Posted by: The Saffa Mom | November 26, 2010

“He is not really a pirate mama!”

He can't possibly be a pirate......

Every night I put my princess to bed, and we spend some time talking and telling stories. It is very special time, although I do try and make it quick! (Bad mom). By that time (8:30), I really am ready for ME time. I can’t understand how  some moms are able to get their kids into bed by 7, 7:30? My little one is literally climbing into a bath at that time….it also seems like such a waste of potential bonding time. I say this because I work. (I try the really hard kind). Perhaps if I didn’t- I may think differently.

So, there we are lying on her “Barbie bed”….. and I convince her (rather sly-ly) to get one of her teddy bears …it may allow me to tell a shorter story (that is sly hey?) She picks up her PIRATE TEDDY BEAR, he is gorgeous.

I think he is more sentimental to me then her.

I went on a trip two years ago with my family, and she stayed with her dad. She was 2 years old, and would never have coped from South Africa to America. (I missed her so so much).Part of our trip was a Caribbean cruise……… it was one of the most beautiful trips I have ever had. The Pirate was a souvenir.

So we get everyone lying down, and organised….. and she is messing around with him. Fixing his pants and jacket, asking why he has a bird, and fussing…that is what girls are good at.

Then, “mom, he is not really a pirate hey?”

“Of course he is, why do you say that?”

She then lifts up his eye patch and shows me that he has an eye.

I giggled. She said, “you see- he is not really a pirate!!!”   



  1. She is delicious!!
    Never apologize for being a great mom! 7:30 vs 8:30? Seriously, if that is all you’re worried about, you are the measuring stick for momness.

    • She is delicious….but i am her mom, so i dont think that counts. Thanks for the serious motivation ET!!

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