Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 7, 2010

Your gut is generally always right!!!

My blackberry Bold is my everything- second place to my princess perhaps. (My knight could be third (haha). Besides, I need my blackberry in order to communicate with my knight- right?)

It is my second one…. my first one happened to fall into the toilet, AFTER I had already flushed.  It disappeared. (When I tell that story everyone thinks I dropped it and then flushed- who would be so daft?) I bet you have never seen someone not even pause before practically diving into a toilet, but my princess did. Now if anyone know what the bold 9000 looked like, or weighed (with the leather pouch), you would realise that that toilet knows how to do a good job!

As funny as it may sound now, it was tragic. I was at Hospice at the time, late at night (in fact, just before this, princess and I were having a good cry in the bathroom praying that God would perform a miracle, my gran was very ill with cancer).  I then proceeded to completely lose my head….. The nurses may have thought I had been dosing on her Morphine.  

I ran around asking where the drains could be opened. There must be some opening???  

It took a few minutes before I actually realised what I was asking…..

Was I going to put my hands in sewerage, yes, SEWERAGE to find a phone that would never have survived that waterfall? (I almost defended it by arguing that the memory card was 8 gigs.)

So that was my first Blackberry. It had almost lasted two years, and it had changed my life!!!

My knight in shining armour came to my rescue, (sometimes they can do the most precious things), and he GAVE ME his phone. (I don’t honestly think I would have done that, would you have?)

It became my NEW best friend!!! Took the place of my last one very quickly, we not talking about children or dogs here. And I am still very grateful to my knight.

However, I have been looking for that greener grass, and for sometime have had my eye on the Torch. Have any of you seen how beautiful that phone looks?

Courtesy of

I contacted my Cellular service provider, and made sure I had the exact dates for my upgrade to be administered. The exact dates. I spoke to the same person, and I made it very obvious to her and all those in the shop, that I only wanted to deal with her because she has given me the best service. (That is one of those manipulative and cunning ways of getting awesome service.) And that is what I got. She arranged with the providers to only pay a third of the amount I would need to pay in……. and around this time (December) every Rand counts.

I then asked her “if there was any way that we could bring that price down?” That was my the start. This happened last Monday.

My “best cell phone service provider lady” then said that if we wait until THIS Monday, a new price list was coming out and it may then be lower, and therefore I could perhaps save a few more Rand in December. (It is December everyone………. the month of giving!! I need money to be able to give!)

BUT THEN my “best cell phone service provider lady” then stated that the next day she was going on MATERNITY leave!!! (Crash, boom, bang!) I knew at that point that all may go horribly wrong! She assured me however that she would make sure that all the people in the shop were aware of our communication, and the fact that the TORCH sitting in the back room was MINE! She continued to assure me that everything would be perfect. At that point I fought back any doubt!!! Doubt comes from an EVIL place.

However by Wednesday last week, my knight had convinced me to contact the shop and make SURE that the “schmucks”  that had been left behind knew what was going on. (Perhaps a boy s girl thing). I did. They GOT IT!! I was glad I called. I confirmed that my TORCH was still in the back, and that I would be contacting them on Monday (this one) to check the price list etc. etc. They confirmed that my name was on it!!!! MY NAME WAS ON IT!!!! I wrote the time and date down, as well as the person’s name (Dozey). I wanted documented proof. (For who????)

You can obviously see where this story is going……………………..

Monday morning I contacted them, and they had NO CLUE!!! Not one freaking CLUE!!!!  Speaking to a wall. Bunch of morons. Dozey proceeded to tell me that he would call me back in the next few minutes…. after he had done some research into my topic of communication.

Hours later…. Dozey calls. “Sorry for taking so long to get back to you?” (Are you really???? I mean how do you respond to that anyway)

“I have managed to find your forms, and unfortunately you will still need to pay the same price as what “best cell phone service provider lady” quoted you last week, as the prices have actually increased”. (So I could have just gone and signed for my new phone that was sitting waiting for me- last week!!!)

“But”, he proceeds, “we are currently out of stock and the next shipment is only arriving in two weeks times”. (Pardon? HUH!!!! What happened to mine? The one that I confirmed that you were keeping for me. The one that I heard you confirm with your boss- was MINE???)

“Ummmmm, can you give me a few minutes and I will get back to you?” (Again, what do you expect me to say?)

A little while later “big boss” calls. Obviously he is very sorry about the mix up!!! Obviously he realises that someone MESSED up big time! Obviously he realises that I am upset!!

BUT … and here it comes….. “he will keep the price at the quote price and not the price that it would actually be in two weeks time?”

Well, thank you!!! Shoo wee I am so grateful for doing me that one favour.

(What am I supposed to say?)

Lesson Learnt: Listen to your gut when dealing with cellphone providers. It will be correct!!!


  1. Hmmm not sure what you should- I would just start acting all crazy- that seems to work well for me lol

    • That shouldn’t be too hard….. I have good influence all around me haha!!!….however it won’t get the shipment there any quicker. It is one of those let’s count to ten moments- aloud! Will let you know when I DO get it!!! x

  2. I send hubby to wheel and deal with customer service 🙂 I’m not an agressive person (maybe due to my Canadian roots?) so I suck against people who swindle.

    • To be hundred percent honest, I don’t want to look like one of those girls that sends her man to sort out her problems…… Stubborn like that. Haha. But I can’t sort it out myself. Only a few more days…… and then I will let you all know!!! xx

  3. Glad it turned out ok. I have a truckload of those kind of stories from dealing with cell phone service providers – eish! Well played to you, I say!

    • Hey you, not okay yet…still waiting for my phone. But hopefully just a few more days…. then I will make sure that you all know!!! It’s is like the night before Christmas. xx

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