Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 2, 2010

I want Tradition!

My family were never “tradition” people. There is not one thing that I can say is a family tradition.

Unless I could say that it was a tradition that we never put a Christmas tree up? Or a tradition that Christmas Eve was like every other day? Perhaps a tradition that we had turkey (in the blazing summer heat- haha)? We always had turkey, and to be quite honest- I love turkey. All kids believe in Father Christmas, (can we call this a tradition?) and we grew up knowing that he comes on Christmas Eve/ early Christmas morning…… when we are all asleep, perhaps we had left him a glass of milk (my dad loves milk), and some chocolate (and my dad loves chocolate). Father Christmas  also always visited our gran’s house as well, not sure what reasoning that was for? Any suggestions on why that happens? (Remember we talking about explaining all these things to my 4 year old).


So THAT (sense the….none excitement) is as far as any tradition went.

I think it is sad…. especially  when I hear everyone’s special stories.      

I have decided that WE WILL HAVE TRADITION….even if I have to start it!!!

So here goes…..

1. We will set up the tree on the 1st December 2010 (Done).  



(Irritating Contradictory factor: Ex-husband informed princess that Father Christmas came in the middle of the night and did it himself, obviously she wanted to know why we needed to do ours? I had to explain that Father Christmas now has to start working on all the letters that the children in the world have sent.)

  2. We will decorate the entire house, as much of it as we can. I want to go overboard!!! I want to be extreme. If I could- I would light up the whole entire house. I am working on Knight buying external rope lights, that we could wrap around our home. More work needed. (Obsession for December- see yesterday’s post- become obsessed)

(Half done- need more!!!)

  3. We will write our letters a few days after all of the above (need rest from setting up- haha).

4. Father Christmas will come on Christmas Eve-late at night, early Christmas morning. He will cover the floor in flour, and make footprints. (That would be for snow).  He will leave half eaten carrots outside perhaps all over the steps to the front door, and chocolate chip cookies crumbs in the kitchen. He may drink half a glass of milk. He will try to make the chimney look as if he really did fit through it, perhaps some more flour (snow). Red fluff. Anyone else got any ideas? I want this to be special.

5. We will wake up early and unwrap presents, as a family.

6. We will go to the Christmas service at church. (Although I want all of this, the most important part of the celebration is Jesus on the cross- for us!! We need to remember that and be truly grateful.)  

7. We WILL eat turkey. (Even if I end up buying just a leg because my knight says that we should just have a braai).

8. I will make stuffing….midnight chef may come handy.

9. I will give each of our guests something small to take home. Perhaps I should think of baking? Learning how, and sending them away with shortbread or biscuits. Or Gingerbread men?    


Can you give me any suggestions that I could add to my tradition list? I know you all do wonderful, creative things. Do not look at it as stealing, but merely creating a traditional world- with the same stories.

Looking forward to it. Actually…….. Very excited to hear what you may have to say!!!



  1. When the offspring were small we would write letters to Father Christmas and he always wrote back! Here is his address:
    Santa Claus
    The North Pole, Canada
    H0H 0H0

    He writes a letter about the importance of literacy, but if you ask a special question about him or his reindeer, a hand written note will be included. My daughter still has all the letters he sent. There is a news story every year about how many post office volunteers it takes to take care off the letters from all over the world. I really encourage you and princess to participate!

    • I totally forgot about this!!! Next year we will have to write letters, Little Sister will be able to help by then too. Thanks for the reminder!

      • We haven’t done them yet…so I am already slacking with this tradition stuff!!! Need to get my butt into gear.


        Privileged or confidential information may be contained in this message. If you are not the addressee indicated in this message you may not copy or deliver this message to anyone. In such case, you should destroy this message and kindly notify the sender by reply e-mail. Opinions, conclusions and other information in this message that do not relate to the official business of my firm are neither given nor endorsed by it.

  2. That sounds so stunning!!!

    Slight problem… there was a note in the middle of November already in the post office, that the cut off date for post to reach overseas for Christmas was literally a week from then. I still read it and thought that i was grateful for email. We would probably only get teh letter back in mid Feb? HAHA.

