Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 6, 2010

my alter ego has been stumped!!!!

Me and my alter ego. (Courtesy of

So once upon a time there was a Princess called Gabriella. (For the sake of me feeling like less of a cow- let’s work with this!)

She was in love with Prince Troy. (And she had been for a number of years). They were set to be married, and they would live happily ever after. (With your normal daily squabbles that any marriage thrives on).

But before she fell in love with Prince Troy, she had befriended Prince Core. In actual fact, he had befriended her. He had noticed her from a distance, and had asked the King about her. The King had influenced him to pursue a relationship, as the King deeply admired Prince Core. The timing was all wrong, and although Prince Core and Gabriella became friends, Gabriella was too consumed with her own life to want to take Prince Core up on his flirtatious invitations.

Before Prince Core had realised Gabriella had fallen for Prince Troy….. she was head-over-heels. Prince Core however turned it into a positive dilemma, as he felt that Prince Troy would only cause Gabriella to realise what she needed- and he felt that was him. (Like any man would). He kept in touch with her, and their friendship remained. Gabriella was aware of Prince Core’s feelings, and merely laughed them off. She enjoyed him too much to let that get in the way of a friendship.

Over time (a couple of years), Prince Core seemed to realise that Troy and Gabriella had something worth fighting for, and so he backed off- slightly. Their chats however remained to have his flirtatious comments, which to be a hundred percent honest, always gave Gabriella a smile. (Oh please ladies, we all love it when a man tells us how gorgeous he thinks we are……who could we be kidding? It is an ego thing. It gives us confidence!! And when you are having a bad day, it will always make you see some form of silver lining!!)

Over the years Prince Troy knew about Prince Core, he knew that Prince Core would go to battle if the opportunity allowed, to fight for a princess….His princess. (Although perhaps he did sometimes take the fact that this would not happen- for granted). Like any Prince protecting his lass, he would often become defensive and over protective if Prince Core’s name was passed in conversation. Verbally they were at battle all the time, (to the Princess- not each other) and although they had never actually met- they had plenty to say about each other.

Then one day, Prince Troy needed a very special task done in his Kingdom. It was a task that he had passed on to many men, however they had merely created chaos and an even larger problem to fix. Eventually the Prince brought this dilemma to the Princess. It did not take long before the Princess said that she “knew he may not like her answer- but Prince Core would be able to do it- in fact it was his specialty”. Grumble, grumble, grumble…….

It perhaps took days or weeks, of more searching…..before Prince Troy gave in and approached Prince Core. It took a couple of hours of working together before they realized how right Princess Gabriella was.

(Of course, she is a woman!!!)

Now let’s Fast Forward to a month later………… Prince Core and Prince Troy are now BEST FRIENDS -PRACTICALLY!!! (Sense the sarcastic tone please!!!) And Princess Gabriella’s alter-ego, although she may not want to admit that to anyone, is suffering!!!

 What is worse? She, yes- she, set them up!!

Currently, they communicate via Skype all day long, and pour out throw out, constantly, compliments about each other.

Yah, yah, yah!!!!!! (More sarcastic tone!!!)

Actually, I think if it was not for Princess Gabriella they may have fallen in love with each other. In fact, that may be happening anyway.  

I just sit back and nod, because really- what else could I possibly do?

Now, I am just one of the girls, and they are THE BOYS!!!
(And my alter ego will need to find another way to sustain it.)


  1. Interesting tale! I never saw THAT ending coming!! 🙂

    • Haha!!! You were being sarcastic, right? You see- we really need to have a sarcastic font in here. You agree? Actually if we think about it, my title gave it all away- we could have been many possible endings. One would be that they end up having a brawl in a pub, and then I am banned from every communicating with Prince Core? That would be a better ending I think. Would be more exciting. xx

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