Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 17, 2010

Live without Facebook? Uh- I dont think so…

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“TIME magazine has named Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg Person of the Year.

Zuckerberg’s accomplishments in 2010 are truly outstanding: he cemented Facebook’s status as the biggest social network and one of the hottest internet companies, surging past 500 million users. He’s one of the world’s youngest billionaires, and recently he pledged to give majority of his wealth to charity.”

(Courtesy of Mashable’s newsletter.)

If I had not met my knight and fallen head-over-heels for him, I may have travelled the continent and tracked Mark down to help give away his money. Lucky knight!!!!

Facebook (like Word Press) has become a fundamental part of my daily life. (Anything part of my daily life has an application on my phone.) And it is not just me clearly- it is another 499 million people!!!! Might I add the amount of serious potential still out there. (I am not talking about countless tribes in the middle of Africa, I am talking about qualitative potential. For example….My mom- recently divorced, trying to connect with past friends and family all over the world- still has her doubts however. She has yet to set one up!!!But she has potential!!)

Because it has become a core component of my day, my life, my inner core (Imagine how much more work we could do without all of these things???? No wonder we never have time!!!), I have serious opinions (somewhat mixed) about the FACEBOOK phenomenon. And again- I am not the only one.

(Please do add your serious opinions to my post…. and perhaps we can work through all of those and start over!!! I promise to give half of our money away!!!)

My first point however, is based on the fact that I have countless friends who complain about the fact that they do not care if Joe Soap is “having pizza tonight!!!” Or if there is “serious babe potential at a Tao’s”. They don’t want to know whether you are “awake at 3 o’clock in the morning”, or that “you had last night’s left-over’s for breakfast”. And you know what- if it is “raining in London, deal with it… is always raining!!!”

If you don’t want to know all these things- then why do you look?? (This is a choice you make!!)

In fact, I have one friend (who I love to bits) who actually removed his account. It was a huge deal for him!!!! “I decided to de-register my account!!” “you what?” “I removed myself off of Facebook!!”  “Why not just ignore the fact that you have an account?” “Don’t you want to stay in touch with some people?” “No, No, No!!”

To actually go through the effort of de-registering I thought was rather drastic. Don’t you?


–          1. Facebook has allowed me to find people I thought I would never see again!!! (Yah!)

The fact is that I am/ was possibly the worst communicator in the world.

I literally packed my bags up after school, and went overseas for a year. The only people I spoke to back home were my parents, and perhaps because they allowed me to “reverse charges”. Every week!!! Just to add- that was all they paid for….. I once said to my dad, “I am broke dad” (Being in a city that could cause me to start peddling my body to pay rent quite easily I presumed that a positive reaction would come my way). He said, “you have a return ticket- come home” (Tough love)!!!

Back to worst communicator- I never once walked into an internet cafe, I never emailed a single soul (in fact didn’t even have an email address), and I think I can count actually writing (really writing) two letters.

I came home from a year of absolute-eye-opening-hard-work and bliss-in-the-form-of alcohol- and-independence….. to depression, no friends, and the thought of having to get a degree that I really would much rather exchange for working back in the pub in Waterloo. (Thank the Lord I didn’t!!!)

When I discovered Facebook, it brought everything again to one place!!!   

–          2. Facebook has allowed people to find me. (Yah! And not so Yah!!!)

We meet so many people in our lives, and although they may have influenced us in some way (and I believe all for a reason), we have often forgotten and been caught up in LIFE!! (We all have one, with as many problems and issues as the next). I have often been so wonderfully surprised when I have suddenly received a request from someone that I truly had forgotten all about. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to place them, and yes, once or twice- I have been “I don’t know who this is….?!?” But most times, I have really felt my heart smile.

And then the not so YAH!!! People who I have really tried to burn every bridge with- have found me, and requested to be friends. (Don’t you remember- I was a BAD friend. I made no effort, and I tried desperately hard to make you HATE me!!! Don’t you hate me?) I have just ignored those people. (Is there a way that you can actually block them from nosing through all my stuff? Without changing every one’s settings?) One was so recent, I can still feel my bones grating away at the bottom of my spine. She worked with me, heading a different department. We HAD TO WORK CLOSELY Together!!! Have you ever had someone who goes out of her way to manipulate every situation to make you look like the biggest idiot (Bad word) under the sun? Well, that was her. She was this common piece of trash who used to do her own hair extensions!!! In white and black. Reminded me of Cruella De Ville’s fur coat in 101 Dalmations.  (CAN YOU READ MY TONE?) A factor that actually makes you question your entire career choice!!!

Well SHE sent me a message AND a friend request!!!!! Could you imagine what went through my mind?

(Clearly I have issues that need some prayer time.)     

–           3.  Facebook allows me to be able to  see everyone’s children!!! And every one’s happiness!!!

I enjoy that. I enjoy the photos, and I enjoy seeing that actually every single person I know has aged beautifully. Everyone looks so much better than we did in High School. We all found our hair, we all found a way to actually do our make-up, we found our bodies… and we found love. We also found experiences. And many of us found some form of success or wealth. Photos always show happiness….. we only take photos when we are happy, and that is what is awesome!!!

–          4. Facebook has allowed me to find out things I was maybe not supposed to! (Yah and not so Yah!!)

I gather information. I love information. Information is power. People don’t realize but Facebook is filled with information. I don’t trust people at the best of times…. bad I know…. but I have seen so many so-called-friends- DO not-friend-like things, like completely forget to invite me to a Christening when initially baby was born, I was asked to be the God mother!!!! (Okay- so that is still raw, and I am still dealing with it). But how do you do that? I would rather accidently delete me as a friend, then have to contend with my questions? Wouldn’t you?