    Perhaps i will try and do my own this month- by regsieterd post. But will remember to do it next year in time.

    One of my friends (hair lady) has spoken about a website that does something similiar….but when i asked her this year if she remembered which one, she couldn’t. Perhaps i will do some google-ing.

    Exciting to try and put all this together.

  3. Well, a very simple and nearly foolproof stuffing can be made with a semi-homemade touch. Get a box (yes that prepackaged kind) of stuffing “mix”. Get a few slices of stale bread, whatever you have left or the ends of loaves – toast in a toaster, then cut into small cubes. I like raisins and celery in my stuffing like this, start a pot with a little butter (or olive oil) and cook small diced celery. Then go about the directions on the box. Boil water with seasoning packet (add turkey cooking liquids, yum), dump in the bread (boxed and toast) and raisins, stir, cover, turn off heat. This is my quick stuffing which always works in a pinch!

    I’m behind on Christmas decor already. The wreaths are up and one window has lights in it. I just found out my dad will be here for New Year’s 🙂 Yay

    This year I want to start a Gingerbread House tradition, hopefully this weekend we will construct and decorate a house (and eat some treats along the way).

    I took the kids for a free horse-drawn carriage ride at one of the malls here in Austin. It was cold but the kids liked it. Santa will be coming to town on the 10th, again with a horse-drawn carriage. (They like them horses here in TX)

    • My friend- I don’t think we have the “box” stuff in SA……. unless I am seriously lost. Will check though. Won’t be able to include the raisons, too many people coming that HATE raisons. I love them though!!!

      I still want to put more up- lights and decor. Need to convince knight that the stairs are really calling out for more lights. More Lights. Outside is calling for everything!!!

      A gingerbread house???? Are you crazy???? I won’t even know where to begin for a man? Have you got a recipe for that?

      We won’t have free horse drawn carriages on this side of the world. We don’t really have anywhere that this could happen? Unless a parking lot. However, it’s so hot- that it all may look odd. And we don’t have as many horses as they do on your side of the world. Haha.

      Keep us up to date!!!


      Privileged or confidential information may be contained in this message. If you are not the addressee indicated in this message you may not copy or deliver this message to anyone. In such case, you should destroy this message and kindly notify the sender by reply e-mail. Opinions, conclusions and other information in this message that do not relate to the official business of my firm are neither given nor endorsed by it.

      • Hmm… SA? As in South Africa? Yeah I guess a box of stuffing might be hard to find! You’ll have to use bread cubes, and I would bake it.

        • Yes chef, SA as in South Africa……but I think that I will double check on the box of stuffing. Littel far to send the cookies hey? xx

          • Yeah, postage would be insane, even for a 1 lb box.

          • Let’s fly you over instead!

  4. When I was a very small child, my family would read the Nativity story of Jesus’ birth from the New Testament, on Christmas Eve. I realize Princess doesn’t have brothers and sisters, but you, her and Knight could take turns as she’s learning to read, or you could read it to her. (We took turns reading passages) My parents would also stash away the manger/baby Jesus figure until Christmas Eve, and then one of us kids would set it in the center of the Nativity after we finished reading the story. Then I think we did some silly stuff like singing Silent Night or The Little Drummer Boy which my dad would always make sure to provide a robust “PA-RUM-PA-PUM-PUM!!”, which would then get my siblings and I in a contest for who could be sillier. All of this, was of course, by design, to refocus the reason for the season. We did all the Santa stuff too, though. “Father Christmas”? pshaw!….. I reckon he has a lot of names all over the world…..
    I’ve spent hrs reading here tonight bokkie. Glad I found your place from Mikalee’s blog. It has done my heart good! 🙂

    • Picker- so glad you came!!! Thanks for the suggestion, sounds beautiful. Next year it WILL happen!
      Must admit, you can become quite addicted to reading everyone’s posts, and time just flies….. i sometimes wish it would pause while we were logged into WordPress. I am glad that it has done your heart some good, you have been through a tough time!! My heart goes out to you.
      Stay in touch, would like to know when you get your blog up and running- i have already seen some awesome material!!

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