Posted by: The Saffa Mom | November 24, 2010

MAYDAY!!! Movember MAYDAY!!!

It is now the 24th of November- and to be completely honest, it feels like we should have pamphlets distributed to parents warning of known paedophiles. At this point anyone participating in MOVEMBER could be confused as one. Not good for the cause.

I am sure that most of you are very well aware of what I am referring to. It seems to be everywhere. Men with monsters growing from their faces. Every time I check my face book updates- I get the latest pictures….. and I am so grateful that my knight has not even suggested moving in that direction.

Initially, I am sure each of them used the cause (very good one at that) to establish an excuse to try something new. To see what the remarks and comments may be, and to decide if they wanted to be the ALL-AMERICAN (LATINO, MEXICAN) macho man. (It may pull chicks!!!)

Add a sombrero and a cigar, some sand dunes in the distance with the beating down sun and let’s call it Mexico. JHB.

A holiday perhaps? From shaving. Going to Mexico with my Movember!!! (We know it is a chore that many would prefer to not worry about, to be honest if I could get away with not shaving my legs- I would jump at the opportunity!!!!!  LET’S START A NEW CAUSE!!!). I am sure however, that this has ended up being much more work than ever imagined. Most of the guys I have seen, have had to start some TAMING techniques in the process.

Many thoughts move through this “sombre” head when I actually give myself 20 seconds to really concentrate on the fact that that someone has gone through this effort:

  1. “Imagine the germs on that thing….. Gathering at every point. I am sure as you walk around, the air particles and dust just cling to it.
  2. Therefore men may be experiencing a HIGHER stat this month for sinus sufferers, or hay fever?
  3. What happens when you eat something juicy….. and that juice drips everywhere? And what if you were with someone, how do you even start the mission of cleaning it? You cant possibly use a tissue? Wet wipes here we come. (HIGHER SALES IN WET WIPES THIS MONTH?)
  4. Should you use a bottle of Savlon in the shower? YES. Try and scrub into that mess. Should you use a comb or a brush?
  5. What about the skin under that growth? When you eventually shave- will you have a moustache tan?
  6. Oh please don’t even think of kissing me hello…… oh no… you are going to….. Now what? Definitely going to get sick. Do I have wet wipes, or savlon in my bag?
  7. I am so grateful that my man has no idea”.

Well done boys!!!! I don’t think it has “pulled” any girls…. but perhaps your hearts will.

For those who already have girls- I am very sure that they will be grateful when the 1st of December comes. Then you can start concentrating on getting the Christmas tree up!!!


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