Not so enthusiastically………

  1. Photo uploading is a nightmare!!!

Up until this week the only photos I uploaded were from my phone. Simple application allows me to just send it. No funny business. Granted- they are not very good crappy  photos. (Will be better when I can finally claim to have my Torch!!! Still battling with that one.)

This week I decided that it was time I add some happiness in the form of photo’s and do some bragging……  I must have spent 8 hours at least adding new Albums. I cursed. Not once, not twice, but a few times. I had to start from scratch about 4 times….. don’t know whether I can blame Facebook or Vodacom for that, or perhaps BOTH. Could you imagine my frustration- luckily I still have hair!

However, I did take away a lesson…..


       2.       I am not a chatter!!!

Granted, I hardly ever go onto the FULL SITE. I visit Facebook through the application on my phone (a few million times a day), and I manage my profile from there. It is quick, easy, and there is no complicated jumbo gumbo. (I read people complaining about new layouts etc, and I have never even had to notice).

So, here is the situation…. I am on the FULL SITE- trying to find ways of uploading these photos faster- (didn’t find a way), and suddenly this little bubble appears and a “PING”.

Oh great….. I now realise that this tells all other Facebook Users that I am ONLINE. And now I have someone who I really don’t have time to chat with, asking for some recognition.


I close the conversation, and my knight then nicely informs me that that would appear rude. (Always trying to make me a better person…)

Ummmmm………okay maybe he is right? But I am rude! But now what. (Because maybe I don’t really want to appear that way). He then shows me how to switch my status to “offline”. “That is possible!”

Now I just need to remember to do it!!!  


LOG ON…….LOG OFF (Not literally, just to everyone else!)   



  1. I’m one of those people who gets irritated with inane status updates on FB, but I tend to ignore them. My favourite ridiculous one is “I’m sooooooo busy” (then why are you on FB?) or “Enjoying a beautiful, romantic weekend with my husband” (and FB?)
    But I do love FB; being so far away from home it keeps me easily connected. And I do love the opportunity to chat if I can – I miss all my friends and family so much!
    Fun post!
    Sunshine xx

    • Thanks sunshine… much as there is so many things we could change- the fact is, we can’t live without it. Mark found the niche and turned it into something truly remarkable.
      Thanks for subscribing!!!! Looking forward to it. X

  2. This is true – we are highly dependent on it. I recently gave it up for a week, and am glad I did. It restored my priorities *pointing upwards*. I like your blog!

    • Maybe I should do that!!! Thanks for liking my blog….. Enough to become a committed reader?? Say yes, yes, yes!!! And then subscribe.

      Will have a read through yours this eve…. What is your blog called?


      • And thanks for checking out mine! It is called “The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife.” A little about living life in South Dakota 🙂 I will add your blog to my Google Reader.

        • Thanks for that!!!! Love your photos. Can’t imagine those poor pups in all of that snow.
          Excuse my ignorance- new to this- what is a Google Reader. Need some education. Xx

          • I’m not a techie, so bare with me 🙂 If you create a gmail account through google, you will have access to a Reader, which is a way to keep up with your favorite websites, subscriptions to blogs, etc. I have my favorite blogs, comics and news sites on Reade.


          • Thanks for that!! Must admit though, much easier to subscribe by email. Yes? Have an awesome Sunday!!!

  3. I noticed the new layout of FB this week. It’s too iconic (pardon the pun). I liked the way it was last week, but it still works. Uploading pics can be time consuming, especially if you have several occasions to catch up on. My concern is what happens to the pics if FB disappears? (Heaven forbid!) It’s probably going to survive, given the amount of users. Have you set up a Twitter account? I haven’t. I don’t have that much to say, at any time, about anything… except food perhaps. ;P

    • You have a point there!! Didn’t even think about that. Twitter- yes I have set up an account, but never go on…. Always have far more to say than 160 characters- haha! I think a twitter account based on food could be stunning though. It could lead people to your blog? I think you would have lots to say about kids too….. Xx

  4. I had twitter first, and tweeted. But, then a fellow teacher told me about Farmville. On Facebook. Well, I thought Facebook was for college kids, and being in my 50’s, this sounded like I was going through my second childhood. But, newly divorced after 25 years of marriage, I thought, hell, I can farm. I’ve been working on a post on Farmville/Facebook. Yours is really good. Mine sucks. I may wait for a while before I post…Love your blog and your picture with the boat is a great photo for the blog. 🙂

    • Thank you!!!! I think you should post yours!!!! Tonight- I would love to read it. Xx

  5. Hi mynakedbokkie,
    Your thoughts resounds my thoughts exactly!! I try not to add people that I don’t really want to know my INS and outs. Some folks seem to add Everyone! I’ve kinda avoided Twitter so far but I must say each day, especially as a new blogger, I’m getting sucked into the social media never never land. Nice post! K

    • Thanks!!!! I think we can’t help but get sucked in….. Maybe the fact that we are aware of it, may change things?!? Or maybe not- haha. Pop by again soon. Xx

  6. I have over a thousand friends on fb. My daughter asks me if I really know them – no of course not it’s Facebook not real life. My status updates are cryptic. Only my real life friends know what they mean. That’s the fun of Facebook I like the photo upload better now. You can upload more then one pic at a time! The olden days it took way longer.

    • Ed- more than a 1000 friends….that is crazy. You should convert them to twitter followers? Convert them to blog followers….there’s a plan.

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