Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 1, 2010

Forget balance… obsessed!!! (???)

I advocate BALANCE.

Or at least I have till now!

I say it over and over again, and I try more than anything to make sure my lifestyle advocates balance. (Although I am battling to find any balance with exercise- that scale is completely leaning to the wrong side, in fact may have toppled). I believe that with balance, people live well and healthy (good bye obese), people have fun and enjoy life(good bye depression), and people work hard- while they need to (good bye lazy workers). I believe that it is a strong foundation to any family.

We agree? Of course we agree!!

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In the last day, I read a face book status  “forget about balance, become obsessed”.

Yes, I can see where that comes from WHEN it is an athlete training for the World Championships!!! (And that is what she is (the face book statuser), well almost). I can see it clearly if it is the President preparing his country for war after Wikileaks leaks! I can see it when it is the council that needs to shovel the snow for all those poor Rednecks dealing with chaos in the form of weather!

BUT at all these points, I think this is still “pretty” temporary…… it has an END. (Remember my post yesterday: it mentioned time healing) It moves back into balance once the goal has been accomplished. Right? (Maybe not the athlete? They tend to stay obsessive……) My knight is a cyclist. (Mind you, that goes through its moments too.) He is extreme. (Are they all that way?) You in or you out- there is no maybe.

While milling this over in my head, I realised that I subsequently have become obsessed with SOMETHING. In fact, with TWO things. I haven’t thought about it, and I haven’t planned to. It has just happened. (And Both in the last month.)

  1. This BLOG.

How do I know that I am obsessed?

First- I check it every day, if not three times. I have loaded the application onto my Blackberry, and I am put on an immediate high if I receive a email notification that someone has commented!!! (I regard you as friends- thank you.) I find myself thinking about what my next post will be. And I find myself dedicating time to it every day. When I notice that my stats are far higher than normal, I can’t help but get all giddy!! What is the most obvious thing that this may not be balanced……. I have only told one other person (who is a fan) that I am working on a blog. It is a secret. If you remember my post yesterday– there was a point about having to keep a relationship a secret, and if that is the case- you shouldn’t be in it.

Could me and my blog be considered a relationship?

 2. My Calorie intake.

How do I know that I am obsessed?

(I could almost say all of the above .) I have downloaded an application onto my Blackberry, (you can clearly see how much my Blackberry means to me), and I work on it every day (If not 5 times a day). I think my knight is the only real person who is aware of this behaviour, and in fact- I think he gets a little irritated. (Why is it that MEN will perve admire a woman for her body the way she “looks after herself”, but when you try to- it causes too much chaos in the house, and he just wants to eat like we used to eat!!!) So there- it is out- I am a little irritated that this fact has now surfaced very clearly. Let me also clear something up here, just so you realise that I have not completely tipped over,  I make sure that my calorie count allows for me to have a few squares of chocolate, or a glass of wine everyday, almost. The secret is that I plan around it.    

 So now, do I find a way of creating balance? OR do I continue on this road and end up the hottest blogger ever????? !!! HAHA!!!     

Undeniably, in these obsessions I have learnt a few things. Revelations.

(From this blog.)

  1. I do care what people think.
  2. There are SO SO SO many potentially good writers that we are all competing with. (And there are SO SO SO many really BAD ones!!)
  3. It will take time before you can be recognised as one of them.
  4. I do care what people think!      

(From the Calorie Counting.)

  1. I do care what people think!
  2. If calories-in are more than calories-out, you will not lose weight, or maintain your current weight!! (I don’t know why this is so difficult for people to understand, it doesn’t matter what diet you are actually on).
  3. Everything has some form of calories (do not take for granted that a bite here or a bite there does not).
  4. The most delicious tasting food has the most calories.
  5. The best chefs in the world do not seem to count calories. (I have discovered this because every damn cookbook I have tried to find of someone that I have seen in action, that would be through that “box” we have, does not include calories.TIP: Dear Jamie Olivier; Nigella Lawson; Julie Child; and Justin Bonella: IF YOU INCLUDED A CALORIE COUNT YOU MAY SELL MORE BOOKS!!! )
  6. It is not very easy to find cook books with a calorie count specific to that recipe.
  7. Restaurants DO NOT CARE about your calorie counting. (That resonates with number 4.)
  8. In America, there is such a thing as FAT FREE CONDENSED MILK!! (Can you imagine the absolute joy in that?)
  9. A tablespoon of butter has more calories than the English Muffin I am spreading it on. Butter vs 2 fingers of KITKAT…….. No competition, the chocolate will ALWAY win. (See yesterday’s blog)
  10. A pizza contains more calories than you require for an entire day! If not two.      

 I think for now- I want to be obsessed. I choose to be obsessed!!!!

Thank God it is not with wine tasting!




  1. So that’s why you wanted to know the calorie count of the muffins I made, hmmm. You do have a good point (#5), well several actually! I know you can determine calories by actually burning food and weighing the difference, I sucked at bio in high school so don’t quote me on that.

    • Burning food and weighing the difference….. and where should we do that? And then what will we eat? You made me giggle there….. I am sure that if we just take the list of the ingredients and work through each one individually, and then add it all up- we should be sorted? However, I have noticed that rye toast has more calories than rye bread. Anyone have any answers for that?


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  2. […] do. (I am comparing this to my normal lunch that I grab from woollies which cannot be more than 400 calories.) Okay- fact is that they are all about health….. therefore I am sure that all their items are […]

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