take serious time), between kids, work, home, cooking, and our men, to put a creative piece together….or merely to get their hearts and souls onto a piece of hardcore eco- friendly written material. They need feedback! They need to feel if they are going in the direction they wanted to. They need to vent and they need moral support. (“THEY” COULD POSSIBLY BE ME!!!) So I comment. (I also know what an awesome feeling it is to have people take the time and energy to comment).

BUT……….. And here is where I realised that I am a complete cow who actually may have a hidden agenda!! (Yes- me.)

I always add a “LINK TO MY BLOG” in my comments to the bloggers! (

It has become second nature. It started with the thought that it will lead people to “click” (people love to click), and therefore gain traffic to my blog. (And I think it possibly does! )

BUT……. I have just used someone’s creative work for my benefit!

I have just hopped onto their traffic, to gain my own!

If I spent the time, energy and patience on my blog- I would get the traffic I so desperately crave! Wouldn’t I?

AND then I realise that this blog has become an obsession…… when I started- did I care about traffic?   

So, to turn this negative into a positive, as that is one of my main aims in ALL my posts, I would like to apologize to EVERY blogger I have read, and commented on. (I am sure I left my link on all your posts.)

I am sorry, so very, very sorry. I have tried to direct your traffic onto my blog, I have tried to gain your readership, and I have tried to get my blog growing as quickly as possible- by using the shortcut. At the time I didn’t think about the bigger picture, I am still so immature in all of this….. I am positive that I did not intentionally try and manipulate the reading to benefit me.  

I should know by now, that shortcuts MAY work, however the foundation is generally very unstable and may not last as long as it should, therefore indirectly, it may fail. We then start from scratch!!! (Can’t imagine starting this blog from scratch?!)

Please forgive me.  

Yours always,






  1. Bwahahaha, never mind, nobody got hurt in the process 🙂

    • It is all about sticking to the universal rules of right and wrong……. right? Have an awesome day!!! x

  2. But then I wouldn’t have found you! So it’s all good 🙂

    • You are SO SO SO right!!! I am so glad that you did. xx

  3. Oh sunshine – you are always a thoughtful commenter and THAT is what matters 😉 Wishing you a lovely day!

    • MY thoughst only come through all your good work!!! Not easily. Hope you well!!! xx

  4. I guess I am guilty of the same thing, but I am so lucky to have met many people in this manner including you. If you wish to comment on my website and leave your link, then I will not mind at all. I am only as interesting as the people who read my post and yours is a very interesting post.

  5. Etiquette, schmetiquette 🙂

    • Yes yes!!! We could play that game….. but let’s not. What goes around, comes around. Mmwaah!!!

  6. Ha… newbie here, and luckily I have discovered your fine post just in time, before totally becoming (gasp) “complete cow who actually may have a hidden agenda!!”

    I have left a few comments recently with my address also, not really thinking through the whole thing… to me it was kind of like the “signature” on an e-mail listing all your contact info and corresponding website addresses. But alas you are correct, what are we looking for but the elusive “clicks” to our own site.

    I will have to re-evaluate this!

    Regards and Happy New Year!

    http://www.brownro…….. j/k!!

    • Haha….sorry about that. I got the same fright when I discovered it.
      Thanks for popping by,AND Have an awesome New Year.

  7. Oh crap…and I didn’t even do mine for clicks. Just part of the whole sharing thing. Thanks to you I now know better. Nice posts btw.

    • Thanks.
      I think we are all a little guilty somewhere in this blogging world.
      Will take a turn your way sometime today. Do come past again!

  8. I thought it was a part of having a blog!? So how do I not do it? Plus it is not helping my numbers. I do like your blogs and that is how I found you!

    • Thanks Harold.
      I thought the same, until i started working on the post and did some “googling”. I then realised that i can not blog on eiquette, if I have no manners. It is actually all just about being patient and determined. Remember that if people click on your username, they should be taken to your blog. No one said that this is a quick process, but I now realise that it is not about teh numbers anymore- it is about feeling good about being creative everyday. People will come.
      Will pop past you today.

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