Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 15, 2010

Still a secret……?


adj \ˈsē-krət\

Definition of SECRET

a : kept from knowledge or view : hidden b : marked by the habit of discretion : closemouthed c : working with hidden aims or methods : undercover <a secret agent> d : not acknowledged : unavowed <a secret bride> e : conducted in secret <a secret trial>
: remote from human frequentation or notice : secluded
: revealed only to the initiated : esoteric
: designed to elude observation or detection <a secret panel>
: containing information whose unauthorized disclosure could endanger national security — compare confidential, top secret

We all have them, or at least one!!!

Now, if i went and blurted all of mine out across this post- they may no longer be secrets- right? I may also chase half of you off and have no readership stats. OR who knows, i may INCREASE it drastically!!!!  

Okay, but here is the one secret that i dont mind telling you all. MY BLOG!!!!

Yes, my blog is still a secret!!!!

I have told one person. Just one.

(And it was not my knight!!!)

So why is it still a secret?

 (As i know if you could all get everyone to read my blog- i think you would- right?)

1.  I tested the waters on Saturday, when my knight asked me what I was busy doing? I said- “commenting on a blog.” “A blog? Since when do you read blogs?” Very difficult to read tone here, it would have been one that implied WTF!!! I avoided answering anything further, and defiantly changed the topic of discussion.

(So, I have decided that by the time I tell my knight- I want to have some serious SERIOUS stats so that instead of WTF tone, I can have WOW!!!!)

 2. This is really my journal-come-creative-work in the making. My name is not pasted anywhere, so I feel quite secure in my anonymity. (And therefore NO INSECURITY for my knight). However what happens if I do want my name everywhere? I need to decide how I would move forward then.  Will my knight take my ramblings seriously?

 3. I have used this blog as somewhat of a VENT. All true from my perspective. This would in any normal circumstance cause some irritation, as my knight (since I need to vent about him most often) does not appreciate anyone knowing what could possibly be on my mind, especially if it involves him in a negative way. Just let me post a face book comment about “us”….. seconds turn to minutes, and the phone call sounds like this “what did you mean by saying….” HAHA.   

(So, I have decided that I will need to post more blogs about everyone else before I do tell my knight. He is not a big reader, so I doubt he would sift through all my posts!! In fact, he would probably read 1 or 2.)


You can see from the above  that the main reason why this blog is still a secret is due to one specific person. Oh my, oh my, oh my. That doesn’t sound great…..EVEN i get that clearly! The fact is he would think I was crazy!!!! And perhaps I am !!! But perhaps that is why he loves me. Right????

Now, (here comes the favour pretty please), I need you NEED YOU all to start loving me, so I can start moving into the direction of being totally translucent within my relationship!!! And i am unable to do it- it really is all of your faults. (Well, only the ones ignoring my posts- not you faithful puppies reading them!! Thank you…… you can feel the love in that tone-right?)       



  1. wow….this is great……i love you

    • Awesome!!!! Thanks!!!! Now what do I do to make more of you?

  2. I love you! Go to WordPress support. There are blogs on how to gain readership and how to get freshlypressed. I hear the average blog gets about 60 hits per day. The other side is, you need to think about why you blog. For stats? Or for the love of blogging.
    I love your blogs!

    • Ah ED!!! I could just have you wrapped up in red ribbon and delivered to me for Christmas!!!!
      I am loving blogging….. But I would be lying if I said that I am not put on a little high every time I see a like or a comment. (Need to be translucent!!)
      Thanks for the hints!! Will spend some time there!! Xx

  3. You rock – and i love reading your posts … i think they are awesome 😀 you have a natural talent and i really think you have been gifted.

    keep writing, and i know you knight will love you inspite of …. my mom would always tell me that no man is worth your worries/tear and the man that is will never make you worry/cry 🙂

    wish i was as dedicated and have as many ‘blog lovers’ as you do 🙂
    keep it up bokkie

    • Ah- I think you rock to!!!! I wish you would just write more too, always excited when I see you have done a post!!

  4. So funny – my non-blog sort of happened because my FB friends said I was funny & should write more about my kitchen and exercise mishaps. I still don’t consider myself a blogger, but it has been so fun connecting with folks – yes I have lots of digital twins at there – we have so many connections and it has been a great area of support.

    I showed my BF+ my silly acorn squash post – ugly picture and all – and read him the comments and he was shocked. He still doesn’t get it, but he thinks it’s very funny because I am a disaster in the kitchen and a bit krazy about things. But in the end, he’s happy that I’m happy and he supports me with whatever I want to do.

    You’ll have to let us know how the big reveal goes!

    • Might have to turn the reveal into a post. IT HAPPENED…this evening!!! And it happened just as i thought. When i commented to my knight about that, and all the thinsg i had said- he tried to be a little less predictable. Haven’t told him yet where, or what…..Will need to though. And of course, teh only thing he is concerned about is what i have said about him and us. HAHA!!! xx

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